3 tips for Brick Oven Pizza Business For Beginners

Brick Oven Pizza Tips for Beginners are many but these 3 will get you far.

1-Treat your customers with courtesy and care. As common sense as this sounds many people drop the ball. Think of how you would like to treated and you will get the idea. Do you want to spend your hard earned money where people ignore you? Well when a customer enters your restaurant-especially for the first time- he expects to be greeted warmly. Allowing a a customer to stand around without acknowledging his existence  is just plain rude and has sent me walking out of many a place over the years, especially when the staff walks past me and my family without even a smile or letting me know they see me. NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOUR STAFF IS- ALWAYS HAVE THEM GREET YOUR CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY COME IN!  This also aplies to the phone! Answer it swiftly and let them know you will be with as soon as possible and if the delivery will take an hour and half-tell them the truth! Next time they will call early instead of being upset by your not delivering as promised.

2. If your customer has a special request and it is not impossible, go the extra mile. Maybe they want to change an ingredient or leave one out. Who cares if it is your grandma’s award winning recipe? The customer asked you for something so do it. That is service. While we are at it, please check on those customers every once in a while and don’t make them wait for a refill, napkin or utensils. These may seem like little things but it is the attention to detail and care that makes the difference.

3. Be consistent and don’t try to be everything to every body. If you are famous for a certain pizza or desert-make damn sure it always made the same way (unless specified by a customer #2 above ). If you are open to certain time-be open till that time. If you make a certain size portion-stick to it.  Using cheaper ingredients or toppings or the amount of cheese on a pie fits in here too. Your regulars expect something when they come to your place-give it to them.

Hope this helps and happy pizza to you!

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