I have been in the Pizza businesses for most of my life,  and have used a wood fired oven that I loved. But the truth is it was hot and very hard to work with, especially when we got nailed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. So many pizzas would get burnt and not cooked correctly. The Skill needed for that that oven was incredibly hard,   and only a few of us could handle that much heat and work all the time.

We took out the 8 foot brick oven and replaced it with the Inferno series 140 gas wood and never looked back. As a matter of fact we use to have two ovens (one for deliveries on Friday and Saturday nights) . But now we just use one and have one pizza maker 4 days a week who makes and cooks the pizza. On the weekends the person who works the oven is not highly skilled nor is he needed to be. We can train any one to do that job in a couple of  hours or minutes  now instead of weeks .

So let me some this up. We Saved 40,000 a year in labor , (because we have one pizza maker 4 days a week and closed down the second oven on weekends )  The products are consistent all the time! Now that is  Priceless!!!!


You would have to be nuts not to get this oven!

Pizza Maker
World Champion Pizza Maker Andrew Scudera