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Brick Oven Facts You should Know Brick Oven Facts you should ask and know about.

Whether you have been in the business for years or if you’re new to the Brick Oven game there are a couple of questions that can be helpful when choosing a brick oven for your business. Your first question might be what is the capacity of the oven, not how many pies you can fit in it but how many pies can it produce in an hour? Some ovens can hold many pies but suffer the dreaded “oven fade” (the oven cools down during high production)   they have a very slow recovery time due to a too wide opening or not enough thermal mass(density of floor and walls).

So holding 10 pies at once may not be such a big deal if the oven floor loses heat and can’t recover after the first hour of high demand. What happens is the cold dough cools the floor over and over again cialis strips 20mg. This slows the oven down and makes pies that are not cooked well. It basically changes your pizza.  This is where a revolving brick oven shines.  The radiant heat is spread across a constantly moving surface significantly aiding in recovery time. The oven also has a floor heating booster. This booster is turned on before high production hours and keeps the floor hot.


Can The oven  be assembled on location or brought in through a conventional door?  If not you may have to take down walls and  hire riggers to get the oven in.  The revolving oven from the New York brick oven company is built on location and can fit through a thirty-six-inch door.

What type of burner does the oven have? is it efficient ?  Is it  Heavy gauge stainless steel or just some pressed metal like a typical stove?

Our ovens use the best burner system in the industry the “Spit Fire” burner is extremely efficient and cost about half of what other burners cost to run.

Can it burn wood, gas or a combination of both?  Our ovens come with multiple combinations of gas and wood just gas or just wood.

Can I cook different types of pizza and bread in it? Our ovens are excellent at cooking all styles of pizza. Wether Neopolitan style, new york style  or fast casual we do it all.

Is it easy to use ? Our ovens are easy to train new staff on and takes a couple of hours to master as compared to nonrevolving brick ovens that take weeks or months  to learn how to master.

will I need a special high dollar pizza man just to work the oven?  As you can see there a few basic questions you should be asking.

So come learn about brick oven facts. We will  make your pizza life easy.

Call us today set up an appointment to come cook  with world champion pizza makers.

Brick Oven facts

Five ways to succeed in the pizza business

Five ways to Succeed in the Pizza Industry.

Five ways to Succeed in the Pizza Industry.

Revolving Brick Oven From New York Brick Oven Company

Five ways to Succeed in the Pizza Industry. There are several areas that are key to success and while all these areas are important any one is not the end all and be all to a successful formula. I’m sure you can think that local chain that has the worst pizza in town and yet you see their delivery vehicles everywhere you go. My own personal mystery was a pizza place in Brooklyn that was run by a guy with no personality that I am sure inspired the soup Nazi years later with his disrespect and rudeness to his customers. Aside from the pizza makers smoking while they made pizza, he would tell you to eat the unburnt part of the pie if you dared to complain. How about the places that are so far off the beaten path you need a guide to finding them or better yet they have no name on the joint? You can’t make this stuff up but it gives one hope that there is room for all of us to succeed. I want to qualify this as my own personal opinion from working with, knowing and visiting with hundreds of pizza men and women all over the country. By no means is this THE BIBLE OF PIZZA or to be taken as law but it will give you a pretty good idea of what to concern yourself with if your new to the game, stale or in deep trouble.


1) Location, Location, Location, the best way is to be the only game in town or be in a tourist location where there are no other options available.  Or the ones available are of no consequence due to being very expensive or a different and specialized category like a fish house.  Some the most successful places specialized in malls, theme parks, schools, military bases or small town USA.

 Be The Best

2) Make the best pizza known to man or there about. If you are making a really top notch product people will find you and not only that, people will talk. Word of mouth is the best advertising it has been said. The reason for this is that people will trust the opinion of friends and family over silly unfounded claims of the best pizza in town and such advertised in the local paper.

                                          Be Unique

3) Be unique. Examples of this are everywhere but they may not seem apparent. Like making a Chicago pie where there never was one, having a wood burning brick oven, using insects as a topping or having a pizza drive through like OL Jose’s in Pineville West Virginia where they are using a revolving brick oven.

