Godfellas Revolving Oven

Goodfella’s Revolving Brick Oven

Godfella’s Revolving Wood Fired Brick Oven has seen a lot of use over the years baking everything from Thanksgiving Turkeys to bread, to chicken and steak and even an occasional Vodka Pizza. Yes, Scot Cosentino was responsible for creating the “Vodka Pie” back 1992 when at the end of long pizza making shift he decided to dip some pizza crust in a vodka sauce and the rest became pizza history. They soon won a national pizza title with the Vodka Pie and published the recipe, that led to a national trend of Vodka Pizza from one coast to the other. The point of the little story is that brick ovens are for use and the more you experiment the greater the chances of you coming up with a winner

Vodka Pizza From revolving Brick Oven

The Original Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza Vodka Pie

The art of pizza making requires a bit of experimenting and trying new things. The funny thing about the Vodka Pie was that none of the customers wanted to try it because of the “pink sauce” originally until it was sampled throughout the place and became a best seller and signature pizza.

Revolving brick oven fast casual success

Fast Casual Brick Oven

Fast Casual Brick Oven for Success!

Today fast-casual pizza is taking the country by storm especially fast causal brick oven concepts.  The New York Brick Oven company along with The Pizza School of New York have been leading the way with nothing but great success for their clients.  Having the correct equipment, training,  design, and knowledge is all part of your success.  Check out fast casual solutions http://brickovensforsale.com/fast-casual-pizza/

Fired Up Fast Casual Success

Neapolitan Pizza RecipeFood Presentation for PizzaFire Show Series with custom Facade .make your concept your own! No matter what style of pizza  you are cooking the revolving oven will make it better





The Revolving Brick Oven.

The Inferno Series ovens and the Fires Series are the solutions and the ultimate oven for fast casual brick oven success.


  Ease of operations Let’s face it in today’s labor market you want to make it as easy as possible. The Revolving brick oven is the easiest oven to train employees to cook perfect pizza.

Fast Casual Brick Oven

Consistent Products = Success


Consistent Products  Are the key to success. Depending on employees to rotate pizza all around an oven and look for the perfect bake is silly, especially when the oven can do it. The revolving oven will make pizza 100% more consistent during peak and non-peak hours. Whats that worth?


Labor Savings.  No Specially Skilled operators needed. The revolving brick oven is a simple solution to train employees in a day rather than weeks.  Cooking woodfired pizza has never been so simple. Modern technology and old world tradition has finally come together to help operators produce great pizza and save thousand in labor every year.



Fast Casual Pizza Pizza Concepts

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking

 Let’s Get Cooking

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking! Check out the Pizza school of New York Team demonstrating Revolving brick oven cooking with incredible creation in the Inferno Series 140 Gas Wood Oven,  New York Brick Ovens is the Industry leader in revolving brick ovens and fast-casual pizza solutions!



Revolving Brick Oven Cooking and Pizza School

If you want to learn to learn the art of pizza and Revolving Brick Oven Cooking, incredible
dishes check out the Pizza School of New York.  They teach the art of pizza and everything you can think of!

Learn from the best!!!!  Here at the Pizza School of New York, our courses are taught by three World Champion Pizza Makers:  Scot Cosentino, Andrew Scudera, and Salvatore Russo.  Our students grasp every aspect of what we teach because of a professional live environment, with personal one on one instruction.  Our students leave with the ability and confidence to create some of the best pizza’s in the world.  As you can see from the video below, our students get a taste of Wood Fired cooking at it best with many other great profitable menu ideas other than just pizza!


The best investment to make when getting into the pizza business is to first invest in yourself.

The Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY will give you the experience you need to be a powerhouse in a very competitive pizza market.  We can teach you many styles of pizza, not just one style like other schools.  The one on one personal training is the only way to learn.  The benefit to one on one training is tremendous, allowing our students to pause the class and ask important questions they need answers to, mastering every task they learn along the way.  It’s a live environment where not only are you learning, you are serving the actual patrons of the restaurant and getting the true experience of the restaurant atmosphere and true customer satisfaction.  So call us today if you’re serious about being the best and avoiding the pitfalls a novice makes in this business.  718-987-2422

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking

The Words Best Team New York Brick oven Co. Pizza School New York and Goodfella’s Pizza!


