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When Was Pizza Invented?

Pizza is the best food in the world, don’t you agree? Perfectly chewy, fluffy crust. Delicious ripe tomatoes, pepperoni, basil, and fresh mozzarella cheese—it doesn’t get much better than that! At New York Brick Oven, we are pizza experts, so we’re here for you, and we even have a pizza school if you want to learn from the best! In today’s post, we’re going to answer a question that everyone has had on their minds: when was pizza invented? Let’s dive in and talk about the history of the world’s tastiest food!


When Was Pizza Invented?

The answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. The first iterations of pizza were more like a flatbread, not a pizza. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all ate flatbreads similar to pizza. But pizza, as we know it today, started in Naples, Italy. This seaside village is the birthplace of pizza, and it all started because it was affordable food. The poor, working-class people needed some food that was cheap and simple to make, so pizza was born!

The perception of pizza in Naples, at the time of its establishment, was negative. Popular Italian authors and aristocrats were disgusted by the food and the way it was being eaten. It’s rather ironic, too, that many of the toppings are what’s popular today: olive oil, tomatoes, and cheese!

In 1889, Queen Margherita of Italy visited Naples. She was sick and tired of the boring French cuisine she’d been eating, so she ordered some pizza from a local Neapolitan pizzeria. As the story goes, she loved the dish so much, it was called pizza Margherita. The combination of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil represented the colors of the Italian flag through the use of authentic flavor. That’s why Neapolitan pizza is our favorite kind of pizza. It’s simple, yet the most delicious kind of pizza that exists. After the queen praised the pizza, it seems there was a widespread craze for the stuff.

Naples was essentially its own kingdom for many years, so pizza was unknown to the majority of Italians. It wasn’t until 1940 that it was a prevalent dish and gained popularity. In addition, pizza actually became popular in the United States before its home country of Italy.

When Did Pizza Gain Popularity In America?

The first pizzeria in the United States is Lombardi’s in Manhattan. Established in 1905, it is the oldest pizzeria in the country. It even has the same oven it did in 1905! That’s amazing! While this restaurant definitely increased the popularity of pizza, it wasn’t until after World War II that pizza exploded. In a short amount of time, pizza spread to other countries quickly. Following the war, pizza was no longer thought to be food for peasants. It became a gourmet experience with local ingredients, flavor, and style. In a way, pizza, despite being from Naples, serves as a canvas for all cultures and people. The crust is merely a blank page, and we can add to it whatever we want. How beautiful is that?  Now, there are pizza chains, like Domino’s, in more than 60 countries all around the world.


Interested In Fast-Casual Pizza Restaurants?

At New York Brick Oven, we love fast-casual pizza. It’s a growing industry with so many new innovations over the years, like revolving pizza ovens. If you’d like to share your pizza passion with us or would like to learn more, please call today! We’re here for you, and hope you enjoy many more pizzas soon!

Why Brick Ovens Make The Perfect Pizza

What Is A Fast-Casual Pizza Restaurant?

fast casual pizza restaurantAt New York Brick Oven, we’re focused on providing professional-grade pizza ovens for consumers and restaurants. The majority of pizza restaurant owners are looking for faster ways to produce the same high-quality pizzas. Well, at New York Brick Oven, we have revolving pizza ovens. These ovens cut down on costs and time. Rooted in dine-in service, traditional pizza restaurants are falling to the wayside. We’ll talk about the ever-growing fast-casual pizza restaurant industry.

In America, it’s no question that there’s no shortage of fast-food restaurants. In fact, there are just under 200,000 fast-food restaurants in the US. But, as people move away from unhealthy eating habits and fast food, they’re looking for healthier options.


What Is A Fast-Casual Pizza Restaurant Anyway?

Fast-casual restaurants are a newer trend that has bloomed over the last 20 years. These unique restaurants are a happy medium between traditional restaurants and fast food. They provide the same quality foods, just faster and easier. That’s why you should consider making your pizza restaurant fast-casual. When you’re efficient but also provide the dine-in option, you catch a bigger customer pool.

Converting your pizza restaurant to a fast-casual pizza restaurant is an investment. Like we said, New York Brick Oven, we offer revolving pizza ovens. The beauty in these ovens is that, while there will be an initial investment, there are savings in both time and money. Pizzas are done faster at the same, if not better, quality, and you will cut down on labor costs. You no longer need a worker to rotate a pizza since the oven will do that for you.

The final key thing to remember about fast-casual restaurants is price. At a fast-casual restaurant, you cannot charge the premium of a dine-in restaurant. Many restaurants hear this and think about drops in revenue, but actually, it’s the opposite. With lower prices, you’ll gain more customers, and you can provide some of those premium options if you want. So, you’ll be pulling from two audiences instead of one. Diversification and adaptation are key in this industry. If you’re not ready to adjust, change, or grow how the market is, then you’re already sunk.

