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New York Brick Oven Co. With Pizza and Oven

Pizza Consistency

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Consistent pizza is key is to return customer success. One of the things that was hard to do  with a regular fixed deck brick oven has been overcome with the revolving or rotator brick oven of the NY Brick oven Co. Because a regular brick oven floor is stationary you can’t help but get uneven heating and bake times. In fact the the hot spots and cold spots if not expertly handled(expensive labor) make it virtually impossible to have the same product pizza to pizza, worker to worker.

Now with the revolving deck brick oven you get an oven that is easy to operate(cheap labor). Because the floor turns, all the cooking surface is usable and brigs the pizza around to the pizza-man.  He no longer has to reach deep into the oven. Besides that he doesn’t have to continually turn each pizza. That gives you a very consistent bake from pizza to pizza and operator to operator. This also relieves the dreaded fade of having the floor get cold in spots because now it is constantly turning and being reheated.  That is why both the fast casual and the mom and pops are reaching for the Inferno series oven.

Andrew Scudera Pizza School of NY

Top 3 Ways to Fail in the Pizza Business

The top 3 ways to fail in the pizza business are obvious to some but not all operators. Avoid these basic mistakes and it will help you prevent failure.

  1.  Trying to be everything to everybody. You can’t please everybody all the time so don’t bother trying. Pick a style of pizza that you are a master of such as the NY slice style, Detroit style or Brick oven Style and do one style great. The same advice goes for having an incredibly large menu that gives too many choices, requires incredible prep and storage(resulting in waste) and too many mediocre dishes.  Be famous and well known for one signature pizza like the Vodka Pie created by the Original Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza on Hylan Blvd, in Staten Island NY back in the early ’90s. Then there is the famous Sicilian(square) pie from Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst or the Clam Pie from Peppi’s in Connecticut.  You get the idea and probably have a local pizza place that is famous in its own right for doing something spectacular.

2. Bad location.  This one seems obvious but it is a killer. The things that you should be aware of are No parking, inconvenient to get to, too small a place, too big a place, too much renovation required. Then there are restrictions-like no delivery or no pizza competition. Then there is the neighborhood itself. Is there a lunch crowd, a dinner crowd?

3. Not paying attention to your customers. This one comes in many forms but the bottom line is: Ignore your customers at your own peril.  What does this mean? It means to be courteous and thankful for feedback not annoyed or argumentive. If a customer tells you the bathroom needs cleaning-clean it and keep it clean because he is not the only one who noticed it. Rarely will a customer complain out loud these days so listen and be thankful because most just will simply be upset and not return.  If you keep running out of grape soda-stock more. When customers like a dish-get it on the menu and the opposite is also true if it doesn’t sell improve it or get rid of it.

Just a few things to avoid and


Top 3 Things to Avoid When Starting a Pizza Place by NY Brick Oven Co.

the best of luck to you.

Round Oven Steel New 2019

Rotator Brick Ovens

The New York Brick Oven Company

The Industry Leader In Rotator Brick Ovens.


When it comes to rotator brick ovens the New York Brick Oven Company will rock your world.

We Offer Beautiful Ovens With Custom Domes Selection or Facade Ready Options.

Gas Or Wood Or Combinations Of Both. We Have Your Oven.

All Ovens Can Be Built On Site By Our Profesional Installation Team. No riggers, No taking down walls or removing storefronts. We make the whole prosses easy.

Take a look at some of our custom dome options for our rotator brick ovens.

Besides Custom Dome Finishes We Also Offer Facad Ready Ovens.

Some Customers need to have a certain look to match their concept. All our Rotator Brick Ovens can have a  custom facade easily applied in front of or around the oven. So get creative and have your own specialized look. Whether stone, tiles. or anything you can think of, the facade prosses is pretty simple. If you have any questions give us a call and we will always be glad to help you!


we will be glad to help you with whatever you need.


Check Out Some Of The Beautiful Facades Our Clients Have Created To Fit Thier Concept


We also offer the best warranty in the business! Ten years on our hearth no stories just the best!

Join The Revolution Today! Call 1800 683-6053


Faster Better Pizza Now

Fast Casual for the Wild West

New York Brick Company gaining speed as it emerges as the leader in Pizza Wild West

Looking For Faster Better Pizza Now? Every pizza man knows that dreaded back up that occurs during the peak hours of business. These hours may vary but usually, it is lunch hour, dinner, weekends and holidays. Those are the times you wish you had more than one or 2 ovens. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can get as much as 2 -4 times your production of a conventional deck oven from a rotating oven. Not only that but the higher temperature of a brick oven that combines wood and gas fire makes it consistent too. Having the stone move around instead of having to reach into the oven makes it easier to work too. Just Imagine no skilled labor needed and quality pies, one after the other.  Versatility is another great benefit of the rotator brick oven. You can cook Pizza, Bread, Chicken, Steak, and Just About Anything You Can Cook In A Traditional Oven But Better!

