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Brick Ovens For Pizza Trailers

A Revolving Pizza Oven: Why You Should Invest

Revolving Pizza Oven

Are you a fast-casual pizza restaurant owner? If you have a pizza restaurant, you understand how vital a pizza oven is for your business. So, it’s safe to say that the oven is the most important investment. Today, we’re going to walk you through 4 reasons you should invest in a revolving pizza oven. So, let’s dive right in.

4 Reasons To Invest In A Revolving Oven


Production is arguably the most essential part of any pizza restaurant business. As your pizza becomes more popular, demand increases and the orders fly in like crazy. As business increases, so must production. To keep up with demand, you need to consider a revolving pizza oven.

Revolving ovens outperform a standard brick pizza oven by a factor of 2 to 1. There are no areas of a revolving pizza oven that get too hot or cold. The heat is evenly distributed.

Labor & Skill

Not only do revolving pizza ovens increase your pizza restaurant’s output and production, but they save you money. When you think about the amount of skill and labor that goes into cooking a great pizza, it adds up over time. Revolving pizza ovens are operated by one person, and you don’t need specialized or skilled labor. These ovens cook a perfect pizza every time. This saves you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. With those savings, the oven pays for itself in no time.

Perfect Pizza Cooking

With a revolving pizza oven, everything is customizable. Simple controls allow you to adjust the temperature, speed of rotation, and direction. When the base of your pizza oven rotates, you end up with a perfect pizza every time. The rotation ensures there won’t be any hot spots, cold spots, or uneven cooking. Quality and consistency are essential for success in this business.

Savings Over Time

Let’s see what the savings are long-term when you buy a revolving pizza oven for your business.

Even if you save 5 hours per day in labor costs each year, at $10/hr, that’s $350/week. After you include payroll taxes, that’s savings over $20k/year. So, the oven pays for itself and saves you hundreds of dollars every week.

The majority of traditional brick pizza ovens require two people to operate them. Some pizza businesses have saved up to $40k/year after replacing their existing ovens with a revolving oven. You have the option to do a monthly lease to pay for the oven. Lease payments for a new oven are often tax-deductible.

Interested In Learning More About Pizza And The Fast Casual Industry?

At New York Brick, we focus on providing quality tools and ovens for pizza professionals like us. If you’re interested in learning more about the art of pizza making or the industry, check out our Pizza School.

rotating brick ovens

Why You Should Consider Rotating Brick Ovens

Why You Should Consider Rotating Brick Ovens



There’s nothing quite like running a successful pizzeria that keeps your customers happy. It’s no question that fast-casual and wood-fired authentic pizza is becoming more popular. As popularity increases, so does demand. This goes for pizza restaurants throughout the country. Today, we’re going to tell you why you need to consider rotating pizza ovens for your business. 


This is a big one. As more and more people come to your restaurant, demand grows. To match demand, you need to increase output. Even with the best pizza-making staff, mistakes happen. As the orders come in, the stress increases. 

A rotating pizza oven takes care of one of the most important parts of baking a pizza—rotating. Instead of having to turn the pizza manually, the stone spins with your masterpiece on top. This allows for even cooking and increased productivity. 


As the rotating pizza ovens do their work, you get to focus on serving your customers. Pizza makers can prepare ingredients, clean, and interact with customers instead. There’s nothing more important than taking care of your customers. With a rotating pizza oven, you can focus on continuing to be a world-class pizza maker. There’s no reason why the quality of your product should suffer. Increased business requires increased productivity, quality, and maintenance. 

Peace of Mind With Rotating Pizza Ovens

Lastly, rotating pizza ovens bring you peace of mind that traditional ovens don’t. When things get slammed, at least you know your pizzas are being cooked the best way they can. If a pizza isn’t rotated regularly, it won’t cook evenly. Thnk of the rotating pizza oven as your quality assurance manager, if you will. These ovens focus on producing the same quality product you’ve always made. So, now you can focus on everything else that goes into managing your restaurant. 

Check Out Our Rotating Pizza Ovens

Rotating brick ovens are one of the biggest revolutions in pizza making. For good reason, too! With the increased quality and speed of production, you can take your restaurant to the next level.

