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Benefits of Revolving/Rotating Wood Burning Brick Oven

  What are the Benefits of Revolving/Rotating Wood Burning Brick Oven?
The revolving brick oven, also known as a rotating brick oven, is a culinary marvel that has gained popularity in recent years for its unique and innovative design.

Benefits of Revolving/Rotating Wood Burning Brick Ovens:

This type of oven combines traditional brick oven cooking techniques with modern technology, resulting in a range of benefits that enhance the cooking experience and produce exceptional culinary creations.

One of the primary advantages of a revolving brick oven is its ability to evenly distribute heat. Traditional brick ovens often have hot spots and cold spots, leading to unevenly cooked dishes. However, the rotating feature of the oven ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking chamber. This consistent heat distribution results in perfectly cooked pizzas, breads, and other baked goods with a uniform texture and flavor.
Another benefit of a revolving brick oven is its efficient use of space. The rotating mechanism allows for multiple dishes to be cooked simultaneously without the need for frequent manual turning or repositioning. This feature is particularly useful for busy restaurants or bakeries where time and space are crucial factors.
The revolving brick oven also offers exceptional versatility. Its rotating platform allows for different cooking styles, such as traditional brick oven baking, convection baking, and even roasting. This versatility enables chefs to experiment with various cooking techniques and expand their culinary repertoire.
In terms of energy efficiency, the revolving brick oven shines as well. The even heat distribution and precise temperature control lead to shorter cooking times, reducing overall energy consumption. Additionally, the oven’s well-insulated design helps retain heat, further enhancing its energy efficiency.
Maintenance and cleaning are made easier with a revolving brick oven. The rotating platform can often be removed for cleaning, and the smooth interior surfaces of the oven make it relatively simple to wipe away any residue. This reduces downtime and allows for more efficient operation in a busy kitchen environment.
Furthermore, the aesthetics of a revolving brick oven add a touch of sophistication to any culinary setting. The sight of a beautifully crafted brick oven with its rotating feature in action is a visual delight that adds to the overall dining experience.
In conclusion,  A Rotating Wood Burning Brick Oven offers a range of benefits that make it a valuable addition to any restaurant or bar . Its even heat distribution, space efficiency, versatility, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance all contribute to its appeal. With the ability to consistently produce high-quality, perfectly cooked dishes, the revolving brick oven is a culinary innovation that continues to shape the way we cook and appreciate food.Marc Cosentino
Rotating Wood Burning Brick Oven
New York Brick Oven Comapany Cupola

Copper top revolving brick oven Alasaka


Enervex Pizza Oven Fans

Looking for the best pizza oven fan? Look no further than  Enervex Pizza Oven Fans! This powerful fan is designed specifically for pizza ovens, ensuring optimal airflow and heat distribution for the perfect bake every time.

The Enervex Pizza Oven Fan is known for its reliability and efficiency. It effectively removes smoke, odors, and excess heat from your oven, creating a comfortable cooking environment. With its durable construction and high-performance motor, you can count on this fan to withstand the demands of regular use. The fans are easy to install and come with a two year warranty .

Not only does the Enervex Pizza Oven Fan enhance your cooking experience, but it also helps maintain a clean and healthy kitchen. By efficiently venting smoke and odors outside, it ensures that your indoor air quality remains fresh and free from any lingering smells. It is also code for all gas appliances to have fans and well as wood fired ovens.

So if you’re in search of the best pizza oven fan on the market, look no further than the Enervex Pizza Oven Fan. With its superior performance and reliable operation, it’s sure to take your pizza-making game to new heights! Call Today For A Free Quote and Technical assistance and  Fast Delivery ( most fans and options are in stock and ready to ship!)

Check Out our Page On Fans Enervex Pizza Oven Fans

Enervex and The New York Brick Oven Company

Enervex has earned a reputation for producing top-notch ventilation systems, and their pizza oven fans are no exception. These fans are specifically engineered to create the perfect airflow in your pizza oven, ensuring that your pizzas come out evenly cooked with that delicious crispy crust we all love. We have teamed up with Enervex to provide you excellent service and the best prices on the market as well. Your Venting is just as important as your oven.  Having an Enervex pizza oven fan can make a world of difference in the quality of your pizzas. It helps maintain consistent temperatures, eliminates hot spots, and ensures proper ventilation for smoke and odors.

