About New York Brick Oven Co.

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We are the brick oven experts. Our team of artisans and World Champion pizza makers have been building and designing custom wood fired and gas brick ovens worldwide for over 20 years. Our passion for creating the best brick oven possible has led us to our newest creation, The Inferno Series Revolving Brick Ovens.

The Inferno Series is an incredible line of the best-producing brick ovens in the world. Our ovens not only put on a magnificent show, (with its oversized wood chamber and revolving floor) but also allow the operator to produce perfect pizza every time, time after time! They truly are one of the easiest and most efficient brick ovens to operate on the market today.


The World's Best Pizza Oven

Wood Fired Gas Combinations

Patented Heated Revolving Floor (Only One in the Idustry)

Digital Temperature Control

Adjustable Revolving Floor Speed

Easy Clean Out Drawers for Ash Removal

Viewing Window

Glass Door Heat Shield

Ability to Customize Revolving Ovens for Your Needs.


NY STYLE, Brick Oven Style or Neapolitan.

If quality and consistency is one of your concerns, our revolving brick oven is the answer. If the high cost of skilled labor and depending on employees to produce a perfect product is also a concern, “you guessed it”, the revolving brick is your solution.

So call us today, we will be glad to answer any of you questions and make an appointment today to cook in our oven.