Brick Oven Pizza School

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Brick Oven Pizza School

New York Pizza School

New York Brick Oven Co. Stirring the “Gravy”

Yes, there is such a thing as Brick Oven Pizza School. Yes, Brick Oven Pizza School is taught by World Champion pizza men and Yes, it is in the “Pizza Capital” of the world-New York City. For those of you have thought about learning the art of making brick oven pizza this is an incredible opportunity and chance to do  it live in a real restaurant environment. Maybe some you already know how to make pizza and wanted to experience a brick oven first hand? Well, this is the answer for you. Not only that but you can learn incredible recipes and food preparation skills  that will make life easier and much more cost efficient.

Benefits Of Brick oven Pizza School

One of the very tangible benefits is the ability to have confidence in your skill and product   from the beginning of your operation and not have to spend countless hours in trial and error hoping that you will get the pizza right and that your customers will like it. Of course,  pizza is a very personal thing.  This personal preference is for both the  consumer and the pizza maker.  This why having the basics down cold will only enhance your ability to make a truly noteworthy pie.

Revolving Brick Oven at Pizzza School

Revolving Brick Oven at Goodfella’s Pizza

There is another big benefit for those of you that are interested. It is high production and the fast casual pizza craze. This benefit  is the brick oven training.  You train on the latest Revolving Brick Oven. This oven is powered using a wood fire,  gas fire,  or a combination of wood  and gas fire. Thes ovens are the secret weapon not only of the fast casual pizza industry but also savvy operators. These operators demand high production with a perfectly baked brick oven pizza. Every time. This knockout combination of Revolving Brick Oven and Pizza School has allowed many a successful operator to hit a home run in his area and rapidly expand due to ease of operation and training.


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