Call Today (800) 683-6053


Why These Are The Best Brick Ovens For Sale

Why Are These Best Brick Ovens For Sale?  We make amazing “façade ready” ovens so you can add your own flair and style to match your décor and brand. Every design is as unique as the operator and his brand . Wood Gas Combinations Revolving Brick ovens that are easily installed and façade ready . As you can see in the photos below our clients can get pretty creative with design and some even leave the oven the way it comes for a rather more industrial look.

The framing of the oven is quote simple use metal studs, backer board, and select the tile, stone, glass, brick or specific material you like.  We also build the basic oven on location so you dont have to take down walls doors windows or your building!

Here is some great data about our Revolving Brick Ovens.

They Make Consistent Pizza!

The way the pie moves around the oven allows for a perfect bake.  No more standing in front of the oven every second and turning pies and getting over cooked or burnt edges .

They Can Cook From 600 to 900F

So you can cook pizza as fast as 90 seconds or cook a little slower for different styles of pizza. They are also great for baking bread, steaks, wings,  appetizers and anything you can think of.

They are easy to train staff with!

Any competent person can be cooking pizza like a professional in a matter of hours instead of weeks of trying to learn how to cook a pizza .

They Save Labor cost daily!

No need for two pizza professional  every hour (unless you are super busy every hour)  One man can make pizza and cook pizza during slower times and this could save you tens of thousands per year. Isn’t that great an oven that can pay for itself !

They Are Supper Efficient!

Our Venturi gas burner system uses a combined gas and  forced air mixture that allows minimal gas expense while creating max temperatures. The oven can run at 900F on as little as 50,000 BTUs Lets put that in perspective a commercial stove burner one is 30,000 BTUs and deep fryers are up to 200,000 BTUs So lets save some gas money too!

Burn Gas and Or Wood !

You can run your oven on gas alone and set temperatures to create the perfect environment for baking. Add a little wood in the wood fired window and you have the perfect show with ambiance and the smell of wood. Some operators use the gas just to heat the oven and then load it up with wood and cook like that.


Come and Cook With Us! 

We will be happy to show you what we do in a live restaurant environment. Bake pizza Make Bread Cook some steak if you like !

So These are just some of the reasons we make the  Best Brick Ovens For Sale !


Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit Style Pizza: A Delicious Slice of Motor City Flavor

Detroit Style Pizza ? When it comes to pizza, everyone has their preferences. From thin and crispy New York slices to the deep-dish indulgence of Chicago, pizza styles vary across the United States. However, one style that has been gaining popularity in recent years is Detroit style pizza. With its unique characteristics and mouthwatering flavor, this Motor City creation has captured the hearts and taste buds of pizza enthusiasts around the world.

Detroit style pizza traces its origins back to the 1940s in, you guessed it, Detroit, Michigan. Its creation is attributed to Gus Guerra, who opened Buddy’s Rendezvous pizzeria. Originally a square Sicilian-style pizza, Guerra decided to bake it in blue steel automotive parts trays, giving it a distinctive shape and crispy, caramelized edges.

What sets Detroit style pizza apart is its deep-dish, rectangular form. The dough is thick yet light, with a chewy interior and a crispy exterior. The dough is proofed for an extended period, resulting in a flavor-packed crust. The cheese is spread all the way to the edges of the pan, allowing it to caramelize against the sides and create a delightful cheese “frico,” giving each slice a heavenly crunch.

Toppings are another key aspect of Detroit style pizza. Traditionally, the sauce is placed on top of the cheese, creating a unique layering effect that prevents the dough from getting soggy. This sauce-to-cheese ratio ensures a harmonious blend of flavors and a well-balanced slice. Popular toppings include pepperoni, Italian sausage, and even Detroit’s own signature square-cut, thick bacon.

The Motor City has embraced its pizza style, and Detroit-style pizzerias have been popping up across the country. The popularity of this style can be attributed to its distinct characteristics and the exceptional culinary experience it provides. The crispy edges combined with the airy, doughy interior create a textural delight, and the blend of flavors from the caramelized cheese, tangy sauce, and savory toppings make each bite a memorable one.

