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Revolving Brick Oven Cooking

 Let’s Get Cooking

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking! Check out the Pizza school of New York Team demonstrating Revolving brick oven cooking with incredible creation in the Inferno Series 140 Gas Wood Oven,  New York Brick Ovens is the Industry leader in revolving brick ovens and fast-casual pizza solutions!



Revolving Brick Oven Cooking and Pizza School

If you want to learn to learn the art of pizza and Revolving Brick Oven Cooking, incredible
dishes check out the Pizza School of New York.  They teach the art of pizza and everything you can think of!

Learn from the best!!!!  Here at the Pizza School of New York, our courses are taught by three World Champion Pizza Makers:  Scot Cosentino, Andrew Scudera, and Salvatore Russo.  Our students grasp every aspect of what we teach because of a professional live environment, with personal one on one instruction.  Our students leave with the ability and confidence to create some of the best pizza’s in the world.  As you can see from the video below, our students get a taste of Wood Fired cooking at it best with many other great profitable menu ideas other than just pizza!


The best investment to make when getting into the pizza business is to first invest in yourself.

The Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY will give you the experience you need to be a powerhouse in a very competitive pizza market.  We can teach you many styles of pizza, not just one style like other schools.  The one on one personal training is the only way to learn.  The benefit to one on one training is tremendous, allowing our students to pause the class and ask important questions they need answers to, mastering every task they learn along the way.  It’s a live environment where not only are you learning, you are serving the actual patrons of the restaurant and getting the true experience of the restaurant atmosphere and true customer satisfaction.  So call us today if you’re serious about being the best and avoiding the pitfalls a novice makes in this business.  718-987-2422

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking

The Words Best Team New York Brick oven Co. Pizza School New York and Goodfella’s Pizza!


Commercial Brick Ovens

Neapolitan Pizza cooked in the Inferno series

Revolving Brick Ovens

NY Brick Oven Co. Pizza

Basic Brick oven pizza from revolving deck brick oven.

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking


Come cook with us and see why Revolving Brick Oven Cooking is the only solution to easy operations.

Commercial Brick Ovens

Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe

Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe For Eight  7oz. Dough Balls


Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe

If you love brick oven cooking here is a  great recipe for some authentic Neapolitan Pizza dough. It takes a little practice to handle and cook.  But practice makes perfect! Our Revolving brick ovens can produce this amazing pizza time and time again. So give it a shot!



*Flour—Type 00 (Caputo or San Felice)  is preferred or a mixture of Type 00 with King  Arthur Bread Flour—  2 lb 2 oz.

*Yeast—Active Dry Yeast—1/2 Teaspoon

*Salt—sea salt, non-Iodized, fine-grained –.75 oz

*Water2 .5 cups



*First dissolve the yeast in the water, then add the salt to the water and dissolve this as well.


*Next add about 80% of the flour to all the liquid and mix to a stiff batter.  Let sit for about 20 minutes to allow the water to be absorbed by the flour.  (This is known as “Autolyse” which comes from the French word to rest).


*After the batter has rested for about 20 minutes add the rest of the flour slowly while mixing until the batter becomes a dough ball and lifts away from the bowl.

At this point you can either knead the dough by hand or in a mixer at slow speed, adding a bit of flour as needed.  Total mixing/kneading time is about six to eight minutes.


*Form the dough into a large ball and place in a lightly oiled bowl (olive oil) to rise.


*Cover the bowl and let rise at room temperature for about two hours or until double in size.


*Lightly flour a work surface, remove dough from ball and cut dough into 7oz. pieces.


*Form dough balls and place in dough trays evenly spaced.  (This recipe produces eight dough balls which fit perfect in a standard Artisan Dough Tray).


*Cover Dough Tray with Dough Lid or second Dough Tray and place in refrigerator.  Dough balls are best when given enough time to ferment and can be kept refrigerated five to six days!


*Remove trays from fridge about 2 hours before use.   Dough balls should be at about room temperature, no colder than about 55 degrees F in order to stretch properly and reduce bubbles in baking. The Neapolitan Pizza recipe makes a very soft dough. That should be covered with blisters and a bubbly crust.

The secret to this pizza is to go light on ingredients. You should also use San Marzano tomatoes and of course fresh mozzarella. Drizzle some olive oil on top when done, or cook some basil leafs on top! Your call.

It should be cooked at 900f and cooked in 90 seconds.

Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe

Pizza Neapolitan Cooked in 90 seconds in the Inferno Series Brick Ovens


 Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe.  Soft and tender blistered perfectly in the inferno series wood fired revolving oven . 

