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Learn About Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven

The Amazing Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven

Not all ovens are the same especially when it comes to the Amazing Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven. The Fire Show Series is the industries only rear fired revolving brick oven.

An Amazing Show!

Let’s face it sometimes it’s all about the show and the Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven Series does it best. The rear flame creates the perfect ambiance and visual experience to intrigue your guests while they enjoy the show! This Beautifull oven can cook pizza in as fast as two minutes with temperature ranges up to 800f.

Perfect Pizza And Ease Of Operation.

Let’s face the facts the labor market today is drying up! Restaurant workers and people who truly know what it is to work hard are a dying breed. That is why the revolving brick oven is the perfect answer. It’s Easy to train anyone to cook a pizza in a matter of minutes rather than weeks compared to the training on a fixed deck brick oven.

High Production.

The Fire Show Series Ovens are available in 3 sizes and can cook up to 200 pies per hour. Perfect for cooking bread, chicken, fish steaks and just about anything you can think of.

Super Efficient

The oven runs at a cooking temperature of about 700f  using approximately 60,000 Btus. That’s about 1/3 of the BTUs used by most deck ovens to cook pizza!

Facade The Oven Anyway You Like.

The Ovens come facade ready (or stand-alone) so you can have your own custom look tiles bricks etc to match your decor and ambiance.

Pizza School?

If you have the Ferrari of ovens you better know how to make the Ferrari of pizzas. Check out the Pizza School of New York and see what we are talking about world champion pizza makers teaching the art of pizza to students from all over the world. THE ONLY ONE ON ONE PIZZA SCHOOL

              The Fire Show


Fire Show Revolving Brick Oven

Rocking The Pizza World!




Faster Better Pizza Now

Fast Casual for the Wild West

New York Brick Company gaining speed as it emerges as the leader in Pizza Wild West

Looking For Faster Better Pizza Now? Every pizza man knows that dreaded back up that occurs during the peak hours of business. These hours may vary but usually, it is lunch hour, dinner, weekends and holidays. Those are the times you wish you had more than one or 2 ovens. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can get as much as 2 -4 times your production of a conventional deck oven from a rotating oven. Not only that but the higher temperature of a brick oven that combines wood and gas fire makes it consistent too. Having the stone move around instead of having to reach into the oven makes it easier to work too. Just Imagine no skilled labor needed and quality pies, one after the other.  Versatility is another great benefit of the rotator brick oven. You can cook Pizza, Bread, Chicken, Steak, and Just About Anything You Can Cook In A Traditional Oven But Better!

You can bake different types of pies at the same time such as the classic fresh mozzarella brick oven style and the NY style with shredded cheese. Unlike a conveyor oven, you don’t have to rely on waiting to see if two different types of pizza are cooked because you can see your pizza bake and take them out one at a time in a revolving oven.  There are countless benefits to using a revolving brick-oven but speed and consistency are the ones that make you more money.

So Remember when it’s time to get Serious

   Call The New York Brick Oven Company 1800 683-6059.

 If Your Looking To Master The Art  The Pizza School Of New York Is The Place Where It All Begins      Pizza School Of New York

cantone pizza

Fast Casual Brick Oven

Fast Casual Brick Oven for Success!

Today fast-casual pizza is taking the country by storm especially fast causal brick oven concepts.  The New York Brick Oven company along with The Pizza School of New York have been leading the way with nothing but great success for their clients.  Having the correct equipment, training,  design, and knowledge is all part of your success.  Check out fast casual solutions

Fired Up Fast Casual Success

Neapolitan Pizza RecipeFood Presentation for PizzaFire Show Series with custom Facade .make your concept your own! No matter what style of pizza  you are cooking the revolving oven will make it better





The Revolving Brick Oven.

The Inferno Series ovens and the Fires Series are the solutions and the ultimate oven for fast casual brick oven success.


  Ease of operations Let’s face it in today’s labor market you want to make it as easy as possible. The Revolving brick oven is the easiest oven to train employees to cook perfect pizza.

Fast Casual Brick Oven

Consistent Products = Success


Consistent Products  Are the key to success. Depending on employees to rotate pizza all around an oven and look for the perfect bake is silly, especially when the oven can do it. The revolving oven will make pizza 100% more consistent during peak and non-peak hours. Whats that worth?