Moreover, Detroit style pizza is not just about the taste—it’s also about the community. The passion for this pizza style runs deep, and it has become a symbol of pride for Detroiters. The pizzerias that serve this style often have a welcoming, nostalgic ambiance that pays homage to the city’s rich history and automotive heritage.

In conclusion, Detroit style pizza is a culinary gem that offers a unique and delectable experience. Its thick, airy crust, caramelized cheese, and flavorful toppings make it a favorite among pizza lovers. Whether you’re a native Detroiter or a pizza aficionado from afar, sinking your teeth into a slice of Detroit style pizza is an experience you won’t want to miss. So, grab a square slice, savor the flavors, and join the Motor City in celebrating this delicious creation

Fox Den Anapolis

Enhancing the Culinary Experience with a Revolving Brick Oven

Enhancing the Culinary Experience is what its all about!

A revolving brick oven brings together the timeless art of brick oven cooking with modern innovation. Its unique design ensures consistent and even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes that are a delight to the senses. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider this remarkable addition to your kitchen:

Enhancing the Culinary Experience

Pizza From the Inferno series oven by NY Brick Oven Co.

1. Unmatched Cooking Performance: The revolving brick oven excels at providing an ideal cooking environment. The brick walls retain and radiate heat evenly, creating a stable temperature throughout the cooking process. With the rotation feature, your dishes receive uniform exposure to heat, ensuring thorough and precise cooking every time.

2. Versatility and Culinary Creativity: As a cook or a professional chef, a revolving brick oven opens up a world of culinary possibilities. From artisanal pizzas with crispy, charred crusts to succulent roasts with mouthwatering caramelization, the oven’s high heat capabilities and rotating mechanism allow you to explore a wide range of dishes with exceptional results.

3. Time and Energy Efficiency: Thanks to its excellent heat retention properties, the revolving brick oven requires less energy compared to traditional ovens. Its ability to maintain a steady temperature reduces cooking time, enabling you to prepare pizza more efficiently with labor savings too.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing and Durable: The brick construction of the oven not only ensures optimal heat distribution but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Its rustic charm and timeless appeal make it a centerpiece worth showcasing. Furthermore, the durability of brick ovens ensures they can withstand the rigors of high-temperature cooking, serving you for years to come.

5. Elevate Your Culinary Status: Owning a revolving brick oven instantly elevates your culinary prowess. Your ability to cook incredible dishes in a professional-grade oven will surely enhance the dining experience.

Enhancing the Culinary Experience

In conclusion, investing in a revolving brick oven offers numerous advantages that will transform your cooking journey. The combination of superior performance, versatility, efficiency, and aesthetics makes it an invaluable addition to any kitchen. Save time and money by embracing this culinary masterpiece, you are not just acquiring an oven but embarking on a culinary adventure that will delight both you and all your patrons who gather around your table.

If you require additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would be more than happy to assist you in your decision-making process.


Marc Cosentino


Scot Cosentino winning Worlds Best Pizza for the Original Goodfellas Hylan Blvd. Staten Island NY 300x300 1

Brick Oven Pizza Success Story

Brick Oven Pizza Success StoryHere is another Brick Oven Pizza success story, this time from Florida.

Bob Catoro said ” My place in Florida is doing great we have a full house almost every night”. We also get fantastic reviews from the local newspapers regularly . I really never thought that I would be this successful. Honestly I didn’t know a thing about pizza before I met you guys at the pizza school.   I can’t say enough and I know I could not have done it with out them! They truly care and go out of their way to help people succeed . Andrew and Scot are incredible they helped me with everything i needed to get started from lay out to equipment and recipes!”

The Goodfella's Pizza School Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY

The Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY has been training successful Pizza makers from all over the world including state and world champions. Those same Champions swear by the the incredible high production, consistency and ease of operation from the Inferno series Revolving Brick Ovens from the NY Brick Oven Co.     

