Brew Pub Pizza

Bar Pizza?

Brew Pub Pizza
Adding Pizza to the bar menu is easy with the right tools and knowledge.

Bar Pizza? Yes! If you are like many bar, tavern, saloon and club owners, you may be looking for an additional revenue stream.  Bar food is a way to keep those buts in the seats and attract new customers. Award winning bar food is the answer. Imagine if you could learn how to make an incredibly easy, consistent Artisan(made by hand) pizza.  Not only that but you could make it easy for all your employees to get trained and use a revolving oven which takes all the effort out of brick ovens yet is the choice of world champion pizza makers. Breweries have found that a gourmet brick oven pizza enhances their own brand name and recognition by demonstrating a very high quality food item that despite universal appeal can be made to order for each customer. “That personal touch is what keeps them coming back” said Scot Cosentino of the World Famous Goodfella’s Pizza concept. Not only that but a local  establishment can easily come up with a signature pizza that enhances their own unique personality. Depending on your location it is easy to create a gourmet pizza to suite your own regional favorites. Some examples of this have been: he Clam Pie, The vodka Pie, The Margarita, The Turkey Pie The Taco Pie and the Square or Grandma Pie. Along with Goodfella’s Vodka Pie (which became a national trend after they won the Title and published the recipe) they also made in Pulled Pork Pie in their Puerto Rico  location which was a big hit. The point to all this is that the universal appeal of pizza can be easily incorporated into your business, and with a little creativeness, you too can start a local trend. Who is going to make that world famous stout pizza dough or a a BBQ Pit pizza. The Sky is the limit, check it out and Happy Pizza To You!

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