Look. We know there are tons of choices out there for pizza ovens. Let us show you some of our rotating pizza ovens here. The Fireshow Series is the only gas-fired back-lit rotating oven on the market. Additionally, Our Inferno Series ovens can burn wood with gas temperature control. With innovation like that, how can you not take a peek

Have questions for us? Reach out today, and we can help you with all your pizza oven needs! We also have a top-notch pizza school taught by the leading experts on all things pizza. The Pizza School of New York Call Today 

Best Pizza Peel

The Best Pizza Peel

At New York Brick Oven, we all love pizza! If you’re reading today’s post, we’re willing to bet that you do, too. There’s nothing like cooking a great pizza in your pizza oven, but there’s something that is one of the most frustrating parts of cooking pizza—getting it in and out of the oven. Today, we’re going to show you our pick for the best pizza peel you can get.

Pizza Peel Materials

So, you’re on the hunt for a great pizza peel that allows you to smoothly transfer your pizzas from the oven to the table or vice versa. One of the most common issues people have when doing this is sticking. Pizza dough is naturally elastic and sticky, so it makes sense that you want a surface that doesn’t stick to and tear up your masterpiece.

GOOD: Metal

Metal pizza peels are a popular choice for many pizza lovers. After all, metal peels are easy to clean and thin. The thickness of a peel is critical to its effectiveness. If it’s too thick, you won’t be able to get it under the pizza easily, or it could rip a hole in the bottom of the dough. There’s a fine balance of skill and material when it comes to transferring pizzas. Metal peels are good for turning. If you do opt for a metal pizza peel, make sure you thoroughly dust it with cornmeal to prevent sticking. This will help you remove the pizza and rotate it as it cooks in the oven.

[Quick Look: Check This One Out]

BEST: Wood

At New York Brick, we think that wood is the best pizza peel material. Wood peels aren’t sticky like metal peels, and cleaning them is different. When you clean a wood peel, you need to scrape off the debris and stuck-on cheese or dough. Once that’s all off, take a small amount of olive oil and oil the wood. Think of a wood pizza peel like a cast-iron skillet. Never clean a wood peel with soap and water. The soap and water can strip the wood of its natural finish and can ruin the flavor of your pizzas. No one likes a soapy pizza. The olive oil helps seal in the flavor of the peel and will only get better with age.

[Our Pick For Best Pizza Peel]

We’ve Got Professional Kits And Ovens

At New York Brick, we specialize in offering the best pizza ovens and tools for professional pizza making. You might be wondering if we have our own pizza peels. You bet! Click this link to check out our professional deluxe pizza toolset.

If you’re looking to step up your pizza-making game, you should also look at our custom pizza ovens. We can provide you with any type of pizza oven for your home or business.

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Wood Fire Pizza Start Ups

Wood Fire Pizza Start Ups . So you want to start a wood fired pizza concept? Well lets talk about what it takes and why the revolving brick oven can be a life saver.

Many people call and say i want to start a Neapolitan pizza concept and would like some information on your brick ovens. I never would be rude but usually ask them what exactly they mean by Neapolitan pizza some know but most don’t.  If you do great but if you don’t: Neapolitan pizza is a an exact way and style of pizza I’m going to quote wiikipedia here for some data although Ive been cooking and making it most of my life now  as well as traveled  to the source in Naples

Wood Fired Start Ups

     Neapolitan Pizza Wood Fired Start Ups

Neapolitan pizza

(Italianpizza napoletana) also known as Naples-style pizza, is a style of pizza made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It must be made with either San Marzano tomatoes or Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio, which grow on the volcanic plains to the south of Mount Vesuvius, and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, a protected designation of origin cheese made with the milk from water buffalo raised in the marshlands of Campania and Lazio in a semi-wild state, or “Mozzarella STG”, a cow’s milk mozzarella.[1][2] Neapolitan pizza is a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) product in Europe, and the art of its making is included on UNESCO‘s list of intangible cultural heritage.[3] This style of pizza gave rise to the New York-style pizza that was first made by Italian immigrants to the United States in the early 20th century.


There are different variants, but the original one is called Pizza Margherita, and it follows the essential rules for the ingredients, tomato, sliced mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil, sometimes with a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese on top. Other variants are: pizza marinara, which is made with tomato, garlicoregano and extra virgin olive oil and pizza Margherita DOP made with tomato, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, basil and extra virgin olive oil. The pizza Napolitano is a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) product in Europe. The TSG certification attests that a particular food product objectively possesses specific characteristics which differentiate it from all others in its category, and that its raw materials, composition or method of production have been consistent for a minimum of 30 years.