Why is there so much success?  First a and foremost, The crew from the New York Brick oven Company and the the Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY have decades of experience in all aspects of the pizza world.  From winning the World’s Best Pizza Title several times to owning and operating pizza restaurants around the country. Add to that incredible experience the fact they have personally consulted hundreds of restaurants helping owners Walk the path to Brick Oven Pizza Success!

Brick Oven Pizza Success Story       Why The Revolving Oven Helps Create Success

Ovens that create a consistent product at a very high rate of production without needing skilled labor are the key to success these days.  With the current lack of a SKILLED  labor  for the restaurant business it is now easier to train a person  to produce  a quality brick oven pizza.

Now you have a winning combination great pizza ovens and the best personal one on one training in the industry with world champion pizza makers.


Call Today We Are Here To Answer Any Questions

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Rotary Pizza Oven

Rotary pizza ovens

The Rotary pizza oven is one of the  the most efficient and cost-effective way to cook pizzas at a consistent temperature. These ovens feature a revolving brick oven that allows the pizzas to cook in a rotating motion, which helps them bake evenly. This type of cooking method saves labor and allows for quick production, allowing restaurants to serve their customers faster and better quality products . Additionally, rotary pizza ovens offer better control over heat distribution and cooking speeds, making them perfect for any commercial kitchen.

Saving Labor

The Rotary pizza oven is revolutionizing the pizza-making industry. These ovens have a revolving brick desk which is continuously rotating and cooking the pizza evenly. This makes it easier to make multiple pizzas at once, helping businesses save valuable labor time and money. The heavy density brick interior is also an added benefit to efficiency by retaining heat and saving on fuel cost . The ovens also provide consistent heat distribution and baking times, making it easier to produce high-quality pizzas with less effort. They are also very easy to use – all you need to do is put the dough in the revolving chamber saving operators thousands of dollars in skilled labor every year

Today more then ever they are becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant and the catering industry. Offering a faster, more efficient way to bake pizza compared to traditional brick ovens, and can help restaurants save time and labor costs. When Its time to come to terms with speed, efficiency and labor saving the rotary oven is the solution!

Call today we will be glad to help you with some solutions for making your pizza business start up a success .
Rotary Pizza Ovens






For Pizza Consulting and any questions  the New York Brick Oven Company  and The Pizza School of New York! Professional Pizza Consultants

Learn All About the Inferno Series Gas Oven

How To Start A Pizza Business

 How To Start A Pizza Business

Want To Start a pizza business? It can be a challenging,  but quite a rewarding endeavor. Here are a few key steps and ideas to consider when getting  started and some food for thought!

Develop a business plan

This is one of the best fundamental tools you can use so you can achieve a better understanding of what it is your trying to accomplish. The plan  should include your target market, menu offerings, pricing strategy, marketing plan, construction  cost startup cost, and financial projections.

Any newbie to the industry should really have a true knowledge  of what it takes to make things work and all the cost involved to start a pizza business . Its not as easy as sauce and dough although we wish it was. The industry gas changed through the years ,the competition and other  options are now extremely  greater than ever.

You will need to understand your fixed costs.   In other words the cost you must pay even if nobody walks in the door.  Typically you pay these monthly and they don’t fluctuate. Like rent, loans non hourly salaries, insurance,  marketing etc. Your labor cost (probably one of the greatest expenses you will have) and how to control them,  your food cost and how to price your menu. As well as managing finances and financial planning!

Secure funding

Determine how much money you will need to start your business and explore funding options such as loans form your local banks who are SBA lenders or with  investors. Your business plan will give you a lot of insight into the amounts needed. Although estimates are estimates with start up cost you have to add some margin of error plan high and try to come in low.   . The pitfalls can be many and being overfunded in case is the proper way to plan. You can always prepay loans as long as the loan has that stipulation. The last thing you want to do is open up a business without proper finance and be under stress when you open.

Choosing  a location

Look for a location that is easily accessible and visible to potential customers. Consider factors such as rent, zoning regulations, and competition in the area. There are many demographic tools available on the web  that you can utilize to understand your target market.  Remember knowledge is power so do the research !

