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Food Presentation for Pizza

Food Presentation for Pizza
                           Sliced Zucchini Pizza
Food Presentation for Pizza
Perfect Pizza Presentation

Food Presentation for Pizza

Have you ever heard the saying “People eat with their eyes”? Well, until a person actually tries a dish the only reality he has about it is the appearance. Of course, nothing will compensate for a poorly executed dish as regards to taste but the art of the presentation can help an ordinarily good dish become great. Masterfully done presentation adds a level of anticipation and excitement while heightening the dining experience. Plating alone can entice new customers to try a dish or even help them make that crucial first visit if your food items are tastefully displayed on your promotional materials such as flyers, menus, and the internet. Maybe you yourself have looked at a dish on a table near you in a new restaurant and thought “boy that looks good. I wonder what she is having.” Well, this art can be developed and applies to pizza also. The sky is the limit but here are a couple of ideas to work with:
Color-A splash of vibrant color such as reds, greens, yellows and orange are great against a white cheese background.
Contrast-this applies to not only your pizza (ex, the bright yellow and green of zucchini contrasts well with the red and white of cheese and sauce) but the background setting such as table cloth, dishes, pepper mill or cheese wedge can also create an image in your customer’s mind.
Garnish-This can be on your pizza like fresh basil leaves or freshly grated cheese.
Shapes and Sizes- You can make a square, round, rectangle or tennis racket shaped as in Italy, then pinch your edges with your fingers, a fork or spoon to form a unique crust.
There is no pizza rule book so play around, take a lot of photos and present your pizza Food Presentation for Pizza is an Art!!

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