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Commercial Brick Oven

When it comes to a Commercial Brick Oven the best oven you can own  is one that will save labor and pay for itself every year! Let’s face the facts today’s labor markets are some of the toughest ever, skilled employees cost a fortune,  and are harder  to come by.  Standard brick ovens need a really skilled operator and  even weeks of training to get professional consistent results . For commercial production, the revolving brick oven from the New York Brick oven is the ultimate solution. It’s a fantastic oven that anyone can be trained on in a matter of minutes rather than weeks. It produce’s an extremely consistent product with ease. Just set the temperature you would like to cook at the place the pizza in the oven and remove once done. No rotating the pies near the fire, no hot spots, or cold spots. The patented  floor heat can guaranty a consistent bake time after time. So lets some up what this means for today’s operators: labor savings, consistent products, ease of operation, training in minutes , and peace of mind! What was the last piece of equipment that you purchased that offered so much value?

Our Commercial brick ovens are available in wood and gas combinations or just gas. We offer some of the best production ovens in the world. With models for every type of establishment and volume. Our “bistro” model is one of the smallest revolving ovens produced but yet can produce 70 pies per hour. We can also install the oven through any 36″ opening door. No walls to take down and stress. We just get it done so you can make great pizza!

So call us today and come find out for yourself how easy and consistent your products can be!  1800 OVEN -053

Commercial Brick Ovens

The Bistro Series 85 High Production



Team Andrew

NYC Slice Out Hunger Raises $30,000

NYC Slice Out Hunger Raises $30,000 

The incredible work of Scott Wiener paid off with these statistics:

  • 1,000 people through the door.
  • 8659 tickets sold.
  • $30k TOTAL RAISED including online donations and sponsors.
  • 150,000 meals delivered to New Yorkers in need.
  • 50 participating pizzerias featuring the best in all areas such as New York Style, Neapolitan, Fast Casual and Gourmet.
  • ALL FIVE BOROUGHS REPRESENTED plus Hoboken and Jersey City and Caldwell, NJ.
This is what a bunch of volunteer pizza men and aficionados can do to help out people in need in the Big Apple. “I have never seen so many smiling New Yorkers in one place”  said Marc Cosentino of the New York Brick Oven Co who was on hand to slice it out to the waiting crowd which wound around the block and down Houston St, in NYC
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Best Wishes Spin Neapolitan Pizza!

Spin Neapolitan Pizza

Congratulations and Best wishes to our friends at Spin Neapolitan Pizza on your latest location in Oklahoma!

A Spin on Pizza

It doesn’t take long to notice why SPIN! is so special. We’ve built each SPIN! to be your go-to neighborhood place for eating, drinking, and hanging.

Whether you’re dropping by for a quick lunch or pushing tables together for a dinner hang out with your crew, this is your SPIN!.

Your server will bring your beverages right over, and your food won’t be far behind. It’s pretty darn quick to the table here at SPIN!, but the time and care we take creating each ingredient, crafting each crust, and baking YOUR pizza reflects our pride in our food and gratitude for your company. And the desire to make you and your friends and family really, really happy.

So, come on over, make yourself at home and bite into a hand-spun, made-with-love, perfectly topped pizza that honest-to-goodness speaks to your soul. Benvenuto! And Grazie!


Great Pizza !

The truth be told the crew at Spin Neapolitan Pizza have a wonderful concept. They are an incredible hybrid between fast casual and a full-service operation. a great designed restaurant that makes you feel welcome with friendly service as well.  The unique pizza, salads, and paninis all made fresh to order, they offer a great value to consumers. I also love the fact that they offer  draft beer, wine, and Gelato too! Great Job Boys!





img amazing brick ovens

Amazing Brick Ovens

Amazing Brick  ovens from the New York Brick Oven Company. All over the country, Pizza places  are getting it done with the Revolving Brick Oven from the New York Brick Oven Company.

Amazing Brick Ovens

Stone Finished wood fired 140 Inferno series

The Pizza School of New York and Spin Pizza


Amazing Brick Ovens

140 Fire Show series from the New York Brick Oven Company

The world is making better Pizza!! These great ovens make the pizza world simple. When you want to make perfect pizza have low labor you have to go with the best ovens. Pizza makers all over the world now choose The New York Brick Oven as the new standard for Brick Oven Pizza Cooking !! So call us today and demo our ovens and see what an amazing oven can do for you!

We have incredible ovens that are perfect for all applications. From our 85 bistro series to our 140 gas wood combination ovens we have the ultimate production oven for any concept.  Our Fire Show series oven are the ultimate weapon when it comes to fast casual pizza making. The oven can easily produce 200 pies per hour. The training to use the oven takes a few hours as compared to weeks in a standard brick oven.

So If you’re looking to conquer the fast casual pizza world give us a call today!


Brew Pubs


Amazing Brick Ovens

            The Inferno Series 140

All over the country, Brew Pubs are getting it done with the Inferno Series Brick Ovens. There is no better combination than craft beer and artisan pizza.







The Fast Casual Pizza Race is Heating Up!

The ultimate weapon when it comes to fast casual pizza success is the Fire Show  Series!  This incredible oven gives operators peace of mind with ease operation and perfect pizza baking!  The oven can produce 200 consistently baked pizzas per hour with ease.

Amazing Brick Ovens

Fast Casual Pizza Success









Marc at Scots Backyard oven.

Food Presentation for Pizza

Food Presentation for Pizza

Perfect Pizza Presentation

Food Presentation for Pizza

Have you ever heard the saying “People eat with their eyes”? Well, until a person actually tries a dish the only reality he has about it is the appearance. Of course, nothing will compensate for a poorly executed dish as regards to taste but the art of the presentation can help an ordinarily good dish become great. Masterfully done presentation adds a level of anticipation and excitement while heightening the dining experience. Plating alone can entice new customers to try a dish or even help them make that crucial first visit if your food items are tastefully displayed on your promotional materials such as flyers, menus, and the internet. Maybe you yourself have looked at a dish on a table near you in a new restaurant and thought “boy that looks good. I wonder what she is having.” Well, this art can be developed and applies to pizza also. The sky is the limit but here are a couple of ideas to work with:
Color-A splash of vibrant color such as reds, greens, yellows and orange are great against a white cheese background.
Contrast-this applies to not only your pizza (ex, the bright yellow and green of zucchini contrasts well with the red and white of cheese and sauce) but the background setting such as table cloth, dishes, pepper mill or cheese wedge can also create an image in your customer’s mind.
Garnish-This can be on your pizza like fresh basil leaves or freshly grated cheese.
Shapes and Sizes- You can make a square, round, rectangle or tennis racket shaped as in Italy, then pinch your edges with your fingers, a fork or spoon to form a unique crust.
There is no pizza rule book so play around, take a lot of photos and present your pizza Food Presentation for Pizza is an Art!!

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