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Botin oven scaled

Oldest running restaurant in the world.

Suckling Pigs at Botin

World Famous Suckling pigs at Botin Madrid.

Botin Historic Designation

On a recent trip to Madrid I was given a personal tour of what is considered( according to the Guinness book of World Records) the longest continually running restaurant in the world.

Not only that but they also had the longest continually operating brick oven in the world. The name of the place is Botin and is located at :  Sobrino de BotínC. de Cuchilleros, 17, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Earnest Hemmingway’s table in the corner at Botin Madrid.

This restaurant was opened in 1725 and has been fulfilling the hungry appetites’ of both locals and world travelers ever since.  They even had a table reserved for Earnest Hemmingway in one of the corners.

World’s oldest continuously running brick oven.

What gives a restaurant such incredible staying power?  Consistency and expectancy are key. People know they will always get a splendid meal cooked in the tradition of Botin. The entire restaurant is at it has been for hundreds of years-furniture included. It is the pride of Madrid and is coomemerated with a bronze plaque designating it as a historic sight.


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Shop Commercial Brick Ovens

We offer the best Brick ovens for sale in the industry ! Façade ready ovens so you can have your own custom look. Gas wood revolving brick ovens Super efficient that produce perfect pizza every time!  Easy to install option we can install and build an oven on any location. Built on site no need for riggers or taking down walls.  Great for fast casual operations brew pubs and upscale restaurants. Call today to learn about all custom options! Brick Ovens For Sale From The New York Brick Oven Company! 1800 Oven-053  New To The Business ? Check Out The best Pizza school In the world The only one on professional pizza school !


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Why Do Brick Ovens Bake The Perfect Italian-Style Pizza?

A crunchy crust flecked with dark spots — traces left by a burning hot oven — characterizes the quintessential Italian pizza, whether it’s Neapolitan or Roman. The toppings are boiling hot, and the dough is airy, moist, and flexible. Brick ovens bake Italian Style Pizza to perfection. Home cooks have been attempting to make it in home ovens for years, it’s not the same.



How to Clean a Brick Oven the Right Way

How to clean a brick oven

Pizza ovens are great. They’re the catalyst that leads to delicious pizza, and without them, our pizzas would never be right. The combination of expert construction and a good heat source make brick ovens optimal for pizza cooking. The bricks of your oven retain and distribute heat efficiently and effectively. The high-heat capabilities of brick ovens are what help cook pizzas to the perfect consistency and flavor. If you’ve wondered how to clean a brick oven, you’re in the right place! At New York Brick Oven, we are pizza experts who enjoy educating our customers on brick ovens and their care and maintenance. In this guide, we’re going to talk about what to do when it’s time to clean your brick oven. Let’s jump in!


What is a Brick Oven?


A brick oven is what it sounds like—an oven constructed solely of brick! They often have a rounded shape to encourage an even flow of heat in order to cook pizzas to the perfect chewiness and fluff! The bricks are traditional when it comes to pizza ovens. They retain heat well and allow the oven to reach high temperatures without burning crust.

There are many different types of brick ovens, and at New York Brick Ovens, we have them all! We offer custom brick ovens. Since these ovens are custom, they can be whatever you want. We have a wide range of styles:

  • Neapolitan (wood or gas)
  • Traditional (wood or gas)
  • Brick ovens equipped with grills
  • Double-stacked brick ovens
  • Matzo
  • Ovens with windows
  • And MUCH more!

The moral of the story here is that, at New York Brick, you will find exactly what you’ve been looking for when it comes to a pizza oven.

How to Clean a Brick Oven

Cleaning a brick oven isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. These ovens are durable, sturdy, and require very little maintenance. If you find that there is a decent amount of food debris on the cooking area, the best tool to use to scrape it off is a flat shovel or a pizza peel. Think of brick ovens like cast iron skillets. Over time, they gain a patina and with that patina comes an ideal cooking surface and flavor.

If you really want to do a thorough cleaning, you may spray the oven with water and scrub it with a soft brush. This will remove any debris or ash you’d like to see gone.