                                          Be Social

4) Be a social maniac. Take pride in being part of your community. Before there were social media outlets , there were social men and women. These wonderful people actually cared about the people they met and considered customers as friends to share joys and sorrows with. One very moving example of this is when people would come to Goodfella’s Pizza in Staten Island on their way home from work in the days after 911 just to get out of the house and be with people who cared in a friendly and safe environment. There are many examples I can think of; like the guy who coaches the local little league, the girl who hosts local heroes with pizza parties, the place that supports boy scouts, the place that sponsors Special Olympics or the guys that collect donations for slices to feed the homeless. There are so many ways to build good will in a community and give back while earning respect and loyalty that I could write a book about it but you get the idea.


5) Service. Run a tight ship that gives service and shows genuine care for the customer’s experience. I don’t know about you but when I am ignored, the host is not pleasant, the server acts like he is doing me a favor, the table is dirty when I am seated or my unfamiliarity with ordering and the menu is treated with impatience, you have lost me, and more importantly, any future income my patronage may have brought. This may seem like a given but if you are not on top of this and setting a good example for your crew it will never happen. A little thing like a smile or help and directions can go a long way in building a relationship with your customers. One terrible example I won’t forget was having my little daughter with me in a new town when she had to use a bathroom so we walked into a place and we were treated so rudely I swore I would never visit that place. I understand the old “Bathrooms are for paying customers” routine but sometimes being human and having discretion can earn you a great deal of loyalty. In other words, if it isn’t costing you anything to be kind-always be kind. Believe it or not but this also includes salesmen wasting your time. Those salesmen are not only people but potential customers with family and friends that also eat.

While no list will guarantee your success, if you follow these points your odds will greatly be increased and if you earnestly follow point 5 you will contribute to a better world by treating your fellow citizens with courtesy. Happy pizza my friend and best wishes.

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise with the New York Brick Oven Company

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Hot Fast Casual Pizza Concepts

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise, the hottest franchise concepts are taking over the pizza world. 

The fast casual pizza franchise segment is one of the hottest topics in the quick service industry today. The expansion rate is just amazing! With so many great concepts out there opening daily.   All these new great concepts are winning over new customers every day, it is like, well, a pizza lover’s paradise!

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Fast Casual Pizza The Time Is Now


Make Great Pizza

Here at the New York Brick Oven Company, we get calls every week from all over the country.  The calls come from some very excited folks who “just seen this new concept  that makes pizza to order and serves it fast and it’s delicious”. Even many  veteran pizza operators who are now looking to switch over their concept, and make their mark in the fast-casual world of pizza.

Almost all the entrepreneurs ask about using our Revolving Brick Ovens for a fast casual pizza set up, or “how many pizzas can the oven make in an hour?”The answer is always simple; we do have your oven! Then we explain why:  “If you’re looking to go into the fast-casual pizza business the last thing you want is a complex oven that depends upon skilled labor”. You really need an oven that can perform during peak rushes and easily make several hundred pies per hour without losing heat or skipping a beat!

                    The Fire Series Show

That’s exactly what our Fire Series or Fire Show ovens do.   This is the ultimate fast casual franchise or concept oven It is the only backlit revolving brick oven on the market today! They don’t have hot and cold spots throughout the oven, they don’t cool down when the rush is on, they keep producing perfect pizza over and over again,  are easy as “pie” to operate and will help you succeed .The ovens  don’t have hot and cold spots throughout the oven, they don’t cool down when the rush is on, they keep producing perfect pizza over and over again,  are easy as “pie” to operate and will help you succeed .

Then we explain why the ovens are easy to use, maintain and train any staff (with no experience) to cook great pizza in minutes instead of weeks! “That’s what makes everyone happy!”

We also point out the potential labor savings! Noting the fact that the oven can actually pay for itself in labor savings year after year.

“That’s truly incredible” or “that’s exactly what I need” Or that is exactly what I have been looking for” is what most people say!

They usually follow up with a visit to cook some great pizza talk shop and then take the plunge. Many are so impressed with the way our ovens cook, and the pizza that we produce that they have to come to the Pizza School of New York  . So we recommend to them that they also  sign up at  and learn from the world champions themselves.

               Learn To Be The Best

They can learn all they need to know to start an incredible pizza operation and make some of the best pizza in the Industry.   The Pizza School of New York has helped launch dozens of hot concepts all over the country (and world) and does so every year with almost all the students having no experience at all!

