Revoving Brick Oven Fast Casual


When It come to great pizza GOODFELLA’S PIZZA STATEN ISLAND rocks the pizza world !

They take their pizza seriously and the only oven that they would recommend to anyone is the Inferno series 140  woodfired oven from the New York  Brick Oven Company !

Andrew Scuders Says. We needed consistency more than anything else . The inferno series made that consistency possible especially during the heavy rushes”.

This is the  only  oven of choice for producing 200 perfect  pies per hour.  The world famous “Goodfellas Pizza Staten Island ” is serious about their pizza and their ovens! Goodfella’s owner Andrew Scudera says “When it’s time to produce 200 pies on a Friday night rush the inferno series from the New York Brick Oven is the only oven we put our faith in. It’s like the perfect employee it never lets us down. Consistent baking, ease of operation you can’t make a better investment.!

Goodfellas Pizza
Goodfellas Pizza Staten Island World’s Best Pizza

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