Call The Pizza Pros

At New York Brick Ovens, we are the pizza professionals you’ve been looking for. Now that you know how to clean a brick oven, maybe you’d like to learn more about this industry and everything it has to offer. We’re exciting to offer pizza school for anyone who is interested in learning more about or breaking into the fast-casual pizza restaurant industry. Please call us today if you have any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, or just want to talk all thing pizza! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

what is a fast casual pizza restaurant

Why Brick Ovens Make The Perfect Pizza

Why Brick Ovens Make The Perfect Pizza


At New York Brick Oven, we love pizza! There’s a reason brick oven pizza is the best pizza you’ll ever have. In today’s post, we’re going to fill you in on all things brick oven pizza. Most importantly, we’re going to talk about why brick ovens make the perfect pizza.


What Is A Brick Oven?

A brick oven is what it sounds like. A brick pizza oven is an oven constructed of brick. Brick ovens are classic tradition in the pizza industry and around the world. The traditional steel oven is not ideal for baking proper Neapolitan pizzas. The heat transfer from brick to dough is much slower than from steel. Slower heat transfer helps prevent your delicious dough from burning.

The vaulted construction of a brick pizza oven provides even baking and the perfect temperature. Many of these brick ovens reach upwards of 700ºF for perfect Neapolitan pizzas. At New York Brick Oven, we offer a wide array of traditional and new technology ovens. What do we mean by new technology? Revolving pizza ovens. These gas-powered pizza ovens are perfect for any fast-casual pizza restaurant. The revolving rack allows the pizza to bake evenly and quickly.


When Was The Brick Pizza Oven Invented?

Brick ovens themselves have been around for more than 4,000 years. The brick pizza came from Naples in the 1800s. Naples, where our favorite, and equally delicious, Neapolitan pizza comes from is the birthplace of pizza. In this small Italian village, this world-changing food was invented. Then, the brick pizza oven introduced a new way of cooking. For thousands of years, there hadn’t been much innovation.

Brick ovens also give your pizza a smoky flavor that you won’t gain from a traditional oven. The wood and smoke provide a rich layer of deliciousness that’s unmatched.

So, brick ovens provide an authentic flavor that pizza connoisseurs have come to know and love. At New York Brick Oven, we strive to maintain that rich tradition of making delicious pizza for years to come.


Reach Out To The Pizza Professionals

If you have any questions about pizza, pizza ovens, or the fast-casual industry, please reach out! At New York Brick Ovens, we are here for our customers and love to teach them about pizza and pizza business. We even offer a pizza school where you can learn everything you need to know about pizza baking, ovens, and the business.

If pizza were a language, we’d be fluent! Our founder, Scot Cosentino is a master of pizza who has perfected the art of pizza making, so come on—learn from the best in the business today!

how to knead pizza dough the right way

How To Knead Pizza Dough The Right Way

Pizza is a great staple of American cuisine, and the climate of the pizza restaurant industry is constantly growing. As fast-casual restaurants continue to grow in popularity, the importance of dough preparation will grow. Pizza dough is the foundation of your pizza. If a pizza has poor dough, that pizza will be no good. It makes sense that you want to get it right. Well, you’re in the right place to learn everything you need to know about pizza dough. In today’s post, we’re going to share with you how to knead pizza dough the right way.

Why Is Kneading Pizza Dough Important? 

Since pizza dough is such a fundamental element of your pizza, you must prepare it in the best way possible. A poorly prepared dough can turn out too soft, too firm, have bad flavor, or a combination of all of these. We don’t want that to happen. Before we dive into how to knead pizza dough the right way, we’re going to look at why kneading the dough is so essential. 

Dough contains two important proteins—gluten and gliadin. These proteins work together to form strands of gluten. As you work the dough and knead it, the process heats up those strands. This heating up helps the dough rise by encouraging the fermentation process to flourish. Kneading also improves the structure of the dough by causing those gluten molecules to bond together. The bonding makes for a more elastic dough. 

How To Knead Pizza Dough

Kneading is about a 10 to 12-minute process in which you will build up the structure of your dough. You can use the dough hook attachment on a stand mixer, but we suggest working the dough with your hands. Working the dough with your hands is the best way to learn and produces the most authentic results. 

