Fast Casual Pizza Arrives in Rochester

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Fast Casual Pizza Arrives in Rochester

 Fast Casual Pizza Arrives in Rochester New York. This wonderful concept is called Pizza Favo. This is another great place!! Fast Casual  pizza rocking the pizza world in Rochester New York. The pizza will be fired fresh ! FAVO is an upscale modern day “pizza joint” featuring custom-built artisan pizzas, freshly made salads, self-serve gelato and small-batch craft fountain soda. Our pizzas are made in an interactive assembly-line format that allows guests to customize each and every pizza, choosing from a wide selection of fresh, artisan ingredients – all for under $10.  Our biggest seller is our “build-your-own” which features unlimited veggie toppings for no extra charge.

Fast Casual and Fresh milled flour!

What They do!

Fast Casual

Can you say Fresh!

   Fresh flour and whole grains: Our grains are milled fresh each day right here using our “Stone Burr Mill”. This ensures all the nutrients are retained in the flour and results in a fresher tasting crust which is better for you. We always use GMO-free chemical-free, high protein flours, and grains and make our dough fresh every day by hand.

Slow dough: Our great tasting dough develops from a slow, patient proofing process. Like craft beers and fine wines, time is needed so the fresh yeast can ferment and interact with the grains and honey to impart character to the dough.

Handcrafted: Unlike pizza joints that get their dough delivered frozen from a remote commissary, ours is made fresh and hand rolled and tossed right here in our milling/dough room every day – out in the open for everyone to see.

This is another great place and a great example of fast casual pizza success. What makes this place so great (Besides the great pizza) is that they mill their own flour. Talk about fresh talk about healthy I have not seen one fast casual pizza place do this yet. The dough is great and all the fresh toppings as well. The pizza will be fired fresh to order and the service is friendly

The dough is great and all the  toppings fresh as well.   They are tossing the dough by hand making fresh salads and serving some good wine too. Although a fast casual concept it’s truly a comfortable and  great place to eat. They even have a great Italian Chef working the station kissing babies and Shaking hands.

Great Job Gene and Suzy O’donovan ,  Owners       Like them on FaceBook


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