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Las Vegas Pizza Expo New York Brick Oven

The Las Vegas Pizza Expo and The New York Brick Oven Company.

The Las Vegas Pizza Expo is one of the greatest pizza shows on earth. With thousands of attendees and booth with hundreds of vendors as well as the international pizza contest its defiantly the place to be. Each year people from all over the world come to compete, make friends and catch up on the latest pizza trends and equipment.

This year we were showing off our fire series brick oven. And yes it puts on quite a show. 

The fire show series was designed for the pizza places who wanted the show, high production, and did not want to burn wood. This is the only rear fired gas revolving oven in the industry. Easy to use, fast cooking times and labor savings. The oven is avilble in multiple sizes and can be custom faceded to matach your interior. We also offer a  “build on site option” so you dont have to take down walls hire rigging companies and can install our ovens easily through any 36” door.  We install ovens world wide and offer the best warrenty in the industry.

Looking to learn how to make great pizza?


Looking to learn how to make great pizza? We are also teamed up with the Pizza School of New York. The only one one training live in a restaurant enevirnment tauafht by 4 x world champion pizza makers .

We also offer our test kitchen services for anyone who wants to come cook pizza and see what we do as well. You have nothing to loose just call and we will be glad to set a day up with you.

Las Vegas Pizza Expo Rocks


Check out our video and see the show.  Check Out The Amazing Fire Show Series Revolving Brick Oven  At The Las Vegas Pizza Expo

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Pizza Business has a Basic Purpose

Fresh from the NT Brick Oven Co.

Fresh, Hot Pizza!

Pizza Business has a basic purpose that can make all the actions involved align and become easily understood and accomplished.  Sell Pizza, simple isn’t it. Unfortunately, business schools, parents, friends and a host of experts make this into a very complicated subject by adding many confusions to “Selling Pizza”. If you are new to the pizza game and thinking of starting this may be of great help to you and if you are a seasoned veteran of the pizza trenches this may validate what you already know. You need a pizza to sell(hopefully a good one) and someone to sell it to.

Yes, that is it. You need a pizza and someone to sell it to. Simple and easy to understand. Now let that sink in for a moment because that is what you are doing no matter how you twist it, color it or flavor it. Every single action that you take will revolve around this simple idea. No matter if you are a champion pizza maker, a Wall Street Guru, a celebrity chef or a Warren Buffet. This is the basic fundamental you build off of. If you keep this in mind-“hava a pizza and someone to sell it to” the rest can be broken down to achieve this. Then your ingenuity, style and ability to get things done will determine your success. 

Each of these can then be looked at as separate and doable target:

Building or storefront to sell from.

Promotion and marketing to get someone to buy the pizza.

A pizza to sell.

Personel to make the pizza and sell the pizza.

Personel to handle the banking, records, ordering and accounting.

Now you can work out what is needed for each of these topics and start making targets to get them done. Future articles will go into greater detail and break down but you get the idea.

By marc Cosentino







Pizza School Of New York

Goodfella’s Pizza School Of New York  Is the World’s Most Comprehensive, Hands-on Pizza Schools. The School Teaches All The Practical Aspects And The Art Of Pizza.   Whether you’re brand new and going into business for the first time, or have years of experience,  They have a great program just for you.

From The Pizza School New York!

Our goal is to teach our students to succeed and be confident in creating some of the world’s best pizza creations. Our instruction will instill knowledge and ability in all things pizza, from recipe building to preparation and finally creation.

Our classes are taught at the Original Goodfella’s of New York, established in 1992. This is a real live restaurant environment with nothing but continuous hands-on experience and personal training. Our master pizza trainers are owners and founders, (6 time National and International Pizza Champions) who have taught hundreds of students the art of pizza and have helped them to achieve their goals in being a successful pizzeria operator.

Through the years we have been featured in many TV programs, magazines,  catered on the Presidential Yacht and Gracie Mansion, and have received many prestigious accolades.

Each student works directly with our master trainers (owners and founders), who assure the student understands all that he or she learns and can produce great pizza from start to finish.

We provide compressive workbooks for training, recipes, product lists, equipment needs, and give continuous hard-won knowledge to all our students. Our classes and programs are tailored

exactly to what the student needs.

We make sure they learn all of what they are taught and graduate with confidence. Our classes are fun, exciting, hard work and extremely fulfilling.  After our students graduate, we support them by being available for their many questions during their pre-opening process. Check Us Out At The Pizza School Of New York

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