Labor Savings.  No Specially Skilled operators needed. The revolving brick oven is a simple solution to train employees in a day rather than weeks.  Cooking woodfired pizza has never been so simple. Modern technology and old world tradition has finally come together to help operators produce great pizza and save thousand in labor every year.



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World’s Best Pizza Secret

Slug: Pizza / Staten Island, NY– 10/22/2013 : A survey of pizza establishments on Staten Island. Here: Goodfella's Quatro Cantone pie has 4 toppings: alla vodka, smoking Goodfella, Sally pie (lemon chicken) , and margarita NYTCredit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Slug: Pizza / Staten Island, NY– 10/22/2013 : A survey of pizza establishments on Staten Island. Here: Goodfella’s Quatro Cantone pie has 4 toppings: alla vodka, smoking Goodfella, Sally pie (lemon chicken) , and margarita NYTCredit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Pizza Secret, what is the secret to making the “World’s Best Pizza”. Well, I have been lucky enough to be part of the Goodfella’s Brick oven Pizza crew for over 25 years and I think I finally understand the pizza secret. As Sally Russo used to say “It’s love, love of what you do”. That may seem silly but in the long run, pizza is a very basic food that has an infinite number of combinations, variables, and possibilities. Once you have mastered the ability to make the dough, roll the dough, stretch the dough, and bake the dough in an oven(which requires practice to develop the skill) then you can start assembling the ingredients to begin your own personal pizza journey. Many people are not aware of the fact that it requires the same amount of time to make a good pizza as it does to make a bad pizza. What I mean by this is that you can get good ingredients or bad, you can mix and assemble those ingredients correctly or not, then you can bake your pizza evenly at the correct temperature or not. Seems simple enough but you would be surprised. Once people start skimping on quality ingredients it’s all over. A good cheese or flour may be a little more expensive but that is the cost of making a good pie. Actually checking precise measurements and dough temperatures will determine both taste and consistency. This is the only true Pizza SECRET I have ever learned: You have to be consistent! Always! You do it correctly every day, you follow the correct procedure and recipes every day. You mix, prep and store your dough the same way every day. You use the same ingredients from reputable sources. This is the only secret. You don’t skimp on quality, you don’t shortcut time in letting the dough rise. You bake your pies the same way every time. This is your secret to success. Anybody can make one pizza hat is great but it takes a team of dedicated individual all working in coordination to produce a consistent pizza that you can be proud of. The pizza secret begins with food ordering and storage to the preparation and portioning and then to cooking. It is a progression with each step completely dependent on each prior step to achieve the result. Everybody in the line depends on everybody else. Your vendors are a key part of your success too and should be made aware that their success is based on your success so that they too have a vested interest in making sure you always get a fresh consistent delivery and this includes the delivery time also. There is nothing worse than coming in on a hot day and finding your dairy products have been sitting out in the hot sun for hours or conversely on a freezing day your produce has become a solid block. Then of course, there is the inopportune delivery times such as during the Friday rush when you don’t even have enough time to check it all in much less check quality and quantity against your order. All these things add up to the secret of great pizza so get busy and be consistent in delivering a great product and you will be that much closer to the “secret”.

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Fast Casual Pizza Success

Looking to Rock The Pizza World and Have Fast Casual Pizza Success?   Join the Fast Casual Pizza Expert Team .

Today’s hot concepts choose the New York Brick Oven Company for Success . If you’re looking to make your concept fast and easy while producing perfect pizza, we have you covered.

Great ovens, great training, and complete concept success is what we offer .  Fast-casual pizza is now easier than ever .  The Rotating oven is one of the easiest ovens in the industries to train your staff with.     You can train a person to make perfect pizza in a matter of hours as compared to weeks in a standard brick oven Most importantly you get a consistent bake. No more hot spots no  more cold spots and no more rotating pizzas around the oven desperately trying to get an even bake.

Come and cook with us we would love to show you what we can do for you.

If you’re new to the business check out theThe Pizza School of New York . Hands on one on one on one  training with world champion pizza masters live in a real restaurant environment. Learn from the best and don’t make costly mistakes that can cost you your business.

