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Fast Casual Pizza

Wood-Fired Brick Ovens

Wood-Fired Brick Ovens

wood-fired brick ovens  from NY Brick Oven Co.

Wood-fired brick ovens are a huge movement in America today. Most people agree it started with places in New York City like Totono’s in Brooklyn, Lombardis’s in Manhattan and the World Champion Goodfella’s Brick oven Pizza in Staten Island  which was inspired by them. There are many reasons for this big interest in artisan Wood-Fired Brick Ovens. Due to food channels, internet and social media, people are exposed to a much greater variety of food today. Awareness of food related health issues has also contributed many consumers demanding a healthier product made with wholesome ingredients that are then prepared to order  ensuring both quality and freshness. This demand for fresh ingredients prepared to order was a natural for wood-fired brick ovens since it allowed speed, flavor and the romance of the wood fire to be part of the mix. Watching your ingredients hand assembled on a hand stretched dough then placed in a very high temperature oven guaranteed your pizza was not pre-made or processed . The days of frozen processed pizza cooked on a conveyor belt seem to be numbered and the advent of the revolving wood-fired brick oven which ensures a perfectly cooked pizza every time has made it both fast and economical for the new breed of entrepreneurs  looking forward to slice of the pie. No longer is it impossible to find fresh tasty ingredients. No longer is it impossible to find a quality brick oven. No longer is  it difficult to train a pizza man. You can now start a successful gourmet pizza place with Wood-Fired Brick Ovens that can deliver a fast high quality product just about anywhere in the country with minimum hassle or research. This has made for a great wave of eager young pizza entrepreneurs that are raising the standard of what we expect a pizza to be today. Not only that but they taking the level of pizza tastes and experience to an entirely  new level. From small gourmet artisan places being run by top chefs to fast casual places turning out 1,800 wood-fired brick oven pizzas a day in college towns there is room for everyone. One thing you can be assured of in this brand new pizza frontier is that the consumer will always win.

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