Revolving Brick Ovens

Commercial Pizza Ovens

Commercial Pizza Ovens

As far as Commercial Pizza Ovens go there seems to be a new sheriff in town.  In the past, most pizza places were content with the standard metal door deck oven and it’s 8-12 minute bake time. But commercial pizza ovens have changed quite a bit since then. Speed and quality have taken the foreground in the pizza game and unless your just a place with a slow pace or maybe limited delivery or competition you can see that the movement towards “a better pizza” has come full circle.

No longer is it enough to just open a can of sauce and dump it on a pre-made shell with some sort of cheap oily cheese and toss it in a deck oven and wait.  The pizza buying public has been educated and it has much higher expectations of it’s pizza makers.  Not only do they expect more but the recent trend in brick ovens has them demanding a truly “better pizza”.

CommercialPizza Oven NY Brick Oven Co.

NY Brick oven Co. Revolving Brick Oven

Back in the 90’s many people started moving into the artisan pizza market with its main tool of the trade-the brick oven. Unfortunately, this required skilled pizza makers and high $$$ salaries to keep them along with a very long training runway for that type of commercial pizza oven.

Pizza could be baked at a much higher temperature but fixed deck brick ovens did have several drawbacks. The main was was consistency due to hot and cold spots on the oven surface and proximity to the fire.  This was compounded by the dreaded “oven fade”  which happened when too many cold doughs were placed in the same spot on the cooking surface along with too hot of a surface from not monitoring the fire correctly.

Fortunately, all the drawbacks of commercial pizza ovens have been handled by the NY Brick oven Company’s Revolving Deck gas and wood-fired commercial brick ovens that are ETL approved for the US and Canada. These ovens have produced World Record 200 pizzas in 50 minutes at Pizza Expo.  Because the deck revolves there are virtually no hot spots or cold spots. Each pizza is consistent, it takes minutes to train your pizza maker as opposed to months on a fixed deck brick oven. to be skilled. Add to this the labor savings of a revolving brick oven and you can see why speed, consistency, ease of operation and labor savings make the revolving brick oven the only choice for commercial pizza ovens.

Commercial Pizza Oven

see you at pizza expo

Fast Casual Pizza Pizza Concepts

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking

 Let’s Get Cooking

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking! Check out the Pizza school of New York Team demonstrating Revolving brick oven cooking with incredible creation in the Inferno Series 140 Gas Wood Oven,  New York Brick Ovens is the Industry leader in revolving brick ovens and fast-casual pizza solutions!



Revolving Brick Oven Cooking and Pizza School

If you want to learn to learn the art of pizza and Revolving Brick Oven Cooking, incredible
dishes check out the Pizza School of New York.  They teach the art of pizza and everything you can think of!

Learn from the best!!!!  Here at the Pizza School of New York, our courses are taught by three World Champion Pizza Makers:  Scot Cosentino, Andrew Scudera, and Salvatore Russo.  Our students grasp every aspect of what we teach because of a professional live environment, with personal one on one instruction.  Our students leave with the ability and confidence to create some of the best pizza’s in the world.  As you can see from the video below, our students get a taste of Wood Fired cooking at it best with many other great profitable menu ideas other than just pizza!


The best investment to make when getting into the pizza business is to first invest in yourself.

The Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY will give you the experience you need to be a powerhouse in a very competitive pizza market.  We can teach you many styles of pizza, not just one style like other schools.  The one on one personal training is the only way to learn.  The benefit to one on one training is tremendous, allowing our students to pause the class and ask important questions they need answers to, mastering every task they learn along the way.  It’s a live environment where not only are you learning, you are serving the actual patrons of the restaurant and getting the true experience of the restaurant atmosphere and true customer satisfaction.  So call us today if you’re serious about being the best and avoiding the pitfalls a novice makes in this business.  718-987-2422

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking

The Words Best Team New York Brick oven Co. Pizza School New York and Goodfella’s Pizza!


Commercial Brick Ovens

Neapolitan Pizza cooked in the Inferno series

Revolving Brick Ovens

NY Brick Oven Co. Pizza

Basic Brick oven pizza from revolving deck brick oven.