Make your success easy and Join the Revolution ! The New York Brick Oven Company is Leading the Way for Fast Casual Pizza Success!

Call Today We Will Be Glad To Answer all Your Questions and help you any way we can




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How to Start a New Pizza Place

Starting a new pizza place from scratch!

There are many great books to read  on how to start a new pizza place,  and many resources that will help and many are available on the web and the truth is you can never know enough in this business. One of my favorite resources is Restaurant Owner .com a great resource page that can provide you with all types of forms and even start-up business plans.  Some of the things I have learned from opening many successful places are: The guys and gals with the real passion  and a well thought out plan always find a way to make it work. What does that mean? Simple, when someone really wants to do something he goes out and learns all about it, practices and builds his knowledge and confidence and  knowing above all that he doesn’t know it all.

Don’t know it all!

I have personally witnessed many a failure because the operator “knew best” .  That lead them to be “hard headed” and wind up not being able to truly create his concept correctly or  evaluate  his market . 

 Example: Classically trained pizza man from Naples opens a place in the South where the consumer is used to a big 18″ pie cut in slices with sauce, processed shredded cheese and lots of meat toppings. What does he make- a tiny fresh mozzarella pie with minimal toppings that is burnt to hell in the consumer’s eye-total failure and no clue why. Example: another “pizzaman” takes his typical cheap conveyor belt white flour, processed cheese, and canned sauce pizza to an upscale Brooklyn neighborhood with half a dozen high-end gourmet pizza shops all around him making a super artisan pizza. Aside from having too much competition he also has to battle a superior product at every turn not a recipe for success.  These are kind of obvious to an outsider  such as you or me.  But when you are personally involved and have fixed ideas  it can be hard to see what the real scene is . People have different ideas and prejudices which can easily lead to bad decisions and bad  ideas. The point I’m trying to make is simple  that none of us know it all, and we can all learn something,  in some area or another so read on and learn.

Location, Location, Location ,Location!

How many times have those words been thrown around? What does that really mean ?

It might not be the first thing on your mind, but truly it will be one of the most critical and could make or break you . Of course, you need great  products, too, but how will anyone know about that product unless you get them through the door?”In the brick-and-mortar retail world, it’s said that the three most important decisions you’ll make are location, location, and location,” Careful determination , evaluation  for you new site is critical.

Demographics Study!

Making these determinations can be as simple or as complex as you make it. There are, for instance, sophisticated location analysis tools available on the web  that include traffic pattern information, demographic and lifestyle data, and competitive analyses. For a price, a retailer can get questions answered that are key . What ‘If I’m looking to add a store to a particular market, what’s the optimum level of traffic as it relates to the specifically targeted trade areas? What is the overall type of traffic age, occupation etc.? what do consumers spend on eating what is the Avg income in my area ? How  many homes are there in a 3-mile area? what is the traffic count  How many competitors are in my market?

“Do your due diligence, Get a demographic overview of the area you’re looking at age, income, households, etc. Many major companies spend a lot of time and resources doing this. Sometimes you can follow one who does this already.  In addition, you should look at neighborhood traffic generators, such as other similar concepts big box stores  that draw people to the area, like  industrial or office parks, power malls, schools, colleges and hospital complexes hot nightlife areas.

You’ll also want to look at both highway and foot traffic.  If the number don’t work walk away. Unless the location has big  future potential expansion such as major chains malls etc being built nearby and  most importantly  you must have the cash and staying power to wait it out if that’s your strategy . Sometimes those projects take a long time even when approved and cause traffic pattern disruptions  etc.

“REVIEW”  Your Competitors!

Many experts agree, though, that the answer to where you should locate is more straightforward than many entrepreneurs make it. “Quite simply, the best place to be is as close to your biggest competitor as you can be,” By being in close proximity to your competitors, you can benefit from their marketing efforts.” Example if your looking for a fast casual location and your city has companies like Chipotle you can be sure they have done a good study of the market. It might behoove you to open as close to them as possible. Take into consideration also that the marketing of many big companies, who draw clients to your area is something that you can benefit from. Why?  Because  your competitors chose their locations based on the ideal demographics of a particular area, In many cases, they’ve also devoted large portions of their advertising budget toward driving traffic to their locations. “Why  spend the money when they are already  spending  it for you?” it’s that easy.” Just be sure that you are visible with good signage and lighting.

