Revolving brick ovens

The Revolving Brick Oven Revolution continues across America.We are changing the way world makes pizza one store at a time. The fast casual market race is being fueled by the revolving brick oven. Perfect pizza low labor what’s there to think about.  The Revolving brick oven can out produce any standard brick oven on the market hands down. The inferno series ovens can make over 200- 12” pies per hour!,  The ovens  do not require skilled labor. What is this worth to operators? Its Priceless!  So start your own revolution and make perfect pizza while saving tens of thousands in labor today!

Revolving Brick Ovens

Double Revolving Brick Ovens

The Worlds Best Brick Ovens

Brick Oven Pizza
                 The World’s Best Pizza is Cooked in                                                      A REVOLVING BRICK OVEN 

When it comes to perfect pizza your only  real choice is a revolving brick oven from the New York Brick Oven Company! We can help you create fantastic products every time. Never depend upon skilled labor, or guess work, perfect pizza making is now a reality.  Come learn how simple great pizza making can really be. No skilled labor, easy to train( in one day,)  no burnt pizzas, no unhappy customers, just perfect pizza!

Perfect Pizza all the time Priceless ! Call us today and we will show you how!  1800 OVEN- 053








Revoling brick ovens

The Amazing Brick Oven

The Revolving Brick Oven Revolution

This revolving brick oven is now In Rochester New York. The brick faced work is perfect. Yes they joined the revolution! Brick ovens are a wonderful way to cook pizza but why would any one depend upon employees to cook the pizza and not the oven? To make perfect pizza let your oven  do the work! The Inferno Series brick ovens are a thing of beauty; ease of operation, saves labor, and makes perfect pizza every time.So join the revolution today! 718 668-2310



The Rotating Brick Oven Revolution

The Revolution has began. Pizza makers from all over the world are now discovering that making brick oven pizza does not have to be a burden. Thanks to the amazing revolving brick oven from the New York Brick Oven company. The Revolving Brick Oven is a sure bet when it comes to making great pizza. Why would any one want to have to depend upon skilled labor to move pizzas around the oven. Regular brick ovens have many challenges: Hot spots, cold spots, improper cook times  and never consistent with a lot of extra labor needed.The Rotating brick oven makes pizza making perfect every time. Just set the rotation speed and temperature, your pies will come out the same every time. Perfect pizza whats that worth? So Join the Revolution.

The Brick Oven Revolution

The Revolving Brick Oven Revolution!



Fast Casual Pizza

When it comes to fast casual pizza the New York Brick Oven Company has the solution. The Inferno series models are some of the easiest brick ovens  to operate. The revolving floor makes perfect pizza a reality for any one. Just put the pizza in the oven and let it cook perfectly! No need for skilled labor or moving pizzas all over the oven trying to achieve that perfect cook The revolving oven does it  for you! In today labor market great help is hard to find and depending upon any one to cook your products perfect is just too much a gamble.

The Best Ovens make the best pizza its really that easy! So Join The Revolution and make perfect pizza all the time!

What does gluten have to do with bread, cake and pizza dough?

Fresh Bread from the revolving brick oven.

Homemade bread from the revolving brick oven

What is Gluten? Basically it just a protein that is found in flour. Do to it’s structure it traps the bubbles from yeast or baking powder and allows the dough to rise. Once the dough is baked it hardens around the  bubbles and forms your bread, cake or pizza.

There are various types of flour with differing percentages of gluten. Bread flour is usually coarse and has a 14% content. All purpose flour has a 12% gluten content . Pastry flour is 9-10% and cake flour only has a 7 1/2 to 9% gluten content.

The higher the gluten content the more chewy your dough becomes so bread and pizza dough have more gluten than cake.

When you add water to flour and knead it or mix it with a mixer, the dough then “develops the gluten” which means the springy elastic stands of protein are formed and this allows you to stretch and shape your pizza.

Once the dough has risen(inflated from the gasses released by yeast or baking powder) it is baked and the bubbles in the dough are trapped and form the holes and texture of your

bread or pizza.