High traffic areas: If the location is near a high traffic area, it may offset your advertising costs. Anchor tenants, such as department or chain stores, can increase traffic to your business. More traffic allows you to spend less on advertising so you can pay for a higher rent and have a captive audience. its true that “Better Locations” can cost more and the best location should always be your goal as long as its within reason and with in your financial means.

. Trying to save money on rent as a focus for  your location may be a disaster and has been to  down fall of many businesses.

Here is a quick simple example:  location “A” is more downtown with  lots of business for lunch and a night life that can be tapped into . The rent is about ten thousand for 2,500 square feet.  Location “B” has a cheaper rent about half and is in a quieter area.  Your investment will be the same more or less to open.  The efforts just as great to keep it going. But location “A” might have a greater value due to the fact that it can  generates $1,000 dollars in lunch sales daily over Location “B”.

  • You would have the same staffing, but you might do an extra $30,000 in sales monthly.  With food cost at 25% for pizza that would mean $22,500 more  a month that your business can potentially make  for a cost of 5,000 more in rent. Still netting an extra $17,500. So is a few more thousand a month worth it for a better location? Do the Math And Think It Through! Because   Rent is defiantly a very important consideration,  but potential business verses spending more marketing dollars is something to take into serious consideration. This can also be viewed as per demaogrphcs based upon extendible income. Some areas have higher incomes and a better customer base to serve.

Property purchase verses Rent

If you can afford to purchase rather then rent this can be quite advantageous to your long term goals and plans.    Many people get stuck in a lease and put long hard years of there lives dedicating it to a business. They also invest a lot of money into a building,  while maintaining it as well and  paying  insurance.   In the end when the lease is up you might have  a landlord that decides to   becomes your partner by raising your rent double  or even not re- negotiating your lease.

Owning the property and paying your mortgage down is  truly the best move.  . Historically property increases in value as we all know,  and at the end of ten years or more you will have built a lot of equity and be able to sell your business if you wish  or the building  or sell both . Or  just collect the rent yourself.  It might be a tight squeeze to get a building from the get go  but real-estate is a safe investment and in the end you will have an exit strategy with options  .  Think of it this way , if your all in you might as well get the property  too and do it right!

Other ways to cut opening cost are to find existing spaces that use to be a restaurant.

This way your build out cost will be significantly less. You won’t incur the cost of bathrooms commercial air conditioning gas lines and electrical services being put in. Although you might have to upgrade fix or renovate these services it will be a major savings in the end.    Be sure that you check with local municipalities as well for any red flags on any new locations you consider before purchasing or renting do a search for any  open violations, permits or changes that where not legally done to the premises.

Free Rent while you build. This is something that needs to be negotiated carefully and you should be aware of the fact that its not as easy as lets  just start building. The permitting processes and hiring the right contactors can take months.  So negotiate as long a time as possible for free rent until you are at least permitted to start building and then some.

A tenant improvement allowance

also known as TI, TIA, or TA, is a pre-negotiated sum of money that a landlord will provide the tenant in order to cover all or a portion of construction costs.

TIA is typically expressed as a per square foot amount. For example, if a landlord is offering $20.00 per square foot on a 2,500 square foot commercial space, the landlord has agreed to reimburse the tenant for $50,000 worth of construction costs. While a tenant improvement allowance can certainly be applied to all build-out expenses, including labor, do not expect your TIA to also cover the cost of furniture or other moving/start-up costs not directly related to physical improvements to or alterations of the space. While you and your broker may have negotiated a phenomenal tenant improvement allowance, do keep in mind that you will more than likely still need to have the capital to cover construction costs up front.

Once the work is complete, your landlord will then be able to reimburse you the negotiated allowance. Returning to our previous example, if a landlord has agreed to a $50,000 improvement allowance, the tenant must still be prepared to use their own funds to initially cover construction. The landlord will provide the tenant with the $50,000 allowance upon proof of completion, which may include receipts, lien waivers, etc.

Obtaining  necessary permits and licenses

Research and obtain any necessary permits and licenses required by your local government and municipalities , such as a business license, food service permit, and health department inspections. Make sure your location has a friendly landlord and it’s  going to be ok to vent the space  without  crazy cost and run a food establishment out of the said location. Another  things to consider amongst the many are grease traps.  Some states have very strict grease trap regulations.  If your putting in anew one you should research that before you commit  as it can be a very costly last minute fix and a serious time delay.