Lets Put It Together

New York Brick Oven style Pizza

               New York Brick Oven Style at 800 f

    New York Style Cooked At 750f in the Inferno Series Oven 

Now That’s a bit of data to swallow  but here is the skinny.  Neapolitan pizza is great but not all people understand it. Its soft and tender and definably  not good for delivery. So another approach is to make something a little more traditional  but great. I guess you can categorize  that as just “Brick Oven Pizza” Or what we like to call it New York Brick Oven Style . Fresh Mozzarella, Italian plumb tomatoes and high gluten American flour that is cooked at about 700f to 800F This pizza is would be more crispier and more friendly to all.It can even be made with tradition cheese on top at 750f to make a great tradition New York style pizza ! The lower the temp the crispier the pizza will become.



With all that being said you need to be great at what you do and make a pizza that everyone is going to love. Whether it’s Neapolitan pizza: lots of blisters traditionally soft , New York Brick Oven Style or New York style be the best. Its also good to know your customer base and how you want to market yourself. You can be a fine pizza shop with high end wines and super gourmet pizza. Or you can be a comfortable place with great pizza cold beer and a comfortable atmosphere. It really depends on who you want to be and if your customer base will appreciate that as well.

Now lets look at todays labor market. Who wants work in a restaurant?  Lets face it the labor market is super tough these days most young people have other ideas and don’t believe in hard work.  Qualified and skilled people require more salaries .  The oven tender in traditional wood fired ovens is a very specialized skilled king of person. I know first hand what it takes to cook hundreds of pizza on a friday night in front of a wood fired oven and built the first woodfired oven on Staten Island New York In 1992.

Brick Oven

The Original Goodfellas Oven 1992 Staten Island New York 

It was quite a  learning curve to cook the pizzas with out burning them and having to stand with your head in front of the oven at all times for hours  turning and moving pizza.  But that was then and we went forward with the revolving oven saving labor and being more consistent. The great thing about the revolving oven is you really don’t burn the pizza and they cook great every time! And you can train anyone to use the oven in a couple of hours instead of weeks! So when it comes to wood fired start ups give the experts a call today ! We would love to hear from you and your ideas on Wood Fire Pizza Start Ups

Wood Fire Pizza Start Ups

3 Essential Pizza Making Tools You Need

Essential Pizza-Making Tools You Need

Who doesn’t love pizza? We know we do! Sometimes, making pizza can be difficult. We’re here for you to help make it a little easier on you. We’re going to cover the  essential pizza-making tools that every pizza maker should have. 


The Tools

 Pizza Peels Metal 

When it comes to making, baking, and serving pizza, there is one tool that has to be there. It’s a pizza peel. The pizza peel is a critical tool for any serious pizza maker and should make the list. A wood pizza peel is the most traditional peel material, but you can also use a metal one. The only issue with a metal peel is that dough tends to stick to them more. Metal is easier to clean, but wood is more forgiving, so the decision is up to you, and it depends on what you want from your peel. Many traditional Italian places in Italy use the metal peel to pick up the pizza but the skill involved is a little more then the avg. employee  can handle in the Sates. That is why we tent to stick with the floured wooden peel.  For Great Peel Check Out The Bakers Board  Custom Wooden Pizza Peels

Pizza Prep Station. Lets Face it you need a great station to keep temperature. As a pizza professional for most of my life now. I really like working on a spacious counter made of marble or solid steel. It’s smooth cool and easy to clean as compared to the standard plastic counter tops   

Amazing Pizza Cutters . This is defiantly a tool and should be your pizza mans favorite something heavy duty and something he will love and take pride in cutting each pie I love a true Italian heavy duty cutter  . They really take it serious in Italy.










Brick Ovens For Pizza Trailers

The Revolving Brick Oven   An oven that can produce hundreds of pizza an hour and save you money on labor.  It’s the oven for those who want to be the best and not depend on unskilled labor to cook perfect pizza ! Wood Or Gas Prefect Baking When Your Series About Pizza Making

New York Brick Ovens 85 Bistro Series

Wood Gas Revolving Brick Oven. Custom Tiles






The Dough Mixer

Now that’s a matter of preference If your making American style brick oven pizza you want to stick with old faithful Hobart ! The Hobart mixers are an industry staple some mixers are still going after 100 years. But Honestly we have ours for 30 years, used daily and is 60 years old amazing. So a rebuilt easy to fix work horse is the ticket  that will out last any other.








Brick Oven Pizza

Brick Oven Pizza from NY Brick Oven Co.


Reach Out To The Pizza Experts!

Hopefully, these essential pizza-making tools make creating pizza art easier for you! At New York Brick Oven, we are here for you! We’re the pizza experts, and we even have a pizza school where you can learn everything there is to know about making delicious pizza!

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