So if you’re looking to start a great concept, and make your life much easier. You have to Get a great oven a Revolving brick oven  .The Revolving oven can produce hundreds a perfectly cook pizzas, one after the other, consistently and without the high cost of skilled labor to do so.

Be it a full-service restaurant, or a fast casual pizza franchise  chain, we have the perfect model and perfect fit. The pizza school of New York will also teach you the “art” of pizza so you can make amazing pizza that will make you proud and win the fast casual battle!

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise?

Call us today we will be glad to help you in any way we can answer and question and show you why we are the leaders in fast casual pizza ovens. 1-800 683- 6053

 Fast Casual PizzaThe time is now to start your own fast casual pizza succcess !

Open A Fast Casual Place

Open A Fast Casual Pizza Place?

A lot of people ask should I Open A Fast Casual Pizza Place?

Open A fast Casual pizza place

        Fast casual or not? 

Well, opinions are like belly buttons everybody has one so the best advice is to do it your way and follow your own vision. Ultimately you are the person putting in your monies and  hard work  so being the chief cook and bottle washer gives you the final say-good or bad.

A couple things to look at though are as follows:

1) Does your location have enough potential traffic to warrant a fast casual concept? In other words, is it in a place with people that need to eat fast and (usually) inexpensively?

2) Is there a potential for foot traffic and a lunch crowd verses a destination location that people will have to drive up to? If they have to drive to your location, is there ample parking?

3) Is the size of the space conducive to fast casual and laid out to facilitate easy entry? Service? Exit?

4) Do you have the proper oven and recipes for fast production?

5) Is your potential customer base and product in sync?

6) Do you have a trendy design?

7) Is your pizza any good or is just something to fill up on?

8) Is your model workable without wait staff?

If you have already looked at these questions you are way ahead of the game and stand a good chance of competing in the fast casual race. If you haven’t then you may want to consider speaking to someone with experience or going out and making the rounds to see what is and what is not working in different areas and environments. Personally, I feel that a quality product delivered in a nice environment by a pleasant, courteous, professional staff will always find an audience if you can promote and survive long enough for word to get out. However, most people are looking for the elusive “sure thing” which is mystical and not real because most of the successful places have had huge research, trial and error before they found the “formula” for success. Persistence, hard work and the ability to think and change on your feet will get you far but following what the big boys are doing and have already figured out will eliminate some of the trails and hopefully most of the error. For those about to jump in the arena-I salute you.

Fast Casual Pizza Places

Here are some places you may want to visit in your quest and some contacts you may wish to make:

Revolve Pizza, Blaze, Pizza Locale, Spin Neapolitan, Pie Five, Piology, Fired Pie, Fuel Pizza, Goodfella’s Pizza School New York, Cucinova, 800 Degree, Papa Pancho, Pizza Studio and a host of others. The reason I mention Pizza School New York is for those who have no idea about pizza or brick oven pizza and want a first-hand view of a live pizza operation featuring the Mack Daddy of ovens from the New York Brick oven Company for training. Many roads lead to Rome but as any tourist can tell you the easiest and simplest direction is best for strangers. Happy Pizza and may you soon be rolling in the dough!


Chains Jumping Into Fast Casual Pizza

Chains Jumping Into Fast Casual Pizza

Once the fast-casual giant Chipotle bought into the Pizza Locale fast casual pizza concept many foodies took notice, then came Wetzel Pretzel’s with Blaze and Sbarro’s with it’s new concept called Cuchinova and the floodgates for many franchise holding groups were open. They began looking for new concepts and started creating new concepts such as Revolve with namesake revolving brick ovens from The New York Brick Oven Company The revoving brick ovens are  pumping out brick oven pizza faster than they can be assembled. What is the attraction? Why is fast casual pizza exploding across the US? What defines the category and who are the real players behind it?

Chains Jumping Into Fast Casual Pizza


Well, the pizza segment has always had its share of the market with giants such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Yes, they are till dominating, but what is the attraction to  fast casual pizza  concepts and the Chaind jumpng into fast casual  pizza ?  Fast casual is cool!  its hot ,  fast, and fresh and usually served in a cool  trendy atmosphere at a reasonable cost. Factor in the entertainment value of watching your pizza prepared and cooked in under 5 minutes and you get the picture.Another very important part of the equation is lunch. What does that mean you may wonder since pizza was always available for lunch in most sit-down restaurants with table service or slice shops dominated by players such as Sbarro Pizza in a mall near you. Speed is the answer, most busy towns and commercial areas with a working clientele could not wait for a conventional pizza place to take an order, bake a pie and then serve it in the limited lunch break customer’s had. Once you factor in getting to a location you can  see how pizza, especially gourmet pizza did not fit the equation.