First, you’ll want to make sure you’re kneading on a well-floured surface. A countertop or cutting board works for this. If you don’t use a floured surface, the moisture in the dough will make it stick, and you’ll end up with torn dough and a headache. 

To knead, fold the dough over itself and press down. Continue this process until the dough is completely smooth and you don’t see any clumps. The dough should be a bit sticky to the touch but not too sticky. Another way to tell if your dough is ready is to stick your finger in it, and it springs back quickly. That means the gluten has built up enough to give your crust a good texture. 

Call The Professionals In Pizza 

Now you know how to knead pizza dough the right way. At New York Brick Oven, we pride ourselves on being the leading authority on all things pizza. We are here to serve our customers and are always looking to help in any way we can. We even offer a pizza school for new business owners or anyone who wants to learn how to become a pizza-making expert. 

Give us a call today!


Revolving Pizza Ovens That Rock

When your ready to rock the pizza world our Revolving Pizza Ovens are the solution. Simple operation fast production and great pizza time after time. Easy to operate, labor savings and consistency great benefits  especially in todays tough labor markets

Wood gas ovens are easy to maintain super efficient and  easily installed  at your location. You can have your own custom look with tile, brick or anything you can think of.

So Join the revolution!


Call The New York Brick Oven Company Today 1800 683-6053



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Ingredients For Homemade Pizza You Must Have

Who doesn’t love a great pizza? At New York Brick Oven, we do. One of the most rewarding things that someone can do is craft a homemade pizza masterpiece. From the dough to the toppings, the process of making your own pizza at home is a beautiful thing. Today, we’re going to tell you about ingredients for homemade pizza you must have. At New York Brick Oven, one of our favorite things to do is share our passion with the world. So, let’s jump in and talk about what you need to gather for the best homemade pizza ever. 

4 Ingredients For Homemade Pizza

1.) Yeast

Undoubtedly the most important part of a pizza, aside from the dough itself, is yeast. This key ingredient is what gives pizza dough its fluffy texture through rising. People often ask what the best kind of yeast to use is, and we’ll say it depends. If you want to have pizza the same day, instant yeast is your best bet. For a more developed, stronger dough, active dry yeast is the ticket. The active dry yeast requires blooming and maturation in the dough which can take anywhere from eight to twelve hours. To see the best results for any pizza dough, the best bet is to allow it to rise overnight in the refrigerator. This will result in a fluffy, yet chewy, texture. 

2.) Water

Water is important for pizza dough. Things that affect water quality include pH, purity, and hardness. The most important of these is hardness, though. Water that is hard tends to have a higher pH, and thus, is more alkaline. Hard water inhibits the yeast’s ability to activate. Some people prefer to use spring water and swear by its effect on pizza dough. The most important thing to consider is that pH. If it’s higher than 7, you should probably find a different water source in order to have the best yeast activation. 

3.) Flour

We’ve talked about the best flour for pizza dough in the past, and our opinion is the same. Tipo ’00’ flour is the best for pizza dough. When you’re choosing what kind of flour to use for your pizza dough, the most important thing to consider is gluten content. If you have too much, the dough will be too springy. If you have too little, the dough will fall apart. The best percentage of gluten sits around 12 to 13%. 

4.) Toppings

The most fun part of the homemade pizza-making adventure—toppings. We’re not here to tell you what’s best on top of a pizza. The reason this part is so fun is because when you have the dough down pat, the toppings are up to you. This is when true art begins, and you can let your imagination run wild. You may go classic and choose mozzarella, olive oil, and basil, or you might want to mix it up and add some pineapple. It’s all up to you! 

Want To Learn More? 

So, now you know the ingredients for homemade pizza you need. At New York Brick Oven, we’re pizza-making experts. Give us a call today with any questions about your pizza making. We also have a pizza school if you’re interested in learning how to make next-level pizza for your business.  

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Get The Best Commercial Brick Ovens

When it comes to the best commercial brick ovens we have you covered.

With a complete line of  The Best Commercial Brick Ovens (wood fired or gas rotating ovens ) we will make your pizza life easy. Weather your opening a fast casual pizza chain or pizza bar we have a great selection of options.

