Brick Oven Artisan Pizza

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Brick Oven Artisan Pizza

Brick Oven artisan pizza.

Full Definition of artisan

  1. 1:  a worker who practices a trade or handicraft :  craftsperson

  2. 2:  one that produces something (as cheese or wine) in limited quantities often using traditional methods

True Brick Oven Artisan Pizza is a delight to both the eyes and the taste buds, it is also so wonderful to watch a true  artisan at work,  as he prepares his creations.

The fresh ingredients!

The fresh ingredients ,the dough baking in a brick oven has always  been oArtisan Pizza to me. Some  of my greatest pleasures and some of the reasons why I enjoyed coming to work each morning have been the hand rolling the dough balls, starting the fire in the brick oven, roasting the red peppers , sausage and the baking of the bread.

Something about the  quiet and repetitive actions of cutting , weighing and hand rolling each individual dough  ball was an almost  zen-like experience in an otherwise fast-paced and chaotic world. The warmth and crackle of the wood fire on a cold morning was comforting and made for a nice setting as the day’s employees would come in and have their first cup of fresh coffee. Once all the prep was done and the door unlocked our first customers of the day would arrive and the Artisan Pizza Making would begin. Hand tossing the dough, laying on the freshly made  mozzarella, chunky tomato sauce and some fresh basil with a sprinkle of Reggiano cheese. with the toppings of choice as it  went into the very hot oven. A couple minutes later you a had an epic yet very basic and simple  pizza fit for a king or a queen in the case of the original Margarita pizza.

I guess the  main point of  Brick Oven Artisan Pizza is in the definition provided at the top of this article. “Made by hand” and if there is one thing I would have included in that definition it would have been “made  with pride”. Happy pizza my friends.


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