Brick Oven Evolution

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Brick Oven Evolution

The New York Brick Oven Company Brick Oven Evolution Leads to Fast Casual Pizza Revolution has delivered the Fast Casual Pizza Industry’s ultimate weapon-The Inferno Series Revolving Brick Oven


Brick Oven Evolution

. All the benefits of the ancient brick oven with none of the drawbacks. Leading the Fast Casual Pizza Revolution by enabling smart operators to make the fastest, most consistent gourmet brick oven pizza without the difficulties associated with the run of the mill brick oven was the goal. Some of these issues that the revolving brick oven addressed and handled according to the Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza chain Founder Marc Cosentino were:

1.”The long runway(months) required to train an oven man who may or may not stick around or make the final cut.

2. Always having a man stuck at the oven at all times to turn the pies and rotate them to avoid burning or not getting an even bake.

3. Hot spots and cold spots occurring on the cooking surface from placing cold dough on a surface that is “fixed” and requires time to recover the heat.

4. Maintaining a constant cooking temperature for a consistent product regardless of who is manning the oven.

5. Many operators having to resort to a dough press to par cook and flatten the pie in an effort to get speed without the dough rising naturally creating the bubbles and traditionally chewy crust instead of a cracker crust.

6. Long pizza peels and a very wide opening which add to the footprint of the pizza station and operating costs.

Join The Revolution 

The head of the New York Pizza School Andrew Scudera had this to say about the revolving brick oven versus the fixed deck average brick oven “There is no comparison, it’s night and day if only for the ease of training new people on it. You don’t need to waste months hoping you’ll get a guy who can handle your rush. That is one of the many advantages, though, if you have used a traditional brick oven for any length of time the benefits become painfully obvious compared to the old ways. Not having customers complain about pies cooked too lightly or burnt is a thing of the past because your not relying on different pizza men with different cooking methods trying to make the same pie (which is critical in this business to maintain your customer base and expand it). The pizzas require much less attention and practically cook themselves. The temperature is pre-set so there is no variable from trying to control the fire by the amount of wood in the oven or how it stacked etc… This oven is a no-brainer and the fact that it was used to cook an amazing 200 pizzas in 50 minutes at pizza Expo says volumes for the production capabilities of the New York Brick Oven Companies Inferno Series revolving brick ovens and the inherent ease of use. Personally, this oven was a life saver in my own restaurant and has helped many pizza entrepreneurs enjoy a fantastic edge in starting up their new fast casual pizza concepts around the United States of America, Canad and e South America. So join the revolution-I did”.

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