Being located near your competition can  give you more recognition in the consumer’s mind “Competition is good, “It makes you better and competition breeds more business, more traffic, and that’s a positive thing . If your confident in what you do just gout there and crush the competition if you think not then get better fast!

Of course, it’s still a smart  idea to make your own evaluations of a particular property, even if your competitors seem to be thriving in the area. Staying ahead of the game in this regard will help your business grow should you decide, for instance, that you later want to open another location.

The lease is Key and- is your asset
Your job just begins when  you think you’ve found a good location . Negotiating a good  lease that works for you and your business is just as important as the location itself.

“It’s very important that you have a good real-estate lawyer who can negotiate your lease- though that’s another cost,”says Tartt. Your attorney can help you look at things like the term of the lease, build out allowance, hidden small print,  your sale of the business, options for more years just to name a few. Your attorney should be a real-estate attorney and also knows his business . If need be he  can help you talk to the landlord (or do the talking for you)  so you can  ask the right questions.

Get to know the landlord?

It’s good to talk to other tenants, find out as much as you can about your prospective landlord .   Don’t take anything for granted and never go on any verbal agreements or promises its just bad business you must  get it all in righting first.  “You’re marrying your landlord for a long-term contract agreement . There are a lot of unscrupulous people  out there that only care about them, not you. It’s a two-way street you going to be paying them $100,000 of thousands through the lease terms  so make sure your ok too. As for personal guarantees perhaps a year or so. Don’t get in over your head. And don’t be afraid to ask for things like key money landlord improvement credits, several months for free etc. Start high and settle for what you need. He needs you too!

You  and can and should make use of a local real estate professional who understands your customers and the markets you are looking at  you .  They should know what’s available some histories on locations as well as what is going to be available .Depending on what type of place  you’re opening  I believe that in every market  there is some real estate guru a professional who knows his  city backward and forward, deals that are coming and insight that he or she only has.

Business Plan!

Having someone help you with your business plan before you even begin the location search can be invaluable as well.  This will let you understand costs and get you grounded with a reality of things .  It is a great practice and quite an eye opener for some people. Your plan should be detailed well  and give you a picture with several scenarios of all your cost and all  future projections of sales with several scenarios good and bad .

Being aware of all location costs involved (and there are many that can and will be overlooked by first-time entrepreneurs )with starting your business will do wonders for your ability to weather any storms that might and likely will come your way.  Underestimating the costs and being underfunded  as well as not understanding the time involved with launching a new  -is one of the most common startup mistakes and one you can avoid if you plan properly.If you take into account everything from a broker, attorney, engineering and architect fees to zoning and planning hearings, you can see that both the costs and the time to startup can vary widely.The best advice? “Talk to other people in the business , people in the area you looking at, learn from them  listen to them and find out what they’ve experienced. They can tell you what some of the pitfalls are and what things to look out for.  “You’ve gotta do your homework, you have to be willing to learn all you can and strategically plan yo succeed . You can and must  protect yourself, be diligent s your success depends on it.

Some basic questions to consider :

Is the location  zoned properly for your type of business? Ask this first, getting a variance for zoning can be a long had and sometimes not even possible process .

Is the location the right size too big, or too small for what you plan on doing  enough for your business? Does it offer room for all the storage equipment , office, prep stations sinks refrigeration counters handy cap ramps and bathrooms? Does it have enough electrical service does it have big enough gas service. Does it need more air conditioning ? Is it easy to vent, Venting can be costly and tricky, talk to a local reliable venting  companies!
Does it meet your layout requirements too many walls to narrow?
Does the building need any repairs? foundation roof etc look, look ,look.
Are the lease terms and rent favorable? Be honest just because you love the location run the numbers make sure you understand the sales volume you need to do.
Is the location far from  where you live? Travel time and cost can dampen one’s spirit. remember it’s going to be your lifestyle.
What about labor is the market high? Are there employees readily available this can be a challenge in some markets.