Examples Of Fast-Casual Restaurants

With all this talk about fast-casual restaurants, you may wonder: what’s an example? Well, let’s start with one of the most well-known fast-casual restaurants: Chipoltle. This Tex Mex counter-service restaurant provides high-quality and delicious food at a reasonable price.



how to clean a pizza stone

How To Clean A Pizza Stone The Right Way

A pizza stone is one of the most important tools for any pizza maker to have. Whether it’s in your kitchen at home or in your pizza restaurant, a pizza stone is key. These stones work by removing moisture from the crust as the pizza cooks and makes it crispier. Additionally, pizza stones offer a charring effect that adds another layer of flavor to your favorite pizzas. With all this delicious pizza making happening, you might wonder how to clean a pizza stone. Let’s talk about everything you need to get your stone clean.

Getting Started

To get the stone clean and ready for action again, there are a few things you need to have on hand.

The Process

Before you do anything to the pizza stone, you need to ensure that it’s cool. If you put cool water on a hot pizza stone, you risk cracking it. So, the best thing to do is allow it to cool for at least two hours before cleaning.
When it’s cooled off, scrape off any baked-on debris. The pizza stone cleaning brush has stiff bristles and a scraper. The scraper on the back of the brush is excellent for removing cheese. When the cheese and baked-on food is gone, it’s time to give the stone a good brushing. The stone cleaning brush is 10 inches wide and will remove crumbs and other debris.
So, the stone is free of debris and crumbs now. Now, mix baking soda and enough water to make a paste. Spread the paste on the stone and scrub with a brush. Once you’re done scrubbing the stone, follow up with a damp rag and wipe the stone clean.

Moving Forward

To keep the stone clean in the future, all you need to do is scrape debris and grime off with the brush and scraper. Something many people don’t understand is that pizza stones stain. There’s no way around it. You need to look at a pizza stone like a cast-iron skillet. The stone gains flavor over time and accumulates a certain patina. That’s what makes them so great! 

Reach Out To The Pizza Experts

At New York Brick, we love pizza stones. Do you know what we love more? Pizza ovens. Professional, world-class, award-winning pizza ovens. We have a wide array of ovens to choose from to accommodate any pizza business from big to small. Our ovens are next-level ovens. Take a look at our revolving pizza ovens.
Best Commercial Brick Ovens

Best Commercial Brick Ovens

When it comes to the best commercial brick ovens we have you covered.

With a complete line of  The Best Commercial Brick Ovens (wood fired or gas rotating ovens ) we will make your pizza life easy. Weather your opening a fast casual pizza chain or pizza bar we have a great selection of options.

The Fire Show oven is a high production oven and the industries only rear fired gas only revolving oven. It puts on a great show, is super efficient, easy to train staff and can be decorated any way you like to match your interior and restaurant theme . The Fire show oven is façade ready and built on site at your location. This takes the hassle out of hiring riggers, taking down store fronts and shipping worries. Our factory trained reps will guaranty you a perfect installation and take the time to familiarize you with all you need to know about the oven operation.

The Best Commercial Brick Ovens

Fuel Efficiency: The oven operates at 750f using only 50,000 BTU’S. Less then half the gas of deck ovens and cooks  three times faster.  Saving you thousands of dollars per year

Labor Savings: Lets talk about the labor market today.  It is one of the toughest we have ever seen and getting skilled help these days is almost impossible. The ovens are simple to use and easy to train anyone on in a matter of hours as compared to days on a standard brick oven. The oven can be operated by one man during non high volume times as well and in many cases this equates to saving tens of thousands of dollars each year. So let that sink in an oven that will practically pay for itself !

Consistency of Product  Is one of the most important factors of any establishments success. The oven is easily set for a specific temperature and floor rotation speed. This Allows a consistent bake of your pizza. The rotating deck keeps pizza from burning on the edge and allows for fast bake times as well. With a built in floor heater for high volume times you cant go wrong.

Venting:  We recommend direct venting for our ovens,  instead of hoods and other costly venting systems that can cost thousands more to install. We also sell venting and can get you the best price for fans and pipes. Of course always check with your local building department and get approvals for your venting!

Training:  Check out the Pizza School of New York ! The only one on pizza school in the world ran by world champion pizza makers

Ease Of Operation: With all the above pints in you will have less stress save money and keep customers happy that’s why we have the best commercial brick ovens for your success. 






Best Commercial Brick Ovens

The Fire Show 140 Revolving Gas Oven


Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven

The Amazing Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven

Not all ovens are the same especially when it comes to the Amazing Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven. The Fire Show Series is the industries only rear fired revolving brick oven.

An Amazing Show!