To learn the art visit 

Brick Oven cooking

The Words Best pizza school

Pizza Expo 2018

Fast Casual Pizza Success

Looking to Rock The Pizza World and Have Fast Casual Pizza Success?   Join the Fast Casual Pizza Expert Team .

Today’s hot concepts choose the New York Brick Oven Company for Success . If you’re looking to make your concept fast and easy while producing perfect pizza, we have you covered.

Great ovens, great training, and complete concept success is what we offer .  Fast-casual pizza is now easier than ever .  The Rotating oven is one of the easiest ovens in the industries to train your staff with.     You can train a person to make perfect pizza in a matter of hours as compared to weeks in a standard brick oven Most importantly you get a consistent bake. No more hot spots no  more cold spots and no more rotating pizzas around the oven desperately trying to get an even bake.

Come and cook with us we would love to show you what we can do for you.

If you’re new to the business check out theThe Pizza School of New York . Hands on one on one on one  training with world champion pizza masters live in a real restaurant environment. Learn from the best and don’t make costly mistakes that can cost you your business.

Make your success easy and Join the Revolution ! The New York Brick Oven Company is Leading the Way for Fast Casual Pizza Success!

Call Today We Will Be Glad To Answer all Your Questions and help you any way we can




Neapolitan Pizz Student

Neapolitan Pizza Start Ups

Andrew Scudera of the Pizza School New York recently spoke at Pizza Expo about the New Trend in Neapolitan Pizza start ups. He spoke about  how it’s made, best ingredients and tips for the newcomers to the pizza industry. Aside from being a world champion pizza maker, restaurant owner/operator he has personally trained hundreds of successful pizza makers from around the world at the Pizza school of New York  and helped launch dozens of new pizza concepts with his partner Scot Cosentino.


The main points he emphasized were: quality, food costs, and consistency. He broke these down to the basics of sourcing fresh ingredients that can be consistently delivered by reliable vendors. Having well a thought out menus with very clear preparation and cooking instructions that are well known by trained staff.  One of the most important things is that “specifications” are followed by all staff .  They need to be followed and demonstrated consistently  by all the individuals involved in the production.  This will ensure quality products and targetted food cost number will be met


This part he gave special attention to stating that it could make or break your bottom line if not checked continuously. He also stated that one of his successful action is to use a revolving brick oven. The Revolving brick oven  eliminates the need for specialized pizza makers that require a lot of training. This reduces labor costs and increases the labor pool by no longer having to find high paid pizza makers. Another area of importance he mentioned is to ensure that your line is set up well for production with careful attention to how the production takes place and the product is prepared, baked, plated and boxed at each step of the process to ensure ease of operation, step saving(literally) and minimal reach. These small but important steps of making sure your line runs smooth and efficiently can save countless dollars.  On a busy night being ready means no wasted time and upset to your crew.  Stay tuned for future insights and happy pizza!


Mobile Pizza truck

Mobil Pizza Trucks

Mobile Pizza Trucks. They are one of the biggest trends in the food world right now. What’s new about that? Well, now people are actually building “brick ovens” on food trucks and preparing gourmet old world style  brick oven pizza to boot. The draw is the ability to get a fresh hot pizza made on the spot in a minimal amount of time. Now add gourmet toppings such as artichoke hearts, capers and Prosciutto (/prəˈʃt/,[1] Italian: [proʃˈʃutto],[2] Italian ham) is an Italian dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked; this style is called prosciutto crudo in Italian and is distinguished from cooked ham, prosciutto cotto. This gives your customer a greater choice and a healthier, fresher product that is not precooked or prepared. Besides this, the element of choice is thrown into the mix although, by a personal survey, pepperoni is still the national favorite as far as toppings go.  

