Commercial Pizza Ovens

Commercial Pizza Ovens

Commercial Pizza Ovens

As far as Commercial Pizza Ovens go there seems to be a new sheriff in town.  In the past, most pizza places were content with the standard metal door deck oven and it’s 8-12 minute bake time. But commercial pizza ovens have changed quite a bit since then. Speed and quality have taken the foreground in the pizza game and unless your just a place with a slow pace or maybe limited delivery or competition you can see that the movement towards “a better pizza” has come full circle.

No longer is it enough to just open a can of sauce and dump it on a pre-made shell with some sort of cheap oily cheese and toss it in a deck oven and wait.  The pizza buying public has been educated and it has much higher expectations of it’s pizza makers.  Not only do they expect more but the recent trend in brick ovens has them demanding a truly “better pizza”.

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NY Brick oven Co. Revolving Brick Oven

Back in the 90’s many people started moving into the artisan pizza market with its main tool of the trade-the brick oven. Unfortunately, this required skilled pizza makers and high $$$ salaries to keep them along with a very long training runway for that type of commercial pizza oven.

Pizza could be baked at a much higher temperature but fixed deck brick ovens did have several drawbacks. The main was was consistency due to hot and cold spots on the oven surface and proximity to the fire.  This was compounded by the dreaded “oven fade”  which happened when too many cold doughs were placed in the same spot on the cooking surface along with too hot of a surface from not monitoring the fire correctly.

Fortunately, all the drawbacks of commercial pizza ovens have been handled by the NY Brick oven Company’s Revolving Deck gas and wood-fired commercial brick ovens that are ETL approved for the US and Canada. These ovens have produced World Record 200 pizzas in 50 minutes at Pizza Expo.  Because the deck revolves there are virtually no hot spots or cold spots. Each pizza is consistent, it takes minutes to train your pizza maker as opposed to months on a fixed deck brick oven. to be skilled. Add to this the labor savings of a revolving brick oven and you can see why speed, consistency, ease of operation and labor savings make the revolving brick oven the only choice for commercial pizza ovens.

Commercial Pizza Oven

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