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Fast Casual Pizza Chains

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Cooked Neapolitan Pizza

Fast Casual Pizza Chains

The fast casual pizza race is on. With many big name companies like Chipolata, Pizza Uno,and the up and coming ones like Spin, and Revole pizza just too name a few are making there move to take over the fast casual market. The secret to there success will be not only great products but being able to serve consistent fast pizza.  That’s why the revolving brick oven from the New York Brick Oven company is the new choice for fast casual service chains and any brick oven pizza restaurant that wants ease of operation combined with performance and consistent  quality .

The revolving oven can out produce any oven on the market today when it comes to quality, speed  and consistent products. The fact that the pizza oven can cook pizzas as fast as 90 seconds has no down time requires no skilled operators and can produce hundreds of pies per hour is why this oven will lead the way for fast casual operators successes.


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