Easy Brick Oven Baking

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Easy Brick Oven Baking

The Secret of  easy brick oven baking !  Once you know the secret, it’s very easy to bake pizza in a brick oven, but who has the time, training or place to learn? Now imagine if you are running a business, trying to juggle staff, inventory, customers, bills, marketing etc… You get the picture, now add training and overlooking a pizza man making your signature pies. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination but it happens to be exactly what many operators are doing on a continuing basis, especially if they are in a high staff turn over area such as a college town. Who wants to stop “everything”  everytime a pizza man quits to train someone the intricacies of working a brick oven-a skill that takes months to perfect with the best of them. The real secret of easy brick oven baking is the oven.

The Revolving Brick Oven and Easy Brick Oven Baking

Fortunately you no longer have to do this with the Revolving Brick Oven.  New York Brick Oven company can make your life easy with consistent, perfect brick oven pizza every time with an oven that takes no time at all to train on. Literally you train a person in minutes to cook perfect brick oven pizza!!!! Not only that but you can cross train your staff so that any one can jump in when needed and you are not left in the ditch because your expensive oven man doesn’t show up. Not only that but you do not have to have a pizza man stuck on the oven because with a conventional oven each pie has to be continually watched, rotated and turned to avoid burning or partially baking it. Not with a revolving brick oven, all you do is place it in and take it out when done leaving time to make the next pizza. So when you want an easy bake oven that can produce like a monster check out the New York Brick Oven Co.

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