The Fire Show oven is a high production oven and the industries only rear fired gas only revolving oven. It puts on a great show, is super efficient, easy to train staff and can be decorated any way you like to match your interior and restaurant theme . The Fire show oven is façade ready and built on site at your location. This takes the hassle out of hiring riggers, taking down store fronts and shipping worries. Our factory trained reps will guaranty you a perfect installation and take the time to familiarize you with all you need to know about the oven operation.

The Best Commercial Brick Ovens

Fuel Efficiency: The oven operates at 750f using only 50,000 BTU’S. Less then half the gas of deck ovens and cooks  three times faster.  Saving you thousands of dollars per year

Labor Savings: Lets talk about the labor market today.  It is one of the toughest we have ever seen and getting skilled help these days is almost impossible. The ovens are simple to use and easy to train anyone on in a matter of hours as compared to days on a standard brick oven. The oven can be operated by one man during non high volume times as well and in many cases this equates to saving tens of thousands of dollars each year. So let that sink in an oven that will practically pay for itself !

Consistency of Product  Is one of the most important factors of any establishments success. The oven is easily set for a specific temperature and floor rotation speed. This Allows a consistent bake of your pizza. The rotating deck keeps pizza from burning on the edge and allows for fast bake times as well. With a built in floor heater for high volume times you cant go wrong.

Venting:  We recommend direct venting for our ovens,  instead of hoods and other costly venting systems that can cost thousands more to install. We also sell venting and can get you the best price for fans and pipes. Of course always check with your local building department and get approvals for your venting!

Training:  Check out the Pizza School of New York ! The only one on pizza school in the world ran by world champion pizza makers

Ease Of Operation: With all the above pints in you will have less stress save money and keep customers happy that’s why we have the best commercial brick ovens for your success. 






Best Commercial Brick Ovens

The Fire Show 140 Revolving Gas Oven

Brick Ovens For Pizza Trailers

A Revolving Pizza Oven: Why You Should Invest

Revolving Pizza Oven

Are you a fast-casual pizza restaurant owner? If you have a pizza restaurant, you understand how vital a pizza oven is for your business. So, it’s safe to say that the oven is the most important investment. Today, we’re going to walk you through 4 reasons you should invest in a revolving pizza oven. So, let’s dive right in.

4 Reasons To Invest In A Revolving Oven


Production is arguably the most essential part of any pizza restaurant business. As your pizza becomes more popular, demand increases and the orders fly in like crazy. As business increases, so must production. To keep up with demand, you need to consider a revolving pizza oven.

Revolving ovens outperform a standard brick pizza oven by a factor of 2 to 1. There are no areas of a revolving pizza oven that get too hot or cold. The heat is evenly distributed.

Labor & Skill

Not only do revolving pizza ovens increase your pizza restaurant’s output and production, but they save you money. When you think about the amount of skill and labor that goes into cooking a great pizza, it adds up over time. Revolving pizza ovens are operated by one person, and you don’t need specialized or skilled labor. These ovens cook a perfect pizza every time. This saves you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. With those savings, the oven pays for itself in no time.

Perfect Pizza Cooking

With a revolving pizza oven, everything is customizable. Simple controls allow you to adjust the temperature, speed of rotation, and direction. When the base of your pizza oven rotates, you end up with a perfect pizza every time. The rotation ensures there won’t be any hot spots, cold spots, or uneven cooking. Quality and consistency are essential for success in this business.

Savings Over Time

Let’s see what the savings are long-term when you buy a revolving pizza oven for your business.

Even if you save 5 hours per day in labor costs each year, at $10/hr, that’s $350/week. After you include payroll taxes, that’s savings over $20k/year. So, the oven pays for itself and saves you hundreds of dollars every week.

The majority of traditional brick pizza ovens require two people to operate them. Some pizza businesses have saved up to $40k/year after replacing their existing ovens with a revolving oven. You have the option to do a monthly lease to pay for the oven. Lease payments for a new oven are often tax-deductible.

Interested In Learning More About Pizza And The Fast Casual Industry?

At New York Brick, we focus on providing quality tools and ovens for pizza professionals like us. If you’re interested in learning more about the art of pizza making or the industry, check out our Pizza School.

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