Gas and Electric

Does the building have sufficient gas pressure?  How big is the line? How much gas will you need? These are some fundamentals .Getting all your equipment in without check the meters first is an amateur mistake. Your architect should know this and check the meter for BTU usage of all your equipment and be sure your meter is big enough to handle the load. This is also something you can check when looking at a space before you lease or purchase.  Gas service that is too small can take months  and even up to a year to get completed .

Gas pressure test.  If it’s a preexisting building and you are going to be using the existing lines you should preform a gas pressure test and have the landlord take any responsibility for the cost if the lines do not hold pressure. If they don’t and you don’t know where that leak is you might have to run all new lines at a major cost!

Electrical:   Another thing to look at is :  How Many Amp service will I need? Is there enough room and power in the electrical panel box? Again, you would have to calculate all equipment usage as well as lights and air-conditioning.   Do I need 300-amp service 400- amp or more? That all depends on your renovation and equipment that you are using and the size of the location.

How To Start A Pizza Business the list goes on and on!

Setting  up your kitchen: Purchase equipment and supplies, designing  your kitchen layout, and developing  standard operating procedures for food preparation and safety.The best thing to do is hire a restaurant designer. An experienced restaurant designer (and Consultant)  will be able to help you with the correct layout for your business based upon your menu. He will help you with the basic layout and equipment needs and specifications.

Local architects: They might know the codes and are needed .   But they are usually not versed in restaurant layout, work flows and what type of equipment is truly needed to design the proper work space and fit your menu .  A person  needs to be able  to design with the menu in mind to get the best design.  That person  should know his trade well .

  The Equipment

Equipment needs  for a pizza business can vary depending on the size and type of operation, but here are some common pieces of equipment

Pizza Ovens 

This is the most essential piece of equipment. There are different types of pizza ovens, such as wood-fired, gas, or electric.  Choose the one that best fits your needs and gets the job done.

High production is what you will need when it comes to pizza because you are not in it to fail and you need to be busy to succeed! .

The New York Brick Oven Company makes high production  wood fired and gas revolving brick ovens that can make up to  200 pies per hour. It’s always better to be ready for Friday nights rush  than not be ready with an inferior oven or an oven that is two small and takes to long to cook pizza. The revolving brick oven also takes the skill out of the operation and allows operators to save tens of thousands in labor, make consistent pizza as well.  Pizza Trends have headed to “gourmet” style brick oven pizza. With everyone being a “pizza expert” you will  need to be the best and stand out from the chains and other competition  in your market. How To Start a Pizza Business

Refrigeration Equipment

This includes refrigerators, freezers, and prep tables to store and prepare toppings, dough, and other ingredients. Some people go for used equipment as they want to save money. But with out good equipment especially refrigeration you will have nothing but problems, and In the end wind up with more waste and more costly repairs .

Most quality companies give up to five year warranties on equipment compressors. So look at what works not brand but warranty and service. Dough mixer: This is used to mix and knead pizza dough quickly and efficiently.  The truth is there are many types and depending on your operation and style of pizza will dictate the mixer type .

One of the industry standards for pizza is a Hobart Mixer they last forever so it seems. I’ve seen some out there for 80 years and had one myself that was sixty years old and used for thirty years without any problems.  It’s been said that a Used “Hobart” is Hobarts biggest competition. So if you find a good 60 quart mixer used I would get it!

Small Wares

Pizza warmer: This is used to keep pizzas warm until they are ready to be picked up and or delivered . Hatco is one of the leaders in the industry  .

Point-of-sale system:  Process orders and track sales. Shop and Learn ask for reviews and customers that use the product! They can be costly and charge a lot of fees for your credit card processing.

Dishware and utensils: This includes plates, cups, utensils, and napkins for serving customers.

Pizza peels cutting boards, knives, scales, and other utensils used to prepare toppings’.  The small ware’s can really add up. The list is long depending upon your service a good local dealer who knows his business should be able top to provide you with such a list.