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking


Come cook with us and see why Revolving Brick Oven Cooking is the only solution to easy operations.

Amazing Brick Ovens

Commercial Pizza Brick Ovens

The best commercial brick ovens in the Industry.

Comercail Brick Ovens

                       The Words Best Ovens

If you’re looking for the best Commercial Pizza Brick Ovens look no further. The New York Brick Oven Company has your solution.  The revolving brick oven is the solution to fast production ease of operation and consistent products. You can say”all the things that will add to your success”.





Commercial Brick Ovens


You can produce perfect pizza in as fast as 90 seconds if your looking to create neapolitan pizza check out or inferno series the best commercial brick oven on the market for high temperature cooking. Available with gas and wood combinations for simple operations or just gas or wood separately .

Commercial Pizza Brick Ovens

If you are looking to produce New York style pizza the oven can bake a perfectly crispy crust in 3 minutes.  The Oven is also great for meats chicken fish and baking amazing bread.

Commercial Brick Ovens

Brick Oven Bread


Basically, you can cook anything that you can cook anything you can bake in any oven but only better and easier.

Commercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick Ovens


Our Oven Come Facade ready you can easily frame the oven and give it your own custom look. Check out some of the examples of our incredible clients from all over the world have done!



Commercial Brick Ovens


The Fire Sgow series Revolving Brick Oven

Revolving Brick Ovens

Amazing Brick Ovens

Stone Finished wood fired 140 Inferno series

Rotating Brick Ovens

Fast Casual Back Fire










Fast Casual Pizza Start ups

NY Brick Oven Co. Pizza

Amazing Pizza

Fast Casual Brick

 Fast Casual Brass!  140 Gas Wood!

Fast Casual Brick                             Fast Casual Brass!                                                     140 Gas Wood!

Commercial Pizza Brick Ovens From All Over America

So Let’s get baking roasting and searing and make incredible creations with the New York Brick Oven Company


Artisan Brick Oven Pizza

Roasted Peppers

Fast Casual Pizza Expands Across America

New York Brick Oven Company

Brick Oven cooking

The Worlds Best Pizza School

Commercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick OvensCommercial Pizza Brick OvensFood Presentation for Pizza

Fresh Pizza

World’s Best Pizza Secret

Slug: Pizza  /  Staten Island, NY– 10/22/2013 :     A survey  of pizza establishments on Staten Island. Here: Goodfella's Quatro Cantone pie has 4 toppings: alla vodka, smoking Goodfella, Sally pie (lemon chicken) , and margarita      NYTCredit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Slug: Pizza / Staten Island, NY– 10/22/2013 : A survey of pizza establishments on Staten Island. Here: Goodfella’s Quatro Cantone pie has 4 toppings: alla vodka, smoking Goodfella, Sally pie (lemon chicken) , and margarita NYTCredit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Pizza Secret, what is the secret to making the “World’s Best Pizza”. Well, I have been lucky enough to be part of the Goodfella’s Brick oven Pizza crew fo over 25 years and I think I finally understand the pizza secret. As Sally Russo used to say “It’s love, love of what you do”. That may seem silly but in the long run, pizza is a very basic food that has an infinite number of combinations, variables, and possibilities. Once you have mastered the ability to make the dough, roll the dough, stretch the dough, and bake the dough in an oven(which requires practice to develop the skill) then you can start assembling the ingredients to begin your own personal pizza journey. Many people are not aware of the fact that it requires the same amount of time to make a good pizza as it does to make a bad pizza. What I mean by this is that you can get good ingredients or bad, you can mix and assemble those ingredients correctly or not, then you can bake your pizza evenly at the correct temperature or not. Seems simple enough but you would be surprised. Once people start skimping on quality ingredients it’s all over. A good cheese or flour may be a little more expensive but that is the cost of making a good pie. Actually checking precise measurements and dough temperatures will determine both taste and consistency. This is the only true Pizza SECRET I have ever learned: You have to be consistent! Always! You do it correctly every day, you follow the correct procedure and recipes every day. You mix, prep and store your dough the same way every day. You use the same ingredients from reputable sources. This is the only secret. You don’t skimp on quality, you don’t shortcut time in letting the dough rise. You bake your pies the same way every time. This is your secret to success. Anybody can make one pizza hat is great but it takes a team of dedicated individual all working in coordination to produce a consistent pizza that you can be proud of. The pizza secret begins with food ordering and storage to the preparation and portioning and then to cooking. It is a progression with each step completely dependent on each prior step to achieve the result. Everybody in the line depends on everybody else. Your vendors are a key part of your success too and should be made aware that their success is based on your success so that they too have a vested interest in making sure you always get a fresh consistent delivery and this includes the delivery time also. There is nothing worse than coming in on a hot day and finding your dairy products have been sitting out in the hot sun for hours or conversely on a freezing day your produce has become a solid block. Then of course, there is the inopportune delivery times such as during the Friday rush when you don’t even have enough time to check it all in much less check quality and quantity against your order. All these things add up to the secret of great pizza so get busy and be consistent in delivering a great product and you will be that much closer to the “secret”.