Does your clientele live nearby,  Is the population density of the area sufficient for your sales needs?  how big is your market area?
Is the area heavily dependent on seasonal business tourist, colleges ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Will  insurance be prohibitively expensive? Flood zones fire etc?

Do you need a beer and wine license ? Are they available and at what cost? Some towns have to give approval by committee you should get that done first or have a contingency plan in your lease.
If you choose a location that’s relatively remote from your customer base, will you be able to afford the higher advertising expenses? They need to know you are there and be reminded all the time. Social marketing is good, direct mail, etc but takes money and time.
Is the building  and other stores in your area  consistent with the image and brand  you’d like to maintain?
Is the building  located in a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate ? Is the area  improving or changing for the worst?
Can you put up big signage? Signage is sometimes limited to the square footage of the building front. Some landlords won’t let you use specific colors or lighting check the lease. Is exterior lighting in the area adequate to attract evening shoppers ?

Are neighboring businesses doing good ? Are they likely to attract customers who will also patronize your business?
Are there any competitors located close to the facility? If so, can you compete with them successfully what makes you better?
Is the facility easily accessible to your potential customers?
Is parking space available and adequate?
Can suppliers make deliveries conveniently at this location?
And so- on! You can never have enough questions.

There is a lot to think with and a lot to learn .

So be aware of your location and the expectations of your local consumers. Then make sure you have your overall concept planned out well to provide whatever type of pizza you expect to produce in an appropriate space for that style of pizza .  Your concept can be full service,  or  you may consider setting up shop like the new fast-casual pizza concepts.  Be sure to use a  high a production revolving brick oven so you can make the operation simpler and fast . If you happen to be off the beaten path you may just go the traditional route with full service and a comfortable dine-in atmosphere a “destination” place. If you are new to the game I highly recommend you do lots of  research and visit as many places as you can  take notes . You truly need to determine what type of place will best suit your dreams and needs first.  Then find the location that fits it.   

Pizza school of New York

To learn the art of pizza we recommend attending pizza school at the Pizza School of New York. You can never learn enough!  

Good Luck and Enjoy the ride!


Screen Shot 2016 04 11 at 1.26.43 PM

Fast Casual Pizza Trends

Why Fast Casual Pizza trends Today are incredibly hot .  Spin Neapolitan Pizza is a prime example of the hottest trend in the fast casual segment.  It’s an amazing concept that is what we call a hybrid fast casual. Yes, you can choose your own toppings, yes its fast, but you can also sit down relax and have the pizza brought pout to you.

Fast Casual Pizza Trends Secret Weapon

The revolving brick oven they use. From the New York Brick Oven company is the secret weapon too fast baked pizza.  Pizza can now be prepared in a very consistent and fast manner, with each pie individualized for a fast gourmet pizza  baked to order in less than three minutes.

This has brought fresh pizza to the forefront as a fast  lunch option. In the past, your only choice was to pick up a quick slice of whatever has been laying around but those days are gone.

Enter the Chipotle concept of fast, fresh casual at a reasonable price and you can see that the pizza industry was ripe for the picking. What was holding it back was the long bake times and inability to produce a quality product very quickly.

Enter the brick oven and moreover, the “revolving brick oven” .The oven  has taken all the great attributes of the brick oven and removed virtually all the downside by making it easier, faster and more consistent with less skill.

Taking a great and well-loved food item such as pizza and making it so much easier to deliver is the answer. What are the main components? A casual environment that is trendy,  pizza assembly line where your customers can see and take part in the action. They choose their own toppings,  a visible revolving brick oven , where the pizza man bakes the customers hand assembled pizza and gets it to him in just a couple of minutes. Fast made fresh pizza compared to  the usual 15-20 minutes for a deck oven pie. When you add locally grown produce, organic toppings and dough made fresh daily with a tasty recipe, it’s hard to lose.  So  Join The Revolution.

So  Join The Revolution. Call us today  1 (718) 668- 2310

Team Andrew

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise with the New York Brick Oven Company

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Hot Fast Casual Pizza Concepts

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise, the hottest franchise concepts are taking over the pizza world. 

