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Two Great ovens from the New York Brick Oven Company
The Pizza School of New York and Spin!! The world is making better Pizza!! These great ovens make the pizza world simple. When you want to make perfect pizza have low labor you have to go with the best ovens. Pizza makers all over the world now choose New York Brick Ovens as the new standard!! So come by and demo our ovens and see what an amazing oven can do for you!

The World's Best Brick Ovens

Why go to Pizza Expo

For guys like us, it’s all about the experience, the sights, the sounds, the excitement, the food and most importantly-the people. Where else do you get the chance to meet people from all over the world who share the same passion as you. In my years of attending I have made friends from every corner of earth involved in all aspects of the pizza industry. From the top dogs running multi-million dollar franchises to people from small towns in areas I have never heard of let alone find on a map. I have even met people from my home town and old neighborhood at the show. A chance to get away from the daily routine and stress with the ability to get an exterior view of your pizza and concept is valuable. Input from different people making a variety of pizza is fun and stimulating. Seeing the latest developments in the industry such as our Revolving Brick Ovens is priceless because it can prevent you from making costly mistakes due to lack of information and being in the dark because your head is buried int your business. Look for part 2 and why should compete in pizza contests and the incredible $$$ return on investment. Marc Cosentino

There is Nothing Better than Having a Top-notch Pizza-Man as a Little Brother

pizza family

John Lis, Scot and Marc Cosentino

When your brother is a World Champion pizza maker and says ” hey, I made you a pie” you listen. When it is lunch time and it’s one of your favorites, you really listen. I find that anything you have on a daily basis and is always available to you seems to be taken for granted. Once in a while you snap into the moment and realize just how lucky you are. Today was one of those moments. We have pizza everyday. Not just some “pizza” but a truly good pizza made with fresh mozzarella, handmade dough, a fantastic sauce and cooked in a revolving, wood burning brick oven to boot. Pizza people from all over the world, some of them pizza royalty, come by to say hello, shoot the breeze and enjoy talking pizza over a fresh  hot pie. I take it for granted most of the time but when my little brother told me he made a pie today it hit home. I realized how truly lucky I am to have my brother beside me every day, working with me, creating with me and enjoying this mixed bag of tricks called life. I want to take a moment to say “thank you Scot for that great pizza and thanks for being my brother.

The Most Sought after Brick Oven

most sought after brick ovenWhen you really need to cook with fire in a stone hearth brick oven and only the best will do-call the New York Brick Oven Company. Decades of experience cooking the finest pizza in brick ovens and owning and operating many pizza restaurants makes them uniquely qualified to answer your questions and help you decide on the best oven for your concept. Not only that but they welcome you to come and cook with them in a  world famous working NY restaurant and try it yourself under real world conditions.


Revolving Brick Ovens are the Final Word for Fast Casual Pizza

wood fired pizza

Fresh from the Revolving Brick Oven

Whether your making award winning, world class pizza or just trying to bang out as many pies as you can per hour in a busy location it is impossible to beat the consistency, perfect bake and speed of the Inferno Series revolving deck brick ovens. With fast casual pizza concepts from New York to California now utilizing these ovens it seems that there will only be the quick and the dead when all is said and done. Make the wise decision.

Revolving Brick Ovens

What make the revolving brick oven the best choice for anyone in the brick oven pizza business

Brick Oven Pizza

Revolving Brick Ovens make the best Pizza

Revolving Brick Ovens



Revolving brick ovens can out -produce any standard brick oven 3to 1. Based on the fact that the deck size is 100 percent usable cooking surface, and easy to use.  No hot spots on the floor that burn pizza, no cold spots. Just all production and consistent.



Labor and Skill

Revolving brick ovens can save you labor. The oven can be operated by one man simply and you don’t need skilled labor! The oven cooks the pizza perfect every time. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year and the oven can pay for itself


Perfect Pizza Every time.

Set the rotation speed and temperatures

You will make perfect pizza with ease.  Quality consistent products are vital to your success


Ease of operation,  

Great pizza every time, low labor, happy customers: Priceless!   Consistent High Production When you need it.


Standard Brick Ovens



You can’t cook next to the fire so you lose cooking space; the front area is usually too cold to cook consistent pies on. The sides of the oven are hard to access and see how the pizza is cooking. In reality you probably have a 40% reduction of usable floor space.


Labor and Skill

You will have to depend upon your employee

to cook your pizza perfect and you will need a very skilled employee all the time to rotate the pizza and make sure they don’t burn. Skilled labor Higher Payroll

Do you really want to depend upon employees and Have more expenses? $$


Inconsistent Pizza

Depending upon the skill of the operator and how many times he moves the pie (or not) you get what we call “Luck! “



 Inconsistency, higher labor cost more problems burnt pizza, improperly cooked pizza less satisfied customers!   For what to save a few thousand dollars. What’s your business really worth?

Know The facts first. What else is there to think about? The most important investment you can make is your oven!Perfect Pizza and an oven that pays for itself!    It’s a No Brainer!

Consistent, Fast, Crisp, Easy-Brick Oven Pizza

Whether you are a pizza champion, TV Star, pizza instructor or just a billionaire looking for a great pie you can’t do it without a great oven. Now if you want to make that pizza fast, consistent and easy in a brick oven oven, your choice goes down to only one-the revolving brick oven from the New York Brick Oven Company. Not only does it bake the perfect pie but they set a record at pizza expo 2014 with 201 pies cooked in 52 minutes. Now that is cooking with fire!

The Revolving brick oven 85 series

This is one of the smallest high production revolving brick ovens on the market today. The 85 series oven has a small foot print and pack a lot of punch.It can cook with wood and gas combinations or just gas or wood. This great oven can produce pizza in 90 seconds 4 at time and make 100 small pies per hour. If your looking to make great pizza This Bistro series is your oven. Save labor make perfect pizza! 1800 OVEN 053

The Word's smallest high production revolving brick oven

The 85 Series Revolving Brick Oven

Welcome to the Pizza Family

pizza family

Our friends from Wood Stone Craft Pizza at Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza New York

The best thing about the pizza industry is the fantastic people you meet on a daily basis. Customers from all over the world stop by to “try the pizza I have been hearing about”. Many new friends are made this way and over the years they become “part of the family” often sharing in special occasions and celebrations for them and us which always seem to be squeezed in as business permits or often enough our own birthdays and special occasions become part of the show. When you add having the Pizza School of New York and the New York Brick Oven Company to an already busy location such as Goodfella’s Pizza you get a very eclectic group of people from around the neighborhood, city, state, country and world converging on one spot to enjoy making, creating pizza concepts and most importantly enjoying the object of desire-fresh pizza right out of the revolving brick oven!


Fast Casual Pizza Concepts

The Revolving Brick Oven Revolution continues across America.We are changing the way world makes pizza one store at a time. The fast casual market race is being fueled by the revolving brick oven. Perfect pizza low labor what’s there to think about.  The Revolving brick oven can out produce any standard brick oven on the market hands down. The inferno series ovens can make over 200- 12” pies per hour!,  The ovens  do not require skilled labor. What is this worth to operators? Its Priceless!  So start your own revolution and make perfect pizza while saving tens of thousands in labor today!

Revolving Brick Ovens

Double Revolving Brick Ovens