Pizza ovens from the New York Brick Oven Company

Brick Oven Pizza Revolution

There is a Brick Oven pizza revolution occurring today in America, despite the- use of the  brick oven for thousands of years throughout Italy.  It wasn’t until the early part of the twentieth century that a couple  New York Italian immigrants decided to make pizza in America. Who knew pizza would turn into a billion dollar a year business? Who knew it would take a full 100 to Fast Casual Industry New York Brick Oven Co.catch on?  The obvious answers are many.  Lack of knowledge about the product(no internet or cooking shows) is one. A scarcity of skilled pizza men is another. Masons to build the ovens was still another reason. Don’t forget that there was no way to get the fresh Italian ingredients too. Well all the reasons it didn’t make it here have been handled now that the there are TV, Internet, International Pizza Expos, vendors and schools available. The last part of the pizza puzzle is the brick oven itself. Aside from the intimidating idea of having one built correctly, who could use it? Most of your trained pizza men were working if they were any good. Most of your pizza places would never give up their secrets either. What really set the top pizza places apart was the use of fresh natural ingredients and the high-temperature brick oven show. Many tried and many failed due to a  lack of understanding of the oven.



NY Brick Ovens

Labor costs and training problems

Add having to pay high salaries to skilled pizza men and you get the picture. Not everyone could handle a roaring brick oven.  All this leads to the revolving brick oven. What the revolving deck did was add simplicity to the equation. This made it very easy to bake a perfect  pizza-every time. Another innovation of the revolving brick oven was the ability to wood, gas or a combination of the two. Having a temperature that could be set helped to eliminate the oven getting alternately too hot or too cold.  The hiring and training of a skilled pizza man to manage the oven is no longer needed with a revolving or rotating brick oven.

Brick Oven

The oven now turns the pizza for you and makes it a breeze to train staff  Srandard brick ovens are a thing of the past. This is the reason “smart” independent operators and fast casual chain operators are joining the revolution.

The Amazing Revolving Brick Oven

Pizza Equipment-Revolving Brick Ovens

Revolving Brick Oven

The Revolving Brick Oven Speed In Reading the incredible Scott Wiener’s Article Speed vs. Quality Pizza  (you can see it here :Speed Verses Quality)

It really brought home the fact that the Revolving Brick Oven is the only  answer to making great products simple and fast!  My own years of experience, owning many high volume pizza shops  (very high demand shops) that required us  to build a  gigantic 12-foot wide brick oven.  And even adding ovens in the basement after realizing that we cant just keep up with the production  .   We realized years ago that there had to be a better way. The training , the work, the burnt pizza, the under cooked pizza the high cost of skilled labor. It was enough to get the wheels spinning  and the Pizza!    That’s when we started looking at building  revolving brick ovens to make it easy and fast  to produce fast consistent products. The challenge was  to maintain the incredible quality expected from our loyal clientele that have been patronizing us for generations.  So to keep a long story short we  derided that we had to get better at what we id and deign ovens that would handle the demand .

The Revolving Brick Oven.