Commercial Brick Ovens

Neapolitan Pizza cooked in the Inferno series

Revolving Brick Ovens

NY Brick Oven Co. Pizza

Basic Brick oven pizza from revolving deck brick oven.

Revolving Brick Oven Cooking


Come cook with us and see why Revolving Brick Oven Cooking is the only solution to easy operations.

US vs. England

Competing with the Pizza Chains

Pizza Chains

Basic Brick oven pizza from revolving deck brick oven.

Competing with national pizza chains for a slice of the pie is tough. When you look at some of the factors on their side you wonder how any small mom and pop location can ever compete. Yet there are thousands of successful pizza places around the country that do not have the buying power, the advertising, and marketing budget, or the ability to rent the high dollar, high profile locations. Much less the ability to saturate an area with multiple stores. You may ask yourself how they can do it. Or better yet why would they do it? Because an entrepreneur is fearless (well maybe) and an entrepreneur is crazy (like a fox) but most of all an entrepreneur is relentless in his pursuit of his goal. This relentless quality is what makes America great and allows David to compete and sometimes slay Goliath in the in the pizza industry. The same holds true for any endeavor and one of mine is the revolutionary war. The audacity of these colonists to think they could defy mother England and win, yet they did. It required incredible strength, drive, and persistence but it was done. The same can be applied to any business but we are talking about pizza. First of all, there is a thing called personality and the corporate world, while making for consistent and predictable pizza will never be as fast, flexible or creative as the small time, local pizza makers. This is where the local guys and gals have a distinct advantage, they can identify and adapt with the neighborhood. Personality is another factor in creating an image and a destination. No matter great Poppa John may be in person, his photo in every store he owns will never take the place of local town pizza man’s greeting. Several examples come to mind where the pizza man was the local baseball, football or soccer coach. This established a huge rapport with not only the kids but the parents as well. How about the fact that every fundraiser for every  activity from local sports, pet adoption, churches, schools , veterans, disabled, fire and flood victims are continuously supported by the local pizza man without hesitation despite the volume and ever increasing demand for donations. The local pizza man is a go-to guy for meetings and politicians too. This builds a brand loyalty and downright devotion to some small operators. Now add the ability to use fresh ingredients because you can by daily rather than the huge orders corporate has to make to keep food costs down and you get another advantage as a little guy. Next, comes social media which can’t ever be underestimated. Loyal followers love to “check in” and chat about their great pizza and shoot photos of it for facebook. Despite having lots of followers and customers their are only so many photos you can post of the same old Domino pizza. Some places like The Original Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza on Hylan Blvd.  Staten Island and Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano on Neptune Ave in Coney Island have been elevated to a cult following status because  their fans are so loyal. Would you rather bring your relatives in from out of town to a chain restaurant that they probably already have in their town or to a special local favorite? Would you rather eat fresh wholesome ingredients or mass produced cookie cutter pizza? Would you rather go to a place where everyone knows your name or a place where you are literally given a number? This is the difference in the David vs. Goliath approach and a smart, talented small town operator will always be able to beat the big guy if he treats people well and makes a great product.

Neapolitan Pizza Recipe

What is Neapolitan Pizza ?

What is Neapolitan pizza ?

By definition: The true Neapolitan pizza has a crust which is made from a dough that is made with a highly refined Italian type 0 or 00 wheat flour (read more about flour types). Neapolitan or fresh brewer’s yeast (not dry yeast), water, and sea salt. The dough must be kneaded by hand show. Or with a low-speed mixer and formed by hand, without the help of a rolling pin or dough press.  The dough is  aged for 3 days. It is very wet and  hard to handle due to the high water content . But the hydration level water percent compared to the flour must be high in order to withstand the high heat of the wood oven. When stretched it is topped with raw, pureed San Marzano tomatoes from Italy; fior di latte, which is mozzarella cheese made from cow’s milk, or mozzarella di Bufala, which is mozzarella cheese made from the milk of water buffalos, usually raised in the Campania and Lazio marshlands in Italy; fresh basil, and extra-virgin olive oil. The ingredients must be all-natural and fresh. The pizza is baked for 60–90 seconds (baking time cannot exceed 90 seconds) at a minimum temperature of 800°F in a stone  oven with a wood fire.

