Coal Brick Oven Custom Built

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Pizza oven

Coal Brick Oven Custom Built

The Ultimate Brick oven

This is our wood fired /coal oven Inferno series 140. It is
a multi-fuel oven that can burn wood gas and coal. If you want to use wood or
coal alone it will work perfectly. The oven comes with a 100,000 btu burner system
that keeps constant temperature. The burner system will allow the operator to control
the cooking time of every pizza. This way all your pizza is cooked exactly
alike. If you want a high production oven that will take the guess work out of
employee hands and give you peace of mind, this is your oven!. We install all
our ovens and can help you with a custom facade if wanted. The Inferno series
ovens has a revolving floor that will make pizza cooking a breeze. The oven can
run on gas alone with an option for ceramic logs that create the illusion of a
real wood fire. So call today we will be glad to answer all your questions!


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