Revolving Brick Oven

The Revolving Brick Oven

A decade ago no one would have thought about it being a smart way to go. There were so many new brick oven places begin to open and all the new owners were correct that this was the way to be better. But they did not have options nor did they know the work involved and skill needed to manage a brick oven. Now the existing operators understand and so many of them are now switching over even removing older ovens  from their existing locations. They do it with some hesitation but the truth be told once they operate the revolving oven life gets easy!

No more training staff for weeks, no more being held hostage by skilled labor just great consistent products made easy. So why suffer when you can join the revolution and be a success story too! Today we make it simple!

Revolving Brick Oven


The Inferno Series Wood Fire and Gas oven.

                 Speed 200 pies per hour!  

                 So Rock The Pizza World! 

Revolving Brick Oven Solutions

Revolving Brick Oven Solutions

Revolving Brick Oven Solutions

Special Delivery

Revolving brick oven solutions are fueling the fast casual pizza trend. The new fast gourmet pizza trend is  moving fast with such players like Revolve Pizza Kitchen  ,Spin Neapolitan Pizza, Fresh Fired, PieCraft, PizzaFire, 1000 Degree,  and so many others. They are now  easily expanding due to the ease of operation and consistent products that are produced with the  revolving brick oven solution  .

Ease Of Operation

In the past, it was virtually impossible to get a consistent pizza from regular brick ovens due to the variations in cooking styles, temperatures and skilled labor among pizza makers even in the same concept or restaurant. Not only that but the requirement of extensive training and finding skilled labor was both time and cost prohibitive. The answer was beyond simple for savvy operators looking to make a better product with fewer errors. A fast and effective expansion is always a problem for any operation team . When you add variable requirements difficult training it becomes quite difficult  for the manager on the ground running the show . Especially when he has to depend on a one or two key employees for both production and training.

“The revolving brick oven solution solved  this problem and saved me money,” said Andrew Scudera of Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza. “Not only that but it made my life easy, as it really was a no-brainer” he added. This is the kind of report we get time after time from people using the revolving brick ovens.  We even have one on a food truck in Canada doing a really high production job of making pizza at fairs.

Being able to set your cooking temperature with ease also adds to the ease of baking consistently. Not having to use long pizza peels ( as with stationary brick ovens) saves room and accidents . Basically, you get all the benefit of a brick oven with none of the drawbacks.  ForRevolving Brick Oven Solutions take a look at some our videos to see for yourself and make your pizza life easy.

New York Brick Oven Delivery Girl


Old world with a twist

Brew Pub Brick Oven Pizza Made Easy

Introducing the Brew Pub Model 85 Series Revolving Brick Oven

Revolving Brick Ovens

The 85 Bistro series Revolving Brick Oven

Brew Pub Brick Oven Pizza Made Easy . With an ever increasing demand for craft beer and neighborhood breweries comes an increased demand for an easy way to provide comparable quality food selections in a comfortable atmosphere. Enter the New York Brick Oven Companies Inferno Series Model 85. This oven provides a small footprint with a very high production rate for personal sized Neapolitan and gourmet brick oven pizza.

In researching the amount of space available to existing bars and restaurants. It was found that the average operator had less than 150 square feet to add a food prep and production area to his existing bar or pub.Such a small area dedicated to food prep and production did not lend itself to many if any gourmet food items that could be produced to order in any volume. That was until the New York Brick Oven Company came along. Utilizing a small dough table/refrigerator for prep and toppings and the inferno series oven. Now any operator can now gain an entirely new income stream while keeping his customers in the seats instead of having them to find food at other locations.

Not only that, but the wood and gas combination brick oven is capable of producing a world class gourmet pizza that anybody in the pizza industry would be proud of. The high temp oven is also a favorite of the Fast Casual Pizza Crowd for good reason. This small oven is comfortably rated for 60 to 80 small pies an hour with larger models being able to bake hundreds of pies per hour.

For those of you that are not in the Industry, you may want to compare this 90-second pizza to your average pizza oven that bakes about 4-5 pies in 15 minutes. You can see that this is truly high production. The real selling point of these ovens though is the quality of the brick oven pizza they produce with least amount labor and skill required to operate them. As an operator this the area that can make or break you.