The fast casual pizza franchise segment is one of the hottest topics in the quick service industry today. The expansion rate is just amazing! With so many great concepts out there opening daily.   All these new great concepts are winning over new customers every day, it is like, well, a pizza lover’s paradise!


Make Great Pizza

Here at the New York Brick Oven Company, we get calls every week from all over the country.  The calls come from some very excited folks who “just seen this new concept  that makes pizza to order and serves it fast and it’s delicious”. Even many  veteran pizza operators who are now looking to switch over their concept, and make their mark in the fast-casual world of pizza.

Almost all the entrepreneurs ask about using our Revolving Brick Ovens for a fast casual pizza set up, or “how many pizzas can the oven make in an hour?”The answer is always simple; we do have your oven! Then we explain why:  “If you’re looking to go into the fast-casual pizza business the last thing you want is a complex oven that depends upon skilled labor”. You really need an oven that can perform during peak rushes and easily make several hundred pies per hour without losing heat or skipping a beat!

                    The Fire Series Show

That’s exactly what our Fire Series or Fire Show ovens do.   This is the ultimate fast casual franchise or concept oven It is the only backlit revolving brick oven on the market today! They don’t have hot and cold spots throughout the oven, they don’t cool down when the rush is on, they keep producing perfect pizza over and over again,  are easy as “pie” to operate and will help you succeed .The ovens  don’t have hot and cold spots throughout the oven, they don’t cool down when the rush is on, they keep producing perfect pizza over and over again,  are easy as “pie” to operate and will help you succeed .

Then we explain why the ovens are easy to use, maintain and train any staff (with no experience) to cook great pizza in minutes instead of weeks! “That’s what makes everyone happy!”

We also point out the potential labor savings! Noting the fact that the oven can actually pay for itself in labor savings year after year.

“That’s truly incredible” or “that’s exactly what I need” Or that is exactly what I have been looking for” is what most people say!

They usually follow up with a visit to cook some great pizza talk shop and then take the plunge. Many are so impressed with the way our ovens cook, and the pizza that we produce that they have to come to the Pizza School of New York  . So we recommend to them that they also  sign up at  and learn from the world champions themselves.

               Learn To Be The Best

They can learn all they need to know to start an incredible pizza operation and make some of the best pizza in the Industry.   The Pizza School of New York has helped launch dozens of hot concepts all over the country (and world) and does so every year with almost all the students having no experience at all!

So if you’re looking to start a great concept, and make your life much easier. You have to Get a great oven a Revolving brick oven  .The Revolving oven can produce hundreds a perfectly cook pizzas, one after the other, consistently and without the high cost of skilled labor to do so.

Be it a full-service restaurant, or a fast casual pizza franchise  chain, we have the perfect model and perfect fit. The pizza school of New York will also teach you the “art” of pizza so you can make amazing pizza that will make you proud and win the fast casual battle!

Fast Casual Pizza Franchise?

Call us today we will be glad to help you in any way we can answer and question and show you why we are the leaders in fast casual pizza ovens. 1-800 683- 6053

 Fast Casual PizzaThe time is now to start your own fast casual pizza succcess !

Screen Shot 2016 04 11 at 1.26.43 PM

Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza

Fast Casual Fast casual brick oven pizza and  the Explosion of the Brick Oven!

Over the last decade, brick oven pizza has begun to explode across America. With so many entrepreneurs, or should I say “pizza lovers”, taking the plunge and opening up their own wood-fired (or gas brick oven) pizza shop.  Prior to then, most people never heard of brick oven pizza unless they were true die-hard pizza fans or from the old country.  But now, you can find brick oven pizza in every state and great pizza as well, with a whole new breed of pizza connoisseur!

The Pizza Industry

The industry has, and is, experiencing some dramatic changes, while evolving yearly to meet the ever growing demands for great pizza. Every day we get calls from entrepreneurs who want nothing more than to get into the fast casual pizza business.  Whether they want to go to the Pizza School of New York or just get some information on the fast casual revolving brick ovens, they all seem to have that entrepreneurial spirit that exists within so many of us and a true love of pizza.

My prediction is that over the next decade we will see thousands of new fast casual pizza places, just like Chipotle’s fast casual model.  Walking down the line and picking your toppings with a pizza made fresh to order (and fast), who can argue with that! Not just the big chains are going to be doing it, but also the mom and pop operators, the small business men with big dreams, and anyone who seizes the opportunity will have a great shot at success.