Cleaning supplies: This includes cleaning chemicals, mops, buckets, and other supplies needed to keep the kitchen and dining area clean and sanitary. You may want to outsource some of that to big companies but they charge a premium for there service. Check all the pricing and compare before you commit to any contracts.

Dishwashers Lease Or Purchase

There are several options when it comes to dish machines. Several national companies like Eco lab  have lease programs that will allow you to get the machine serviced as long as you pay the lease. They  also charge per load  use as well as for chemicals.  These chemicals and service comes at a cost. Other options like buying your own machine with a good warranty and service company that can service it can save you a lot of dough in the long run.

To talk with a Professional  and for more information  on how to start a pizza business  call today!


National Pizza Day Success! From Prisoner of War to Pizza Hero!

National Pizza Day Success


National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day and no better way than to share pizza success. Goodfella’s Pizza School of New York and the NY Brick Oven Company are honored to acknowledge our friends at Calabria Brick Oven Pizza. It’s always great to be part of a good person’s success in any way. Valon from Calabria’s in Mt. Juliet TN is just such a person. He came to the US as a refugee and and takes pride in providing great food and giving back. we wish you the best of success!  When you are in the Nashville are be sure t stop by and get great pizza and hello. Supporting good people and ignoring the bad is a great way to make a difference in this world.  Calabria’s Mission Statement says it all:

Our Mission  

To bring joy to the hearts of our guests.

Supporting local charities and our local economy.

Working together achieving greatness, but maintain humility.

Make a positive differe in the experience of our guests and those around us.

A valuable lesson for all of us 🙂 

You can watch the interview on Channel 5 right here: 

Happy National Pizza Day!

May be an image of text that says 'BRICK OVEN PIZZA 35 ICALABRIAK EST. 2016 1209 Mt. Juliet Rd. Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 615-288-8078'

pizza consulting 



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Hiring A Pizza Consultant

Hiring A Pizza Consultant can quite a challenge. Here are some comments and quotes by some industry experts.

Mike Monteleone, the owner of two Barone’s Pizzeria locations in the Los Angeles area, opened a fast-casual pizzeria on top of his existing family-style concept after consulting with a consultant. Mike met with a consultant at an expo, was advised by his peers, and interviewed before hiring one. The consultant assisted with locating a location, selecting equipment, designing a kitchen to handle a high volume, and assisting with the soft opening.

Monteleone points to the consultant’s know-how as a key factor in the restaurant’s rapid expansion. “We didn’t have to experiment because he told us what to do upfront,” he says. Other factors, too, point to the need for a consultant.

Christine Corelli, a business expert, says that restaurateurs should hire a consultant to review their practices when they believe they’re doing everything right but aren’t attracting customers or making money. Ostrander, the “Pizza Doctor” and former restaurateur, says operators come to consult because they are concerned about their finances or are trying to start a new business.

Global restaurant consultant Aaron Allen advises restaurateurs to be clear about their needs before seeking assistance. “Consultants can identify whether or not they’re a good match for a restaurant faster if they know precisely what the restaurant needs help with,” he says.

Allen advises restaurateurs to ensure that the consultant’s capabilities and areas of expertise align with these needs. To identify specific needs, Allen often asks restaurateurs questions such as “What are your concerns? What are you afraid of? What’s causing you anxiety?” He also asks about opportunities and where they see the potential for the company to grow.

Consultant payment structures can vary, such as a daily rate, a flat rate for a specific time, or an hourly rate. Ultimately, it’s important to carefully evaluate all aspects of an organization to find a trustworthy consultant. To find the right consultant, Allen suggests trying out multiple consultants for a small scope of work and evaluating their performance.

According to Allen, seeking a consultant who will maintain confidentiality is important. For example, Allen’s company, Aaron Allen & Associates, they do not publicize portfolios, client case studies, or profiles to preserve confidentiality. Allen notes that the relationship between a consultant and a company requires a high level of trust and the sharing of sensitive information, so if a client feels uncomfortable sharing that information, the consultant-client relationship will be less effective.

Additionally, Corelli suggests looking for a consultant who is attentive, genuinely invested in the operation’s success, and asks insightful questions. The ideal consultant should also be enthusiastic about working with the specific restaurant and its unique details.