The Revolving Brick Oven

Then came the brick oven revolution with pies under 3 minutes and then the revolving brick oven revolution which made it possible to be even faster but more importantly to able to make a consistently perfect pizza without a highly skilled workforce. This high-speed production combined with a low food cost was the ticket to a successful model along the lines of a Chipotle or Panera bread.

Now take this model and add  a reduced labor cost with a reduced  labor force. Since table service is not needed and fewer pizza men with the skill to operate the revolving brick oven your set to crack the fast casual pizza code.

Pizza Consulting 

Another big factor behind the scene has been the training  has been  Pizza School of New York  helping set up franchises, conversions, new concepts, brew pubs, pizza trucks and traditional mom and pop pizza places all over the United States and the world with tremendous results.

Whatever your part in this brave new world of fast casual pizza is, you are in for a big treat. From new contenders with dreams of bringing their concepts to the foreground.  To the small town mainstay looking to mix it up a bit there is plenty of room for everyone and the biggest winner will be the consumers with the ever widening choices being offered and a super healthy dose of competition to keep everyone on their toes and the pizza fresh.

Why Revolving Brick Ovens

Why Revolving Brick Ovens

Why Revolving Brick Ovens? There are many reasons to choose a revolving brick oven over a conventional fixed deck brick oven. First and foremost is the consistency of pizza baked in a revolving brick oven compared to a regular brick oven. In a revolving brick oven, you can place your pizza on the cooking surface and let it cook, no need to spin it or reach into a hot oven and rotate the pizza. The heat in a revolving brick oven is evenly dispersed as the stone rotates (some call them rotator ovens). Because the cooking surface is not fixed with the heat source or fire in one place you don’t have to continually move your pizza around the cooking deck to avoid burning and cold spots.

Why Revolving Brick Ovens

The Revolving Brick Oven Fast Casual Succcess

Ease of Operation 

Ease of use is another important feature. Anyone with common sense can be trained to use the oven and handle pizza in a few minutes’ versus  the months of training to work a conventional brick oven. This allows owners that are not the pizza men to have much more control and flexibility with staff and avoids having to rely on only one or 2 key personnel to be your experts. Not only that, but your pizza making will be more consistent with less responsibility on your pizza men cooking with the same style and ability.  Next comes speed. You may not think this is as important as it is but if you have ever been stuck in a regular brick oven on a Friday night during the dinner rush you would understand. There is nothing worse than turning away paying customers because your oven has to get hot or it’s too hot and has to cool off. These thins are completely handled by the New York Brick Oven Companies Revolving Brick Oven.  Because the cooking temperature is constant and set. The revolving  brick oven cooking surface is constantly reheated resulting in “no fade” or cold deck. You don’t get hot spots because the entire cooking surface is the same temperature. As an operator, this takes a lot of the guess work out and adds a lot of dependability.

Labor Savings

Now a topic near and dear to most owners is labor. Between wages, insurance, overtime, social security and workers comp every dollar you spend on labor gets multiplied. This adds up really quickly and can make or break your operation. A revolving  brick oven can help save labor because your pizza man is not “stuck” to the oven and can make more pies as his pizzas are baking.  He does not have to be at the oven constantly turning and moving the pies. This is a tremendous benefit to anybody who has ever worked a brick oven for any period of time can tell you.If you are using wood and gas as a heat source you can regulate the temperature. No more worrying about having to continually monitor the temperature and add wood since the gas will keep it level.  The wood consumption also  goes way down as it is not the only heat source.

Multi Unit Operators 

So if you have multiple units or are planning to open  multiple units the value goes up proportionately across the board. By having a consistently baked product  from a revolving brick oven you have consistency and happy clients.   Remember easy to use,  but more importantly, it is easy to train your pizza makers on.  This is why the Revolving brick oven is the best choice for all fast-casual pizza chains.  And Why New York Brick Oven Company is leading the industry and quickly becoming the top choice for Fast Casual Pizza and start- up artisan pizza places across America.  