Let’s face it sometimes it’s all about the show and the Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven Series does it best. The rear flame creates the perfect ambiance and visual experience to intrigue your guests while they enjoy the show! This Beautifull oven can cook pizza in as fast as two minutes with temperature ranges up to 800f.

Perfect Pizza And Ease Of Operation.

Let’s face the facts the labor market today is drying up! Restaurant workers and people who truly know what it is to work hard are a dying breed. That is why the revolving brick oven is the perfect answer. It’s Easy to train anyone to cook a pizza in a matter of minutes rather than weeks compared to the training on a fixed deck brick oven.

High Production.

The Fire Show Series Ovens are available in 3 sizes and can cook up to 200 pies per hour. Perfect for cooking bread, chicken, fish steaks and just about anything you can think of.

Super Efficient

The oven runs at a cooking temperature of about 700f  using approximately 60,000 Btus. That’s about 1/3 of the BTUs used by most deck ovens to cook pizza!

Facade The Oven Anyway You Like.

The Ovens come facade ready (or stand-alone) so you can have your own custom look tiles bricks etc to match your decor and ambiance.

Pizza School?

If you have the Ferrari of ovens you better know how to make the Ferrari of pizzas. Check out the Pizza School of New York and see what we are talking about world champion pizza makers teaching the art of pizza to students from all over the world. THE ONLY ONE ON ONE PIZZA SCHOOL

              The Fire Show


Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven

Rocking The Pizza World!



NY Brick Oven Co. Inferno Series

Pizza Consistency

BrickovenMag Ad2

Consistent pizza is key is to return customer success. One of the things that was hard to do  with a regular fixed deck brick oven has been overcome with the revolving or rotator brick oven of the NY Brick oven Co. Because a regular brick oven floor is stationary you can’t help but get uneven heating and bake times. In fact the the hot spots and cold spots if not expertly handled(expensive labor) make it virtually impossible to have the same product pizza to pizza, worker to worker.

Now with the revolving deck brick oven you get an oven that is easy to operate(cheap labor). Because the floor turns, all the cooking surface is usable and brigs the pizza around to the pizza-man.  He no longer has to reach deep into the oven. Besides that he doesn’t have to continually turn each pizza. That gives you a very consistent bake from pizza to pizza and operator to operator. This also relieves the dreaded fade of having the floor get cold in spots because now it is constantly turning and being reheated.  That is why both the fast casual and the mom and pops are reaching for the Inferno series oven.

Round Oven Steel New 2019

Rotator Brick Ovens

The New York Brick Oven Company

The Industry Leader In Rotator Brick Ovens.


When it comes to rotator brick ovens the New York Brick Oven Company will rock your world.

We Offer Beautiful Ovens With Custom Domes Selection or Facade Ready Options.

Gas Or Wood Or Combinations Of Both. We Have Your Oven.

All Ovens Can Be Built On Site By Our Profesional Installation Team. No riggers, No taking down walls or removing storefronts. We make the whole prosses easy.

Take a look at some of our custom dome options for our rotator brick ovens.

Besides Custom Dome Finishes We Also Offer Facad Ready Ovens.

Some Customers need to have a certain look to match their concept. All our Rotator Brick Ovens can have a  custom facade easily applied in front of or around the oven. So get creative and have your own specialized look. Whether stone, tiles. or anything you can think of, the facade prosses is pretty simple. If you have any questions give us a call and we will always be glad to help you!


we will be glad to help you with whatever you need.


Check Out Some Of The Beautiful Facades Our Clients Have Created To Fit Thier Concept


We also offer the best warranty in the business! Ten years on our hearth no stories just the best!

Join The Revolution Today! Call 1800 683-6053

Revolving brick oven fast casual success

Fast Casual Brick Oven

Fast Casual Brick Oven for Success!

Today fast-casual pizza is taking the country by storm especially fast causal brick oven concepts.  The New York Brick Oven company along with The Pizza School of New York have been leading the way with nothing but great success for their clients.  Having the correct equipment, training,  design, and knowledge is all part of your success.  Check out fast casual solutions

Fired Up Fast Casual Success

Neapolitan Pizza RecipeFood Presentation for PizzaFire Show Series with custom Facade .make your concept your own! No matter what style of pizza  you are cooking the revolving oven will make it better





The Revolving Brick Oven.

The Inferno Series ovens and the Fires Series are the solutions and the ultimate oven for fast casual brick oven success.


  Ease of operations Let’s face it in today’s labor market you want to make it as easy as possible. The Revolving brick oven is the easiest oven to train employees to cook perfect pizza.

Fast Casual Brick Oven

Consistent Products = Success


Consistent Products  Are the key to success. Depending on employees to rotate pizza all around an oven and look for the perfect bake is silly, especially when the oven can do it. The revolving oven will make pizza 100% more consistent during peak and non-peak hours. Whats that worth?