 Mobil Pizza trucks

mobile pizza trucks

The Mobil revolving brick oven

The thrill of owning your own business and having a place to work from is very strong today. Especially  with the young crop of entrepreneurs coming up.  Having the option to change locations makes the risk that much less if the spot you chose is not optimum. Luckily most distributors around the country in larger cities are starting to carry more and more ingredients such as fresh mozzarella  and specialty flours. This is reducing the time needed to hunt down gourmet products for the owners nad making it easy to be great. Start up costs are substantially less and the ability to attend events with large attendance can easily put food truck owners into the black shortly after opening. Mobile pizza trucks don’t have to spend a lot of money on promotion and marketing or waiting till  the word gets out about a new place in town. Another contributing factor is the number of mobile pizza truck fabricators doing very high-quality work such as Mag Trucks out of Grain Valley Mo which we have had the pleasure to work with. The crew there takes great pride in their craft and pay attention to detail on all the mobile pizza trucks they build . Having skilled people that want to get the job done makes all the difference when you’re creating your vision and need professionals to back you up. Brad Carlson and his staff know the food truck business and were very helpful installing the first ever revolving brick oven for the Stoked Embers company out of Canada. Another aspect of being mobile is that you can move North and South, East or West depending on the weather and your clients or the mood you may be in that week. You just can’t do that or even imagine doing that in a brick and mortar location. One thing is certain about the Mobile Pizza Truck trend is that it is a great entry level business for many people looking to see if Pizza is the game they would like to be in or if their pizza is as good as they think it is.

Pizza School

If not then you could always attend the premiere classes for making pizza at the Pizza School of New York with world Champion Pizza Men Andrew Scudera and his crew. The time has never been better to put your hat into the ring considering the ease of operation and the amount of help available to get you started. Good luck and happy pizza to you

Mobile Brick Oven Pizza

Starting a pizza place

Starting a pizza business

So you are thinking about  starting a pizza business?  Becoming a pizza entrepreneur and joining the ranks of pizza makers around the country engaged in keeping Americans well fed and happy? Fantastic idea and as always easier said than done.  but with today’s opportunities and the internet,  it is a whole lot easier  than it used to be. In fact, it’s night day when you compare opening a place today with opening a place 20 years ago. “How can that be ?” you may ask. Well, consider a few of the following thing.

1. Recipes. There is an infinite amount of recipes now  available on the internet to choose from with sources like Google, Facebook, Youtube and celebrity chef TV and the food network. Anyone with basic skills and desire can get online, look for the hottest trends, find a recipe and get busy. And now there is even an incredible  pizza school.

2. Restaurant type. You can easily take a look at the different types of locations and layouts such as a slice joint, fast casual or sit-down full service or a hybrid of fast casual and full-service combination  . You can also do some research and see if delivery and take out or even a brew pub-bar will fit in with your plans.  you can find places for rent online and understand the market with much more detail.

3. Equipment. It has never been easier to see the different types of equipment being used in successful places than it is now. Currently, the hottest trend is hand assembled brick oven style pizza with places like Revolve, Spin Neapolitan and Pie Craft leading the way with Revolving Brick Ovens and gourmet pizza. Pizza stations, walk-in boxes, and mixers such as the old reliable Hobart are available new and used for the budget minded along with tons of information on sizes, capacities along with many other  industry comparisons.

4.Finance. Today you can basically call up a company like Lease Corp Of America(LCA) fill out your application online and know virtually the same day if you are qualified for a loan. Those of us who remember having to make an appointment with the loan officer, fill out endless paperwork while being scrutinized within an inch of your life under a microscope will attest that the process is light years from where it has been and tell you how lucky you are.

5.Printing. This may seem like something too little to mention but with today’s digital media and the ability to do it all virtually online is incredible.  There is an amazing amount of time, effort and money saved. In the old days, you would have to consult with a printer to make your deal on printing . Then you would have to consult with a graphic designer to do your layout and maybe even a specialized menu designer  to  help you. This took time, from appointments to initial design to a rough sketch. Then you would have to go back and forth on corrections as you finalized your idea. Once that was done you have to have it proofread and hope you and your proofreader caught all the errors. One error I fondly remember was at the First Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza on Staten Island. We were all set and made our first huge purchase of several hundred thousand menus for in-house, mailing and door to door delivery but we all missed the “Ground Bee” instead of ground beef on the pizza menu. We laughed about it for a long time since we had to print so many menus to save a few dollars. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through that incredibly time-consuming operation today. Not only that but you can do it all from the comfort of your home.  With computers, digital design, limited run printing options, cheap online graphic designers and still save time without taking the big risk of large runs.

6.Staff. Hiring and finding employees is easier than ever. You don’t have to put a hand a sign in the window and hope someone sees it or spend ridiculous amounts of money on classified ads in the local papers. Graig’s list will get you more applicants than you can shake a stick at in most areas.

7.Promotion. Getting yourself known with the internet makes it simple. Social media, websites, blogs and press releases will get you known and open the door to customers. If you do a great job with your product, service and presentation people will talk. Your signage, uniforms, and design have a lot to do with this.  Yes, people will talk so make sure you do it right from the start with all your ducks in a row and a great pizza. You can call the Pizza School of New York if you are not certain of your product.