New York Brick Oven Pizza!

New York Brick Oven Pizza

The country is undergoing a pizza revolution which was created in New York by the original pizza kings of pizza  such as “Tortonos’s Pizza in Coney Island Brooklyn where when the owner Jerry died in 1994 the New York papers proclaimed “The King of Pizza is dead”. The Pizza style is New York Brick Oven Pizza! Fresh mozzarella cooked in a brick oven with wood or coal. No “oo” Italian imported flour just American high gluten flour at its best!  

New York Brick Oven Pizza

New York Brick Oven Style Pizza Gourmet at Its Best!

A huge acknowledgment for the man whose family helped put another New York mainstay-Lombardi’s Pizza on the map. Lombardi’s was the first licensed pizza place in America dating back to 1905 on Mulberry street New York.  Patsy’s up in Harlem which came on the scene early in the 1930’s and is another famous New York brick oven pizzeria.  like Lombardi’s and Tortono’s also featured handmade, hand-tossed, fresh mozzarella and fresh homemade sauce cooked in a coal-burning brick oven.The ovens they use are like the ones many turn of the century  bakeries have been using to bake fantastic bread.

New York Brick Oven Pizza

Then in the early 90’s a couple of young upstarts from Brooklyn who had been fans of New York’s finest pizza places.  Decided to open the first wood burning brick oven pizza place in the “forgotten borough”of Staten Island.   But along with the standard Margarita pizza,  that the other famous pizza places were doing. They took it up a notch and created a line of unique and truly “gourmet” pizzas such as the original Vodka Pie, dessert pies, and the Mushroom Madness made with the relatively,  unknown at the time, porcini mushroom. They called their place Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza . The style of pizza that they mastered was True New York Brick Oven Pizza style “of course”  and soon became pizza celebrities featured in all the local media and then international media as well after being voted the best pizza in the country at Jacob Javits Center New york City.

Now not to be New York biased. It would be rude to leave out the left-hand coast and the incredible success of California Pizza Kitchen who took the brick oven idea and put the California twist on it with such great pizzas like the BBQ Chicken, Tai, and Jamaican Jerk Chicken then built the concept to international status. With the advent of cooking shows and the fantastic popularity of gourmet foods, social media, 24 hour a day television and the increase of public awareness regarding fresh food, the organic craze, celebrity chefs and a demand for new and exciting dining experiences, the stage was set for the current Fast Casual Pizza Trend.

 The Fast Casual Pizza Trend

The Fast Casual Pizza trend is the right thing at the right time and fills a need for a premium gourmet food item that is both fast and easy to transport without diminishing the flavor and eating experience. Chipotle, the fast casual giant, is currently developing its pizza chain model called Pizza Local and has many industry experts eagerly standing by to see how it evolves with its revolving brick oven for speed and consistency for its fresh made dough. Some other up and coming names to watch out for that are also using the revolving brick ovens are Revolve, Spin Neapolitan, Pie Craft and The Pies the Limit.

The Pizza School of New York 

The other big player behind the scene in this game is The Pizza School of New York  which has been setting industry standards by training students in an actual restaurant on the latest revolving brick ovens. They teach New York Style Brick Oven Pizza and all types of classic pizza too. It is a real time “hands” on experience.  They are credited for creating many successful operators and local pizza sensations all over the world . This is an exciting time for the pizza world !  The consumers are the biggest winners with ever increasing choices and locations to get great pizza.



Fast Casual Pizza Discussion

 Fast Casual Pizza Discussion

Fast Casual Pizza

Top 10 “Fast Casual” traits and how they affect pizza today.  A fast casual pizza discussion.

Fast Casual refers to a certain type of restaurant which usually has most of these attributes:

1)      An apparent quality improvement over fast food. This is created by the branding of  fresh food promoted and prepared in front of the customer. And eliminating the possibility of frozen processed foods. This is often enhanced with a promise of GMO-free, free trade zone, and locally grown fresh produce.

2)      An upscale more comfortable and inviting atmosphere trendy decor and brand name.

3)      Interaction of customer and staff due to the need to order, pick, choose and direct the assembly and preparation of the food items.

4)      Varied, made to order wholesome food choices.

5)      Counter service with limited table service like food runners. No tipping Perceived value

6)      Very fast production and cook times.

7)      Healthier food items and items that are naturally grown, organic with free range meats and non-farmed fish.