According to Corelli, it is important to select a consultant who is confident in their ability to assist yet avoids making excessive promises. Additionally, researching the consultant’s background and obtaining references is crucial. To verify the consultant’s credentials, Corelli suggests reviewing their clients’ websites and obtaining five positive references. However, it is important to remember that not all references may be completely unbiased. Therefore, it is important to ask specific, relevant questions such as “Did you see bottom-line results? How long did it take? Did you see a big difference within eight weeks? What happened?”

To ensure successful collaboration with your consultant, taking a few additional steps is important. Corelli suggests preparing a list of questions before meetings with your consultant to ensure that all important topics are covered. Additionally, if your schedule is constrained, ask your consultant about their availability for meetings outside traditional working hours.

Also, it’s beneficial to provide your consultant with relevant materials, such as blueprints, floor plans, menus, financial statements, etc., before their visit to enable them to understand the scope of your operation fully. As Ostrander notes, there are many ways to address issues, and the right approach will vary depending on the location and specific needs of the restaurant.

Pizza School Expert

Andrew Scudera from the Pizza School Of New York Say’s He starts with basics and asks clients who they are or want to be? “Many people want to get into the game and its not as easy as they think. They need to understand the basics, and get the fundamentals right to start with. You need to get them thinking and taking some responsibility as well. The lights need to come on.   Defining the brand identity , knowing the market they are in, and knowing by survey if people are looking for what they are proposing is key. Some clients just think that making good pizza is going to create their success.  It’s defiantly  a plus point and a major part of it but not all of it by no means .

Without a great brand,  a great design and menu in place that’s “profitable” your going to have problems. It’s about doing your research.  Is the market their, are your price points correct ,is there lunch in the market, dinner crowds expendable income etc?  Also you need realistic construction  cost and a true time to open a place. This is something most people don’t understand and consultants need to make clients aware of the fact that the budget can be blown in an instant with the wrong lease and contractor and or Architect .  So the moral of the story is be diligent ask questions If your hiring Hiring A Pizza Consultant.  Know what it is your trying to accomplish.  You can never ask enough questions or have enough research when your opening a new place. You would be surprised how many people call up and have budgets that wont even get the basic construction done never mind ,equipment, training , marketing and capital to market and build the business.

Do you ride out economy or do you jump in hopping things will get better?

This is a valid question these days, with food cost and labor going into uncharted territories a lot of changes are going to have to made in order to be successful. Pricing for one thing is key you have to charge the right price to make the profits. You also must be in an area where people are going to pay and understand the economy “is what it is” and prices are going to be a lot higher then ever. interest rates as well are going to be a big part of the game, and that will effect leasing  equipment,  construction capital and any other business start up money that might be needed


Getting people to work seems to be a difficult task more then ever. Its not that people are lazy it’s that they expect a lot more pay for the amount of work they do and the restaurant business is not easy work. The workers also have to be dedicated and compensated for what they do.  Long hours, overtime , vacations 401k , insurance are some of the basics in all decent jobs. Why should this industry be any different ? When you don’t offer good work conditions you have low moral and much greater turn over and in the end it will cost you plenty . Training cost go higher, quality goes out and customer service  as well. You need a great staff and  great people you can depend upon!  So make sure you factor all these things into you business plan.

Hiring A Pizza Consultant ;When Should You Look For Alternate Recommendations?

If you need help with your consultant, Dave Ostrander advises discussing the issues with them to determine if they result from miscommunication or misunderstanding. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that you follow the consultant’s recommendations. Additionally, certain signs may indicate that someone other than the consultant may be the right fit for your pizzeria. For example,

  • If a consultant makes grandiose claims about their ability to transform your business, it may indicate a lack of professionalism.
  • Another red flag is if a consultant lists employment experience rather than consulting experience and if they need more hands-on experience in the industry, as Ostrander points out.
  • Be sure that what you are paying for is always in writing.  There are many verbal promises and communications between people,  but all things have to be in writing with time lines and deadlines as well as compensation for when they are not met.

It’s important to look for a consultant with relevant experience, successes and an understanding of the challenges of running a pizzeria.



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