Brick Ovens Bring Pizza Back To Its Roots

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Brick Ovens Bring Pizza Back To Its Roots

The history of pizza is long and colorful. This delicious dish originated from Italy but has changed a bit depending on where they are made and what toppings individuals choose. However, the best way to make a pizza remains the same. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a brick pizza oven for sale, learn more about how you can take pizza back to its roots.

Brick Ovens Were the First Ones Used

When pizza was created in Naples, Italy, back in the 1800s, chefs created their masterpieces using brick ovens. The look of brick pizza ovens for sale largely replicates the traditional way they looked back in the early days of pizza. Therefore, if you buy a brick oven to make pizzas around your home, you can enjoy the nostalgic look while taking advantage of all the benefits of cooking a pizza in a brick oven. You’ll find it’s fun to make pizza again.

An Even Heating Experience

One of the reasons brick ovens were used to make pizza is they offered the steady, even heating pizzas required to cook to perfection. Your brick pizza oven for sale can reach and maintain a temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit, perfectly cooking to crust to crispiness and ensuring all the topics cook thoroughly at the same time. This even heating is precisely why those who created the first pizza chose to cook it inside a brick oven versus other cooking methods commonly used during that time period.

A Unique Experience

Cooking in a brick pizza oven for sale offers a unique experience you can’t get from other cooking methods. Your brick oven will look like it came straight out of the 1800s, bringing the taste of Italy into your home. It will also create a fun experience of cooking your pizza in just a few minutes, rather than waiting for a conventional oven to heat up and cook your pizza at a lower temperature for a longer time.

If you’re looking for a brick pizza oven for sale to get an old-school pizza experience, contact us to learn more about our options.

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