8)      Perceived value with a cost that trends between fast food and casual full-service dining.

9)      Trendy upbeat environment and looks

10)   Aimed at the millennial consumer category.

So how does this affect pizza today and the exciting concepts reaching for the brass ring in the Gold Rush of the “Fast Casual Pizza” market?

This is an open fast Casual Pizza discussion for the pizza community.

 Fast Casual Pizza Discussion

Fast Casual Pizza

Amazing Brick Ovens

Great Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza

Great Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza

Revolving Brick Ovens

As a pizza lover, a pizza expert and brick oven builder, I can really get excited about the Great Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza movement.

To see the industry moving along at such an incredible pace, great pizza , (much better pizza than ever) being available nationally and the popularity of brick ovens growing in leaps and bounds.  It’s just wonderful (especially if you’re a true pizza lover!

Growing up in Brooklyn New York, to me, the pizza capital of the universe  with so many great “mom and pop” pizza shops ran by immigrant Italians and their families. It was pizza heaven .

Although there were many great pizza places and everybody had their favorite slice place.  A few pizza joints stood out in my mind as exceptional, due to the fact that they use fresh home- made mozzarella and cooked the pies “well done” all the time.

Places like original “Patsy’s” in Harlem or “Tortonnos” in Coney Island and several other not so famous ones,  truly inspired me to make great pizza.  and use fresh mozzarella, and cook them hot and fast and to build great ovens.

The Art Of Great Pizza

Now that the  art of great pizza has been introduced into the  fast-casual world and it makes me happy to see “Great Pizza” being available in so many places like Oklahoma City “Revolve Pizza, Kansas City, “Spin Neapolitan Pizza “Pie Craft” out of Rochester New York, “Tossed Pizza” Utah Strong’s Pizza Cincinnati, all cooking amazing pizza and all cooking hot and fast in one of our Revolving brick ovens.

Make Pizza Making Eazy

Our goal was to make great pizza making easy, and that’s why we introduced the revolving brick oven to the fast casual pizza world. Now anyone without the skills of an artisan baker can make great pizza in minutes with hardly any training at all. Of course, you till need passion and great ingredients, to make great pizza! But you can let the oven take the guesswork out of it all. Our Revolving Brick Ovens are amazing they can produce 200 pies an hour! They can  cook with wood or gas,  the perfect combination for any fast casual chain or restaurant.

Come Cook With Us

So we invite anyone who is looking to dominate the pizza market to come cook with us and we will show you how it’s done. That’s why we are the fast casual Brick Oven pizza leaders !

Revolving Brick Oven

Revolving Mobile Pizza Ovens

Revolving Mobile Pizza Ovens

The Mobile Revolving Pizza Oven Truck

New York Brick Oven Company Installs First Revolving Brick Oven On Mobile Food Truck, 4/24/2015 – The Tompkinson’s From Canada’s Stoked Embers are utilizing Mag Trucks to build super high production mobile pizza truck featuring the Revolving Brick Oven from the New York Brick oven Company. After Completing at The Pizza School of New York the Canadians decided to outfit their concept truck with the state of art equipment to handle the expected high demand for the World Class Pizza they are trained to deliver.

Speed And  Heat!

Looking for speed and heat? No need to go any further. The Tomkinson team from Canada has built the big daddy of pizza food trucks and it goes by the name of Stoked Embers. This rolling oven has arrived with a big entrance.


The Vehicle had the following requirements:

World’s Fastest Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Audio Visual System Package

NSF Compliant

Stainless Custom Cabinets

Stainless Custom Countertops

Stainless & KemLite Walls

Oversized Serving Window

Amazing Mobile Revolving Brick Oven

Model 85 inferno series

Oversized Viewing Window

Pizza Oven Insulation Covering

Hobart Mixer Mount

Lon Coin Flooring

Full High R-Value Insulated Walls

Triple Sink

Handwash Sink

8KW Diesel Generator

Propane System

100 Amp Electrical Package

Decal Design Package

Custom Paint Color

Custom Lowered Side Skirts

Fire Suppression System


A doughy wonder heading from K.C. to Canada that the Mag Truck team is stoked to deliver. This food truck is the combination of an intuitive design and quality fabrication.

So if you’re ready to roll we have The Ultimate  Revolving Mobile Pizza Ovens!