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Scorpion Pizza

Scorpion Pizza and Variety



Yes, Scorpion Pizza Exists. As you may have heard “Variety is the spice of life” is a popular saying and I am not necessarily recommending that you add Scorpion Pizza to the menu but maybe… The reason I say this is from my own experience in the pizza game. Many of us enjoy a very good business and loyal pizza followers that are very content and even fanatics about a certain pizza recipe. Scorpion Pizza

That is fantastic, but there are so many different opinions and tastes that it is impossible to have a “one size fits all” when it comes to pizza. I remember an experiment with vodka sauce back in the 90’s that won a national pizza contest for us but after we published the recipe it became a national trend and a staple on our menu. This after customers reluctantly tried free samples. The point of this is that there is an incredible amount of ingredients available to make your own recipes and probably another couple recipes on the net that your customers would just love to try. More importantly, they will talk about your new creations and generate income for you if you do it right or wrong. That’s right I said that. The trick is to see what the ethnic group of your area will accept and enjoy. Some examples would be a smoked BBQ pizza in Texas, crawfish pie in Louisiana, Platanos Maduros in Cuba and a Lobster Pie in Maine. I know each and every one of you has that local favorite pizza just waiting to be born.  I hope you get inspired to pizza greatness. If you start making the Scorpion Pizza and sells please let me know.


Here is a link with 26 Pizza Ideas:

Happy Pizza to you!

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5 Things to Avoid When Starting a Pizza Place

The Beatles of Brick ovens

Top 5 Mistakes When Starting a Pizza Place by NY Brick Oven Co.

Pizza Start-Up mistakes to avoid are many but here are 5 things to avoid when starting a pizza place, to begin with.

5 Things to Avoid When Starting Aa Pizza Place number 1.

First and foremost is Do Not Go Into A Business Under Capitalized.

Simply put make sure you have enough money to handle unforeseen circumstances, working capital and emergencies.  At first, this seems like common sense but when you are starting a business and don’t have the benefit of past experience it is very hard to predict what you just don’t know exists.  Here are some things new entrepreneurs may not think of. Marketing campaigns, insurance, salaries and the fees associated with them like worker’s comp and payroll, maintenance, natural disasters and the like. Although I personally feel that necessity  will drive you to handle most of these things and figure out clever ways to survive  them but why add the burden to managing your  place? Start out with as much cash in the bank as possible and 20% of your total start-up is a good number to think with.

2.  No Clear Direction.

This is responsible for a lot of failures. If you are making pizza for the first time then go to a legitimate pizza school that can both show you how to make a good pie and give you an idea on how a pizza place is run.  If you are doing a slice joint on a busy foot traffic city street then set the place up with a front counter and a window for easy access. Have the oven and pizza easy to get to fast. Have your most purchased items on display, prepped and easy to heat and go. Have your menu board and prices up. large and easy to read. Have your staff organize all the paper goods and condiments so that they are handy and flow. Next, if it is fast casual concept you after then make sure you have the long counter area, refrigerated toppings, and a high production

Next, if it is a fast casual concept you are after,  then make sure you have the long counter area, too small of a waiting area,  enough refrigerated toppings on display, and a high production revolving brick oven  to handle the demands of in and out gourmet pizza.

If you are creating a destination location then make it one that people are going to talk about. Have a comfortable stylish atmosphere designed specifically for your intended audience and not generic. Have your staff look a certain way to set the tone  and all your decorations, promo and marketing align with it.

3.Bad Location

This can make or break any business but food can be critical. Do a slice joint off the main path or avenue and you could starve. Put a very trendy hipster looking place in the middle American suburbs with no audience and you may starve. Put a sit-down waiter service destination location in a working class, industrial, short lunch break area and you may starve.  And the opposite will at least give you a fighting chance if you have a decent product.  And don’t forget to consider seasonal locations and the fluctuation of visitors in your financial planning.

4. Bad or unwanted product.

This is number 4 but can easily be number 1 of the 5 things to avoid when starting a pizza place. Many would-be entrepreneurs make the fatal mistake of not surveying or at looking at what is needed and wanted in their geographical location. A good pizza example is trying to open a Chicago deep-dish place on a busy New York street in a tiny place where people would have to carry out an impossible to eat deep-dish pizza instead of a slice on a paper plate. Or trying sell vegan pizza in a meat and potatoes neighborhood. See eat the locals are looking for and consider working that into your menu like; pineapple pizza in Hawaii, meat lovers pizza in the midwest or a gourmet truffle oil pizza in a high-end travel destination.

5. Poor Service

Unless you are in  a location with a captive audience and limited choices such as Disney, Six Flags or the only game in town you had better pay attention to service. What is good service?

Good service starts with clean quarters. Is your storefront and parking lot clean? Are the windows clean and streak free? Is the parking lot swept? Is the building painted? Are your signs straight and in good order? Are your bathrooms clean and stocked with paper goods? How about your staff? Are their hands clean? Uniforms? Hair groomed? Are your customers warmly greeted and shown interest? Are the tables off balance? Is your staff rude?

In closing, these are not the only 5 Things to Avoid When Starting Aa Pizza Place or any business for that matter, but avoiding these at all costs will help hedge your bet and give you a better shot at success.



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