Ash Vacuum to keep that brick oven clean.

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Ash Vacuum to keep that brick oven clean.

 Ash Vacuum.

  I always recommend an Ash Vacuum.  When A customer asks a question about cleaning his brick oven,  I realized that after being in this business for so long there are things I take for granted. Forgive me if I overlook certain things but I always try to make it easier for the next guy. Cleaning a brick oven is a simple chore that requires removing the  ash/ flour/ food particles that usually burn completely and turn to dust due to the high cooking temperatures. Most often pizza men are constantly sweeping most of the ash out of the front of the oven as they cook keeping the flour and food residue down to a minimum. It is most often  pushed into the ash area in the case of a wood-fired brick oven or out swept out the front of the oven in the case of gas fired ovens.

Keeping your oven clean!

loveless ash vacuum

The vacuum you need to Keep your oven clean

Keeping your oven clean is a daily job.  When the ash builds up over a prolonged period of time.  It won’t hurt your brick oven, but it can slow down production.  If  The ash  builds up to the point of blocking the circulation of air and heat around your deck floor or gets into your burner system blocking the flame output. A simple way of handling this is to use an  ash vac such as the Loveless one pictured Below  It is designed for high temperatures  so you won’t have to leave the oven off to cool for days, although after a night off is best.

You should just set up a schedule and also do it as needed if the ash starts to build around the cooking surface.

Clean is always best for great pizza and this is a product that I have used and  I know it works well. They also have  an extension curved wand that makes it easier to get in crevices, so take advantage of an easy to use tool and happy pizza to you. As always make sure the oven is off  and unplugged before cleaning . There are many brands available click this link: to find them on  AMAZON ASH VAC 

Marc Cosentino NY Brick Oven Co. 

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