Fats interfere with gluten development by surrounding the gluten molecules and shortening the protein strands(thus the term shortening). That is why high fat or butter content cookies crumble.

So choose your flour wisely and go make some “dough”.

Join The Revolution!

New RECRUIT : Revolving Brick Oven Revolution.  Luis Echavaria (Graduate of the Pizza School Of New York)  of Dell Rio Texas! He is ready to rock the pizza world.. His oven of choice is the  85 Bistro model the highest production model on the market for bars and small cafes. The oven can produce  60 pies per hour is powered with gas and wood for the ultimate cook. Pizza making made easy! Join The Revolution !!!

Rotating Brick Ovens

Join The Revolving Brick Oven Revolution!

Revolving Brick Oven Revolution

The Revolution Has Began, 

The Revolving Brick Oven from the New York Brick Oven Company, The hottest oven on the market is making inroads in the fast casual brick oven pizza scene. We are installing ovens all over the country our newest  installs will be in Oklahoma, California,Houston Texas, Washington DC, Arkansas, Colorado, and Panama Central America.The Pizza world Is ready to be turned up side down!

Join The Revolution !!!

Join The Revolution

Join The Revolution


Revolving Brick Ovens and Thermal Mass

How does thermal Mass affect brick oven pizza? Well, let’s start with the definition:

Thermal mass is a concept in building design that describes how the mass of the building provides “inertia” against temperature fluctuations, sometimes known as the thermal flywheel effect.[1] For example, when outside temperatures are fluctuating throughout the day, a large thermal mass within the insulated portion of a house can serve to “flatten out” the daily temperature fluctuations, since the thermal mass will absorb thermal energy when the surroundings are higher in temperature than the mass, and give thermal energy back when the surroundings are cooler, without reaching thermal equilibrium. This is distinct from a material’s isolative value, which reduces a building’s thermal conductivity, allowing it to be heated or cooled relatively separate from the outside, or even just retain the occupants’ thermal energy longer.

So when you have a brick oven, such as The New York Brick Oven Company’s revolving brick oven, that is dense and thick(several thousand pounds) you have a higher thermal mass than the routine pizza ovens which translates to having consistently cooked pizza and a more energy efficient design. Having a thick revolving deck alsoo uses thermal mass to hold oven heat and cook evenly without hot and cold spots due to the continuous rotation. This was proven out in real world trials at the Iconic Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza of New York when they replaced one of their fast casual pizza concept’s 8 ft. interior surface standard brick ovens with a New York Brick Oven Inferno Series revolving brick ovens. This one change made for more consistent and faster production allowing them to realize about a $40,000 a year reduction in labor. The labor saving came from no longer needing to use the second 5 ft. standard oven for the rush any longer and reducing the number of employees during non- peak hours with the revolving brick oven.

Fast Casual Pizza Race

The latest “Gold Rush” in the multi-billion dollar food industry is Fast Casual Pizza. Fresh ingredients, made to order and delivered quickly in a casual setting is the model being followed, with tremendous interest and investment from the such contenders as Chipotle, Blaze, Live Basil, 800 Degree, Uncle Maddio’s and a slew of other contenders. What they are hard at work on is re-inventing Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza- the original East Coast leaders in Fast Gourmet Pizza and New York Brick Oven style pizza, having defined the category decades ago. “A Revolving Brick Oven from the New York Brick Company is how we create our award winning pizzas at a super fast pace while retaining a consistently perfect product” said Andrew Scudera from Goodfella’s.

The emerging concepts are following a basic format and design of how the products are ordered, assembled and cooked. The main differences is the type of pizza, dough, sauce and oven design with the more high end companies going for the now standard brick oven and the the future minded entrepreneurs jumping on the New York Brick Oven Companies Revolving Brick Oven for authentic pizza with high production potential.

After major contenders failing abysmally in the red hot New York City market, many are taking it slow and are wisely playing it safe with much concept development on the west coast before attempting to take on the capital of pizza.” What is to be seen is whose concept will stand out, be easy to reproduce and have staying power in what will be an area with huge potential and fantastic competition” said Marc Cosentino co-founder of the Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza chain.