Rules Rules Rulesneapolitan pizz studentneapolitan pizzasCooked_neapolitan_pizza


That being said, Neapolitan pizza is a very good pie but as we say in New York (the true capital of pizza) it is a knife and fork pizza which doesn’t travel well due to its puffy soft crust. So that drops it from being good for takeout and delivery from the start. Another downside of “true” Neapolitan is that it has to be baked a certain way with certain ingredients resulting in a cookie cutter pie from place to place across the country and world.

But this is America the home of the free and built by the brave so following someone else’s idea of how pizza must be made according to a small town in Italy with fewer pizza places than any neighborhood in Brooklyn, it seems that most American entrepreneurs have a hard time following the pack and in fact most of the big guys don’t either! Besides, we have been making pizza along time too! Some of the earliest pizza places in New York  have been around for 100 years without any rules.

Pizza for pizza lovers

Traditional Pizza with tomatoes

Aside from that why would anyone want to be told that making the same exact pizza as the guy down the block? It seems rather boring and  takes all the creativity  excitement out of making pizza to me.


Though it is fantastic that my ancestors in Naples took the roman soldiers flatbread  created and  standardized the Margherita pizza    But like the Italians did with pasta that was borrowed”  from China. They turned  it into an art and experience with so many unique styles and toppings that it would take years to try them all.  We have in America  turned pizza into a true art and experience as well. From the current fast casual rage of Blaze, Mod, Spin, Revolve, Pie Craft and Pizza Fire( just to name a handfull) And all the Incredible local favorites like Strong’s, Denino’s Goodfella’s and the thousands of others,  to the full service places and delivery specialists included in the over seventy  thousand pizza places in the United States, Americans have innovated and dominated the world pizza market by doing it our way!  So factor into the pizza equation the amount of competition, the need for speed and originality and you can decide for yourself if Neapolitan is a good move for you or not.  Personally, I Like it but only  once and a while.  I still prefer a crispy pie and lots of options .

Having the ability to use different doughs, toppings and sauces allow the operator  to tailor parts of his pizza menu to local favorites and flavor profiles If it’s a sweet sauce, lots of spice , Hawaiian pineapple pizza or even a  southern BBQ pulled pork pizza it all helps to ensure some agreement with local  customers.  Adding to your uniqueness to the mix lets you stand out from the crowd as well being known for that special pizza can go a long way. One last thing to consider is that not many Americans like burnt, charred floppy pizza not do the kids.  Whichever way you go, go with pizza and you can’t go wrong.


Brick Oven cooking

Live from Pizza Expo 2106

Marc and Scot Cosentino live from pizza Expo 2106 with the Goodfella’s, The Pizza School of New York and the only rear fired revolving brick oven in the industry from the New York Brick oven Company. This  is truly a great place to be for all the pizza lovers of the world. It’s where we show off what we can do and tell the world about our incredible brick ovens.

For as long as the pizza Expo has been around we have been attending the show.  It was always a great place to get together with vendors , friends and see what was happening in the industry.

Things have really changed since those humble beginnings the show is now packed with thousands of spectators hundreds of vendors and some of the wildest things you can imagine. Most people, in the beginning, did not even know what brick oven pizza was. we would make pizza with fresh mozzarella and people would ask “what type of cheese is that?” Gourmet pizza really fueled the industry and now the fast casual pizza concepts have lit it on fire. Every week we get calls from people looking to start a fast casual concept. The funny thing also is that a lot of them say I want to open a pizza place and serve Neapolitan pizza. When I ask them what is that they really don’t know. I mean are they talking about Neapolitan or  what we call New York style brick oven pizza?  Then I explain what the difference is and they say yes I’m looking for a new york style brick oven  pizza, not a soft burnt pizza.  So we offer them some good advice and always recommend

The Pizza School of New York This way they can learn all styles of pizza and then decide what the best pizza is to make for themselves. New York Brick Oven Pizza? Neapolitan Pizza ? Grandma Pizza ?  We teach them all styles and then they make it their own.

Neapolitan Pizza

Pizza Neapolitan


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