Labor Savings.  No Specially Skilled operators needed. The revolving brick oven is a simple solution to train employees in a day rather than weeks.  Cooking woodfired pizza has never been so simple. Modern technology and old world tradition has finally come together to help operators produce great pizza and save thousand in labor every year.



Pizza Place Start Up

Pizza Place Top 10 List for Starting Your Own

Top 10 Reasons to  Open a Pizza Place? Now is the best time for a Start-Up Pizza Place and this is why:
#1 Recipes. There is an infinite amount of recipes available on the internet to choose from with sources like Google, Facebook, Youtube and celebrity chef TV, and the food network. Anyone with basic skills and desire can get online, look for the hottest trends, find a recipe and get busy. Why reinvent the wheel when you can easily what is popular in the food world and duplicate it?
#2  Restaurant type. You can easily take a look at all the different types of locations and layouts such as a slice joint, fast-casual or sit-down waiter service. You can also do some research and see if delivery and take out or even a brew pub-bar will fit in with your plans. Size of Piza Place and type of pizza will be a factor in determining if you do sit down, fast-casual pizza with an assembly line or just slices.
#3  Equipment. It has never been easier to see the different types of Pizza Place equipment being used in successful places than it is now. Currently, the hottest trend is hand-assembled brick oven style pizza with places like Revolve, Spin Neapolitan and Pie Craft leading the way with Revolving Brick Ovens and gourmet pizza. Pizza stations, walk-in boxes, and mixers such as the old reliable Hobart mixers are available new and used for the budget-minded along with tons of information on sizes, capacities along with industry comparisons.
#4  Finance. Today you can basically call up a company like Lease Corp Of America(LCA) fill out your application online and know virtually the same day if you are qualified for a loan. Those of us who remember having to make an appointment with a loan officer, fill out endless paperwork while being scrutinized within an in inch of your life under a microscope will attest that the process is light years from where it has been and tell you how lucky you are.
#5 Printing. This may seem like something too little to mention but with today’s digital media and the ability to do it all virtually online, there is an amazing amount of time, effort and money saved. In the old days, you would have to consult with a printer to make your deal on printing. Then you would have to consult with a graphic designer to do your layout and maybe even a specialized menu designed to help you. This took time, from appointments to initial design to a rough sketch. Then you would have to go back and forth on corrections as you finalized your idea. Once that was done you have to have it proofread and hope you and your proofreader caught all the errors. One error I fondly remember was at the First Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza on Staten Island. We were all set and made our first huge purchase of several hundred thousand menus for in house, mailing and door to door delivery but we all missed the “Ground Bee” instead of ground beef on the pizza menu. We laughed about it for a long time since we had to print so many menus to save a few dollars. Fortunately, you don’t have to got through that incredibly time-consuming operation today. Not only that but you can do it all from the comfort of your home and with computers, digital design, limited run printing options, cheap online graphic designers and still save time without taking the big risk of large runs.
#6 Staff. Hiring and finding employees is easier than ever. You don’t have hand a sign in the window and hope someone sees it or spend ridiculous amounts of money on classified ads in the local papers. Graig’s list will get you more applicants than you can shake a stick at in most areas.
#7 Promotion. Getting yourself known is easy and the internet makes it simple. Social media, websites, blogs and press releases will get you known and open the door to customers. If you do a great job with your product, service and presentation people will talk. Your signage, uniforms and design have a lot to do with this.  Yes people will talk so make sure you do it right from the start with all your ducks in a row and a great pizza. You can call the Pizza School of New York if you are not certain of your product.
#8 Marketing. Yes this is different from promoting yourself or your place. This is actually offering your product for sale by way of newspapers, social media, TV, Radio, mailings, door hangers and however else you can get your product in front of a potential customer and tell them to buy it.
#9 Location.
Pizza Place Pizza Start Up

Marc and Scot Cosentino standing in front of the first Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza Start-Up on Hylan Blvd. Staten Island

Location scouting for a Pizza Place can be done via many outlets now with many realtors competing for business. With the internet, emails and google earth you can even see a place from a street view and decide if it is even worth looking at before wasting your precious time.
#10 Training. With video, internet, Youtube, DropBox, etc. there are so many ways to present data to your staff, update recipes and procedures and keep everyone on the same page that even multiple locations become easier to manage when you get to that point.
Bonus Reason- Computerization. Point of sale order taking, inventory, ticket printing, and display have made management a great deal more organized. The systems can track best sellers integrate promotional items and sales while even tracking deliveries and scheduling orders of food or reminding you of upcoming catering or previously scheduled deliveries.
Of course, all these wonderful reasons for it being easier still require the entrepreneur to step into the ring and make his purpose known. My respect and admiration go to you my friends that make the attempt. I wish you the best of luck. Marc Cosentino
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