7. Marketing. Yes this is different from promoting yourself or your place. This is actually offering your product for sale by way of Newspaper, social media, TV, Radio, mailings, door hangers and however else you can get your product in front of a potential customer and tell them to buy it.

8.Location. Location scouting can be done via many outlets now with many realtors competing for business. With the internet, emails and google earth you can even see a place from a street view and decide if it is even worth looking at before wasting your precious time.

9.Training. With video, internet, Youtube, DropBox etc. there are so many ways to present data to your staff, update recipes and procedures and keep everyone on the same page that even multiple locations become easier to manage when you get to that point.

10.Computerization. The point of sale order taking, inventory, ticket printing, and display have made management a great deal more organized. The systems can track best sellers integrate promotional items and sales while even tracking deliveries and scheduling orders of food or reminding you of upcoming catering or previously scheduled deliveries.

Of course, all these wonderful reasons for it being easier still require the entrepreneur to step into the ring  when  starting a pizza business., and make his purpose known.

My respect and admiration go to you my friends that make the attempt.

I wish you the best of luck.

Marc Cosentino





Old world with a twist

Brew Pub Brick Oven Pizza Made Easy

Introducing the Brew Pub Model 85 Series Revolving Brick Oven

Revolving Brick Ovens

The 85 Bistro series Revolving Brick Oven

Brew Pub Brick Oven Pizza Made Easy . With an ever increasing demand for craft beer and neighborhood breweries comes an increased demand for an easy way to provide comparable quality food selections in a comfortable atmosphere. Enter the New York Brick Oven Companies Inferno Series Model 85. This oven provides a small footprint with a very high production rate for personal sized Neapolitan and gourmet brick oven pizza.

In researching the amount of space available to existing bars and restaurants. It was found that the average operator had less than 150 square feet to add a food prep and production area to his existing bar or pub.Such a small area dedicated to food prep and production did not lend itself to many if any gourmet food items that could be produced to order in any volume. That was until the New York Brick Oven Company came along. Utilizing a small dough table/refrigerator for prep and toppings and the inferno series oven. Now any operator can now gain an entirely new income stream while keeping his customers in the seats instead of having them to find food at other locations.

Not only that, but the wood and gas combination brick oven is capable of producing a world class gourmet pizza that anybody in the pizza industry would be proud of. The high temp oven is also a favorite of the Fast Casual Pizza Crowd for good reason. This small oven is comfortably rated for 60 to 80 small pies an hour with larger models being able to bake hundreds of pies per hour.

For those of you that are not in the Industry, you may want to compare this 90-second pizza to your average pizza oven that bakes about 4-5 pies in 15 minutes. You can see that this is truly high production. The real selling point of these ovens though is the quality of the brick oven pizza they produce with least amount labor and skill required to operate them. As an operator this the area that can make or break you.

Now take this oven and add the Pizza School of New York  and you get a homerun, out of the park solution . Providing your customers with a great pizza while keeping the initial investment down and the satisfaction rate up. The New York Brick Oven Company has been helping pizza men for years and they have World Champion Pizza men on their team waiting to assist you so call now and make your operation more of a success.


Perfect Brick Oven Pizza

Starting a Pizza Place? 10 Tips for success.

BRICK OVENS PIZZA    When you are starting a pizza place there are many things you need to know and consider but this basic list will get you in the direction to start off on the right foot. A firm idea of where you are heading can make all the difference between success and failure. When you open your doors your customer should know who you are providing and get a clear idea of your brand.

 1. What is the kind or type of pizza are you going to make? Sounds too obvious but many people jump in without a clear idea of the type of pizza they are going sell. What do I mean by this? Is it NY Style? Deep dish? Square? Brick Oven? Gourmet? Thin crust? Thick Crust? How about what size? Individual small pies or large family style? How many ounce dough balls will you be using?
 Some people may argue that this can figure out as you go or once you start but first impressions are long lasting and you only get one chance to make that first impression. The main reason to know your type of pie and how to make pizza is that it will determine most of your design and equipment choices and layout for production. Example-a fast casual pizza place where the customers walk up to counter and choose their toppings and then watch the individual size pizza hand assembled and placed in a revolving brick oven will have a different type of pie than a mom and pop place making a typical 16″ NY Style pie cooked in a regular deck oven.