Now take this oven and add the Pizza School of New York  and you get a homerun, out of the park solution . Providing your customers with a great pizza while keeping the initial investment down and the satisfaction rate up. The New York Brick Oven Company has been helping pizza men for years and they have World Champion Pizza men on their team waiting to assist you so call now and make your operation more of a success.


Fast casual brick oven pizza

Fast Casual Pizza Trends

Fast Casual Pizza Trends

Fast Casual Pizza Trends Spin Pizza

Why Fast Casual Pizza trends Today are incredibly hot .  Spin Neapolitan Pizza is a prime example of the hottest trend in the fast casual segment.  It’s an amazing concept that is what we call a hybrid fast casual. Yes, you can choose your own toppings, yes its fast, but you can also sit down relax and have the pizza brought pout to you.

Fast Casual Pizza Trends Secret Weapon

The revolving brick oven they use. From the New York Brick Oven company is the secret weapon too fast baked pizza.  Pizza can now be prepared in a very consistent and fast manner, with each pie individualized for a fast gourmet pizza  baked to order in less than three minutes.

This has brought fresh pizza to the forefront as a fast  lunch option. In the past, your only choice was to pick up a quick slice of whatever has been laying around but those days are gone.

Enter the Chipotle concept of fast, fresh casual at a reasonable price and you can see that the pizza industry was ripe for the picking. What was holding it back was the long bake times and inability to produce a quality product very quickly.

Enter the brick oven and moreover, the “revolving brick oven” .The oven  has taken all the great attributes of the brick oven and removed virtually all the downside by making it easier, faster and more consistent with less skill.

Taking a great and well-loved food item such as pizza and making it so much easier to deliver is the answer. What are the main components? A casual environment that is trendy,  pizza assembly line where your customers can see and take part in the action. They choose their own toppings,  a visible revolving brick oven , where the pizza man bakes the customers hand assembled pizza and gets it to him in just a couple of minutes. Fast made fresh pizza compared to  the usual 15-20 minutes for a deck oven pie. When you add locally grown produce, organic toppings and dough made fresh daily with a tasty recipe, it’s hard to lose.  So  Join The Revolution.

So  Join The Revolution. Call us today  1 (718) 668- 2310

Commercial Brick Ovens

Adding Pizza To Your Concept

Adding pizza to your concept

The Bistro Series 85. The Worlds Smallest Revolving Brick Oven.

Adding Pizza To Your Concept

If you own a bar, pub,  restaurant or deli and have wondered how difficult it would be to add pizza to your concept. Or how much space you would need.  We have an answer for you. It’s easy and only requires a small space of about  70 square feet for a pizza station and the high production 85 bistro model from the New York Brick Oven Company. Fast, easy brick oven pizza from a one man show-wow! The 85 bistro model is the smallest high production commercial brick ovens on the market today.

Not only is the space requirements minimal,  but you can  also attend the Pizza School of New York and learn to make pizza with world champion pizza team .

Bottom Line Profits

The bottom line is your bottom line!  By adding pizza to your concept you can lower your food cost. Food cost for pizza is extremely low about 20% for a small bar pie made with fresh mozzarella. You can also make other items like garlic bread, wings appetizers of all sorts and calzones. All simple items all made fresh that can really refresh your concept !Keep Guest Happy and Get New Ones.

Something else to consider when adding brick oven pizza to your  concept. It’s a whole other income stream. You can also attract a  new base of customers! ,(who doesn’t love brick oven pizza today) and keep the bar patrons drinking longer. Or add pick up and delivery of pizza. the labor is low, the cooking process simple,  its a “no brainer” for added revenue and lower food cost.

Pizza School

Still intimidated? Well, don’t be!  You can become an expert pizza maker in four days at the Pizza School of New York. They also offer complete  consulting and design services .  No excuses. Make the decision and start making dough today. Call us , come cook with us, try the oven,   we are here to help you with whatever you need.

Call now to add pizza to your concept (718)  668- 2310

You will love what we do and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.

Good Luck with all you do!