Will fast casual replace the slice? I doubt it, but it will give them a run for their money and also stop the expansion of many slice places due to market saturation of the new breed of fast-casual brick oven pizza concepts.

As for the big chains, with what they call pizza, they might still be having their day in the sun. I really think their boat may have sprung a little leak, which will definitely need to be patched up via better products and quickly at that!

The Revolving Brick Oven Will Dominate The Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza World

Yes, I have to tell you about my next prediction and the best part of it is that the “revolving brick oven” is going to be the industry standards in the next decade as well.  It just makes perfect sense and truth be told, why would anyone want to use an old fashioned brick oven? You have to move the pizza all over the place, trying to cook the perfect pizza, depending upon and paying for skilled labor, when the oven can do it for you?  Don’t get me wrong, I still think cooking pizza in an oven and moving it around, up and down to capture that perfect bake is sort of romantic, perhaps for one or two pizzas, but not in a business model.  If you see the comparison below, you will understand where the industry is going and why we are the leader in fast casual pizza ovens.


Revolving brick ovens can out -produce any standard brick oven 3 to 1. Based on the fact that the deck size is a 100 percent usable cooking surface, and easy to use.  No hot spots on the floor that burn pizza, no cold spots, just all production and consistent ease of operation with a packed surface.

Labor and Skill

Revolving brick ovens can save you labor. The oven can be operated simply by one man and you don’t need skilled labor! The oven cooks the pizza perfect every time. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year and the oven can pay for itself, now that’s an investment!   

Perfect Pizza every time.

Set the rotation speed, temperature and you will make a perfect pizza with ease.  Quality consistent products are vital to your success and that is what makes the oven the ultimate weapon for fast casual pizza!

 Fast Casual Brick Oven Pizza

The ability to make great pizza every time, low labor, happy customers: Priceless! This is the Fast casual brick oven pizza revolution.


   Scot Cosentino

Founder New York Brick Oven Company  

The Pizza School of New York [/vc_column_text]


Pizza oven

Brick Oven Pizza Cooking

Brick Oven Pizza Cooking

The best pizza from the revolving brick ovens

Brick Oven Pizza Cooking

The Revolving Ovens Compared to a Standard Brick Oven

Revolving Brick Ovens 


Revolving brick ovens can out -produce any standard brick oven 3to 1. Based on the fact that the deck size is 100 percent usable cooking surface, and easy to use.  No hot spots on the floor that burn pizza, no cold spots. Just all production and consistent.

 Labor and Skill

Revolving brick ovens can save you labor. The oven can be operated by one man simply and you don’t need skilled labor! The oven cooks the pizza perfect every time. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year and the oven can pay for itself

 Perfect Pizza Every time.

Set the rotation speed and temperatures

You will make perfect pizza with ease.  Quality consistent products are vital to your success

 Ease of operation,  

Great pizza every time, low labor, happy customers: Priceless!   Consistent High Production When you need it.

 Standard Brick Ovens


You can’t cook next to the fire so you lose cooking space; the front area is usually too cold to cook consistent pies on. The sides of the oven are hard to access and see how the pizza is cooking. In reality, you probably have a 40% reduction of usable floor space.

 Labor and Skill

You will have to depend upon your employee

to cook your pizza perfect and you will need a very skilled employee all the time to rotate the pizza and make sure they don’t burn. Skilled labor Higher Payroll

Do you really want to depend on employees and Have more expenses? $$

 Inconsistent Pizza

Depending upon the skill of the operator and how many times he moves the pie (or not) you get what we call “Luck! “


 Inconsistency, higher labor cost more problems burnt pizza, improperly cooked pizza less satisfied customers!   For what to save a few thousand dollars. What’s your business really worth?

Know The facts first

What else is there to think about?

The most important investment you can make is your oven!

Brick Oven cOOKING

The Words Best pizza school

Perfect Pizza and an oven that pays for itself!    It’s a No Brainer!  

Brick Oven Cooking can’t get any easier!  To master the art check out the Pizza School of New York Pizza school of New York

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