You can bake different types of pies at the same time such as the classic fresh mozzarella brick oven style and the NY style with shredded cheese. Unlike a conveyor oven, you don’t have to rely on waiting to see if two different types of pizza are cooked because you can see your pizza bake and take them out one at a time in a revolving oven.  There are countless benefits to using a revolving brick-oven but speed and consistency are the ones that make you more money.

So Remember when it’s time to get Serious

   Call The New York Brick Oven Company 1800 683-6059.

 If Your Looking To Master The Art  The Pizza School Of New York Is The Place Where It All Begins      Pizza School Of New York


Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens

Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens

When It Comes To Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens, The New York Brick Oven Company Is The Industry Leader.

With Ovens In Every State and Dozens of Countries worldwide, we have the ultimate solution for making your operation smooth. We offer an incredible line of Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens that can be configured any several ways.

We offer wood gas combination ovens or just gas Natural Or Propane. Our Inferno Series   Is a specialized oven that is controlled by gas and assisted by wood. The oven has a wood chamber window.  This allows the operator to use small amounts of wood to create the flavor, ambiance, and show of a wood-burning oven without the hassle of cooking directly with wood and having skilled labor costs.

With Consistent temperature control, our Spitfire Burner system is like no other burner system on the market today. With adjustable flame heights and configurations, you can set it for consistency and cook perfect pizza all the time. The Burner system is a mixed air system that is super-efficient as well. This will also save you plenty of money on your utility bills every month.

The Oven Heats Fast. you can get the oven up to temperature in about 45 min to 800f at the start of the day. Just set the temperature and let the oven do what it does best.

Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens

Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens

Wood View Window With Gas System

The Revolving Floor. The Revolving Floor is one of the best features of our ovens. This makes pizza making simple for any staff member to train and allows you to produce consistent pizza time after time. 


The Gas Fired “Fire Show Series”. This Oven was created especially for the fast-casual pizza chains.   The Fire Show Series is another beautiful oven. The oven is truly unique when it comes to  Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens. The Rear Fire Is the only one of its kind in the Industry!

Great Fire Show and Revolving Oven Technology That Makes Perfect Pizza For Any Concept.

We Would Like to Say We Save The Best For Last But All Our Commercial Revolving Brick Ovens Are Great.

The Cupola Series Wood Fire (assist)  Gas Controlled, Custom Dome Finishes With Tile Or Metalic Paint.

When It Comes To Revolving Brick Ovens, The New York Brick Oven Company Is The Industry Leader.

The Inferno Cupola Domed Series

Custom Domes Finishes Available


Looking To Learn The Art Of Pizza? There is only one place that offers world-class pizza training by some of the best pizza makers in the world.

Brick Oven Pizza Success



Kuma AA 017 Black Front fire 2 1

Commercial Brick Ovens For Sale

When it comes to Commercial Brick Ovens For Sale there is no better solution than the incredible line of wood or gas revolving brick ovens from the New York Brick Oven Company.

We are the industry leaders in revolving brick ovens. We offer three styles or models of ovens. Our Inferno Series, wood gas revolving oven comes in four sizes. The “disk” (Floor or Hearth) sizes are 140 cm, 125 cm, 105 cm, and 85 cm. As you can see we have the size and solution for all your pizza production needs.

Our Fire Show Series oven is the only rear flame oven on the market, and only uses gas. This oven is also available in all sizes as mentioned above, with installation through any 36″ door by our professional install team.

The Inferno Series and Fire Show Series come with a red metallic finish. They are facade ready so you can decorate your oven to fit any decor you might have.


The Cupola Series ovens are wood and gas combination ovens like the Inferno Series Ovens but with a round Dome (Cupola) and are available with Custom Tile Finishes


The Inferno Series Wood Gas Ovens Commercial Brick Ovens

The Inferno Series Oven With Custom Facade

The Inferno Series Oven With Brick Facade

The Fire Show Series Commercial Brick Ovens

Commercial Brick Oven
The Fire Show Series Ovens

The Fire Show Series Oven With Custom Facade


Commercial Brick Ovens
Fire Show Series


Commercial Brick Ovens
We also offer venting solutions for all your needs Free Drawings and Estimates
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