2. What is your concept about? Is it like Blaze Fast Casual or Full service, pizza bar? The type of restaurant you envision will determine the size requirements and its physical layout. Example-a typical slice place with a small seating area and counter space for about 15 customers will require a much smaller space than a full-service gourmet pizza place with table service, a full menu, and bar. A fast casual place can work in 1700 square ft. The idea is to utilize space correctly so you do not pay for extra real estate.

 3. In what location or area are going to put your concept?
If your doing a small takeout and delivery place you may not need a prime location in high dollar strip mall or stand-alone building but you may want to be located near that college campus with thousands of dorms or apartments nearby and lots of families. If you’re doing a fast casual concept you will need to have a high volume traffic area  with lots of foot traffic and local business workers in an area with a  proven need for fast service.
4. Do you know how to arrange and layout space for best utilization? Seems simple but bad flow lines from order to service and delivery or dine in can make your place a production nightmare. If you’re in doubt consult an expert designer check references jobs done. If they are hesitant to give you to them find someone else.  or minimally study the successful places in your area or concepts you like that are successful and you think would work with your demographic.
5. Do you have enough capital to last a few months? Did you take into consideration the basics of rent, insurance, labor, promotion. marketing, equipment, inventory, attorneys, signage, contractors, city/town fees, permits, training. Many people go into a new venture without the capital required. Be sure you get a budget a detailed financial one. Ask others in the field to review it. Being undercapitalized is one thing you don’t want to be.

6.Equipment needs? Do you know what you need for your concept? For instance, what type and how big of a mixer do you need? What type of oven and how much space does it require-will it be part of the concept design or hidden? How big of a walk in box do you need? How many tables and chairs? What about small wares? Get a detailed list together and shop it around for budget planning.    Will it be new or used equipment? Is it better to lease? The main consideration here is initial outlay and cash flow versus the tax savings and continued cost of a lease payment  on a monthly basis.

8. Is labor available in your market? How many staff do you need to open ? You must hire double that amount because many won’t show up and many will not work out. How extensive is the training? Is there a management team in place? Bookkeeping? Cleaning? Maintenance? Think it through and be ready!

 9. Is there a Marketing  plan and budget? How are you going to get your place known? Who will you invite to your opening? What local groups and activities will you support? Are you affiliated with the local school, church, sports team? Handouts, flyers, door hangers,  menus, inserts, val-pak, local newspaper, tv( expensive) radio and any other place you think your customers are. You have to offer them your product and tell them what it is, where they can get it and how much it costs. This is an expense and it is part of doing business unless you are in the home run of all locations with enough customers flooding in daily  .
10, Be diligent do your home work  when Starting a Pizza Place!
These tips are designed to get you looking and help avoid some pitfalls . Future articles will take each up in more detail and mention a few others like social media, pizza contests, donations, and policies. Good luck and happy pizza!
by Marc Cosentino Co-founder of Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza
Commercial Brick Ovens

Adding Pizza To Your Concept

Adding Pizza To Your Concept

If you own a bar, pub,  restaurant or deli and have wondered how difficult it would be to add pizza to your concept. Or how much space you would need.  We have an answer for you. It’s easy and only requires a small space of about  70 square feet for a pizza station and the high production 85 bistro model from the New York Brick Oven Company. Fast, easy brick oven pizza from a one man show-wow! The 85 bistro model is the smallest high production commercial brick ovens on the market today.

Not only is the space requirements minimal,  but you can  also attend the Pizza School of New York and learn to make pizza with world champion pizza team .

Bottom Line Profits

The bottom line is your bottom line!  By adding pizza to your concept you can lower your food cost. Food cost for pizza is extremely low about 20% for a small bar pie made with fresh mozzarella. You can also make other items like garlic bread, wings appetizers of all sorts and calzones. All simple items all made fresh that can really refresh your concept !Keep Guest Happy and Get New Ones.

Something else to consider when adding brick oven pizza to your  concept. It’s a whole other income stream. You can also attract a  new base of customers! ,(who doesn’t love brick oven pizza today) and keep the bar patrons drinking longer. Or add pick up and delivery of pizza. the labor is low, the cooking process simple,  its a “no brainer” for added revenue and lower food cost.

Pizza School

Still intimidated? Well, don’t be!  You can become an expert pizza maker in four days at the Pizza School of New York. They also offer complete  consulting and design services .  No excuses. Make the decision and start making dough today. Call us , come cook with us, try the oven,   we are here to help you with whatever you need.

Call now to add pizza to your concept (718)  668- 2310

You will love what we do and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.

Good Luck with all you do!

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