Building A Pizza Oven From Bricks

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Building A Pizza Oven From Bricks

It is always a special feeling eating pizza made in a wood-fired brick oven. Maybe it is because this is the old way of doing things, and it still makes sense in this era. However, you can do it independently instead of going to the restaurant for brick-oven baked pizza. Here is a guide to building your brick pizza oven.

Before you start, you will need between 100 and 250 clay bricks, depending on the size of the oven you want. You need to have a blueprint before sourcing any materials.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Place the First Block

The first block should be placed at the center of the foundations. Mark the center of the oven and place the first block. Stack all the base blocks to see how they fit in your space. Do not use any adhesive to feel how the oven will look.

Step 3: Cut the Blocks

Cut the blocks as per the design specification using a speed square to mark the cutting points and an angle grinder for scoring the blocks. Then, you can use a chisel to split the blocks.

Step 4: Layer the Blocks

The first layer should be built with utmost care because it will hold the entire oven. Use a high-quality adhesive to hold things together. Place the adhesive at the center to prevent gushing over the sides.

The block joints should be staggered to prevent the pizza oven from toppling and ensuring structural integrity. Every layer should be leveled, and you should check before placing another layer. Use a rubber mallet to adjust the block positions so that they fit.

Step 5: Place Your Capstone and lay the floor

Once your pizza oven is built to the desired height, place the capstone, which is the base for the oven. Add adhesive to the current layers and add a capstone to it. Once the capstone is laid out, mix mortar and apply it to every brick. Place these bricks down and let them rest for a day before placing the dome.

Step 7: Build the Oven Dome

The last step is building the oven dome by laying firebricks in a circular shape to form the walls. Ensure that you angle the layers inwardly to assume a dome-shaped. If you have not angled your bricks, you can use a tile saw to do it. Next, add firebricks on the dome opening to build a chimney. The bricks should be square to make a tall chimney.

With these simple steps, you will have built one of the most stable brick ovens. You can choose any design you wish to match your surroundings. Contact New York Brick Oven Company if you need any help with the steps.

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