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Fast Casual Pizza Discussion

Top 10 “Fast Casual” traits and how they affect pizza today.  A fast casual pizza discussion.

Fast Casual refers to a certain type of restaurant which usually has most of these attributes:

1)      An apparent quality improvement over fast food. This is created by the branding of  fresh food promoted and prepared in front of the customer. And eliminating the possibility of frozen processed foods. This is often enhanced with a promise of GMO-free, free trade zone, and locally grown fresh produce.

2)      An upscale more comfortable and inviting atmosphere trendy decor and brand name.

3)      Interaction of customer and staff due to the need to order, pick, choose and direct the assembly and preparation of the food items.

4)      Varied, made to order wholesome food choices.

5)      Counter service with limited table service like food runners. No tipping Perceived value

6)      Very fast production and cook times.

7)      Healthier food items and items that are naturally grown, organic with free range meats and non-farmed fish.

8)      Perceived value with a cost that trends between fast food and casual full-service dining.

9)      Trendy upbeat environment and looks

10)   Aimed at the millennial consumer category.

So how does this affect pizza today and the exciting concepts reaching for the brass ring in the Gold Rush of the “Fast Casual Pizza” market?

This is an open fast Casual Pizza discussion for the pizza community.

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