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Easy Brick Oven Baking

The Secret of  easy brick oven baking !  Once you know the secret, it’s very easy to bake pizza in a brick oven, but who has the time, training or place to learn? Now imagine if you are running a business, trying to juggle staff, inventory, customers, bills, marketing etc… You get the picture, now add training and overlooking a pizza man making your signature pies. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination but it happens to be exactly what many operators are doing on a continuing basis, especially if they are in a high staff turn over area such as a college town. Who wants to stop “everything”  everytime a pizza man quits to train someone the intricacies of working a brick oven-a skill that takes months to perfect with the best of them. The real secret of easy brick oven baking is the oven.

The Revolving Brick Oven and Easy Brick Oven Baking

Fortunately you no longer have to do this with the Revolving Brick Oven.  New York Brick Oven company can make your life easy with consistent, perfect brick oven pizza every time with an oven that takes no time at all to train on. Literally you train a person in minutes to cook perfect brick oven pizza!!!! Not only that but you can cross train your staff so that any one can jump in when needed and you are not left in the ditch because your expensive oven man doesn’t show up. Not only that but you do not have to have a pizza man stuck on the oven because with a conventional oven each pie has to be continually watched, rotated and turned to avoid burning or partially baking it. Not with a revolving brick oven, all you do is place it in and take it out when done leaving time to make the next pizza. So when you want an easy bake oven that can produce like a monster check out the New York Brick Oven Co.

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Brick Oven Pizza Phenomenon

Brick Oven Pizza Phenomenon Time.

Brick Oven Pizza Phenomenon.  Yes, it is quite phenomenal how many brick oven pizza places are opening around the country these days with concepts ranging from fast casual chains  to buffet concepts, mom and pop joints and even the PI pizza delivery boat in St. Thomas. There are several factors contributing to this sudden expansion in the pizza market and a few that come immediately to mind are: the internet, food networks, pizza schools, revolving brick ovens and youtube. All these factors have made a tremendous difference for the entrepreneur in areas such as knowledge, availability, ease of operation and promotion. Old school pizza business required a lot of legwork because the information, equipment, and recipes were not available to your average person. It is hard for the younger generations to relate to what it took to get started because they never experienced a world without such conveniences as the cell phone never mind the internet. Imagine for a minute having to make all your business calls  from a fixed location, none while driving, walking or commuting and if you had to make a call on the road you had to find a coin operated phone booth. Not to mention no answering machines or call waiting so if you missed someone or they were not near a phone you were out of luck for minutes, hours or days till you were able to get hold of them.  Those of you over 40 will appreciate this and to those too young to remember those days all I can say is that it made starting a business very hard. Add to that having to come up with dough recipes, hunting down ingredients and equipment by traveling to actual stores and visiting people in business for ideas. No, you couldn’t just click and get a hundred different recipes or a dozen different mixers. How about ovens. Hand built brick ovens were the only game available and good luck finding a reputable builder, a decent price or even the ability schedule construction of the oven in any alignment with your own construction. Now add to that the impossibility of finding a pizza man skilled in working a wood fired brick oven, building codes, wood supplies and you start to get the idea of the logistics, training, and skill that was needed just to start.

Pizza School of New York

Now we have the Pizza School New York and Revolving Brick Ovens. It was unheard of that anyone would give you a dough recipe never mind teach you the business of pizza. The Pizza School New York has not only trained exceptional award winning pizza makers but has helped launch scores of successful pizza places and chains around the world. There is a reason why New York is known as the capital of pizza across the globe. Finally, it was also unheard of to have a brick oven that did not require intense training and skill to operate which then permitted a pizza maker to demand a very substantial salary due to his rare skill. Now you have a revolving brick oven that makes perfect pizza and can be mastered in a day or two. Basically, all these points are driving the generations of entrepreneurs to higher creativity and a much higher success rate than the men and women of even a generation earlier. This time just may become known as the “Glory Days of Pizza” here in America.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the ease of operation a POINT of Sale System can provide you. 

Such things as tracking sales, inventory, labor planning, tracking orders and getting them out fast and correct can be facilitated with  any of the available POINT OF SALE SYSTEMS.

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Neapolitan Pizza Start Ups

Andrew Scudera of the Pizza School New York recently spoke at Pizza Expo about the New Trend in Neapolitan Pizza start ups. He spoke about  how it’s made, best ingredients and tips for the newcomers to the pizza industry. Aside from being a world champion pizza maker, restaurant owner/operator he has personally trained hundreds of successful pizza makers from around the world at the Pizza school of New York  and helped launch dozens of new pizza concepts with his partner Scot Cosentino.


The main points he emphasized were: quality, food costs, and consistency. He broke these down to the basics of sourcing fresh ingredients that can be consistently delivered by reliable vendors. Having well a thought out menus with very clear preparation and cooking instructions that are well known by trained staff.  One of the most important things is that “specifications” are followed by all staff .  They need to be followed and demonstrated consistently  by all the individuals involved in the production.  This will ensure quality products and targetted food cost number will be met


This part he gave special attention to stating that it could make or break your bottom line if not checked continuously. He also stated that one of his successful action is to use a revolving brick oven. The Revolving brick oven  eliminates the need for specialized pizza makers that require a lot of training. This reduces labor costs and increases the labor pool by no longer having to find high paid pizza makers. Another area of importance he mentioned is to ensure that your line is set up well for production with careful attention to how the production takes place and the product is prepared, baked, plated and boxed at each step of the process to ensure ease of operation, step saving(literally) and minimal reach. These small but important steps of making sure your line runs smooth and efficiently can save countless dollars.  On a busy night being ready means no wasted time and upset to your crew.  Stay tuned for future insights and happy pizza!


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