Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza

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Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza

Fast Casual Fast casual brick oven pizza and  the Explosion of the Brick Oven!

Over the last decade, brick oven pizza has begun to explode across America. With so many entrepreneurs, or should I say “pizza lovers”, taking the plunge and opening up their own wood-fired (or gas brick oven) pizza shop.  Prior to then, most people never heard of brick oven pizza unless they were true die-hard pizza fans or from the old country.  But now, you can find brick oven pizza in every state and great pizza as well, with a whole new breed of pizza connoisseur!

The Pizza Industry

The industry has, and is, experiencing some dramatic changes, while evolving yearly to meet the ever growing demands for great pizza. Every day we get calls from entrepreneurs who want nothing more than to get into the fast casual pizza business.  Whether they want to go to the Pizza School of New York or just get some information on the fast casual revolving brick ovens, they all seem to have that entrepreneurial spirit that exists within so many of us and a true love of pizza.

My prediction is that over the next decade we will see thousands of new fast casual pizza places, just like Chipotle’s fast casual model.  Walking down the line and picking your toppings with a pizza made fresh to order (and fast), who can argue with that! Not just the big chains are going to be doing it, but also the mom and pop operators, the small business men with big dreams, and anyone who seizes the opportunity will have a great shot at success.

Will fast casual replace the slice? I doubt it, but it will give them a run for their money and also stop the expansion of many slice places due to market saturation of the new breed of fast-casual brick oven pizza concepts.

As for the big chains, with what they call pizza, they might still be having their day in the sun. I really think their boat may have sprung a little leak, which will definitely need to be patched up via better products and quickly at that!

The Revolving Brick Oven Will Dominate The Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza World

Yes, I have to tell you about my next prediction and the best part of it is that the “revolving brick oven” is going to be the industry standards in the next decade as well.  It just makes perfect sense and truth be told, why would anyone want to use an old fashioned brick oven? You have to move the pizza all over the place, trying to cook the perfect pizza, depending upon and paying for skilled labor, when the oven can do it for you?  Don’t get me wrong, I still think cooking pizza in an oven and moving it around, up and down to capture that perfect bake is sort of romantic, perhaps for one or two pizzas, but not in a business model.  If you see the comparison below, you will understand where the industry is going and why we are the leader in fast casual pizza ovens.


Revolving brick ovens can out -produce any standard brick oven 3 to 1. Based on the fact that the deck size is a 100 percent usable cooking surface, and easy to use.  No hot spots on the floor that burn pizza, no cold spots, just all production and consistent ease of operation with a packed surface.

Labor and Skill

Revolving brick ovens can save you labor. The oven can be operated simply by one man and you don’t need skilled labor! The oven cooks the pizza perfect every time. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year and the oven can pay for itself, now that’s an investment!   

Perfect Pizza every time.

Set the rotation speed, temperature and you will make a perfect pizza with ease.  Quality consistent products are vital to your success and that is what makes the oven the ultimate weapon for fast casual pizza!

 Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza

The ability to make great pizza every time, low labor, happy customers: Priceless! This is the Fast casual brick oven pizza revolution.


   Scot Cosentino

Founder New York Brick Oven Company  

The Pizza School of New York [/vc_column_text]


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