What Is A Fast-Casual Pizza Restaurant?

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what is a fast casual pizza restaurant

What Is A Fast-Casual Pizza Restaurant?

fast casual pizza restaurantAt New York Brick Oven, we’re focused on providing professional-grade pizza ovens for consumers and restaurants. The majority of pizza restaurant owners are looking for faster ways to produce the same high-quality pizzas. Well, at New York Brick Oven, we have revolving pizza ovens. These ovens cut down on costs and time. Rooted in dine-in service, traditional pizza restaurants are falling to the wayside. We’ll talk about the ever-growing fast-casual pizza restaurant industry.

In America, it’s no question that there’s no shortage of fast-food restaurants. In fact, there are just under 200,000 fast-food restaurants in the US. But, as people move away from unhealthy eating habits and fast food, they’re looking for healthier options.


What Is A Fast-Casual Pizza Restaurant Anyway?

Fast-casual restaurants are a newer trend that has bloomed over the last 20 years. These unique restaurants are a happy medium between traditional restaurants and fast food. They provide the same quality foods, just faster and easier. That’s why you should consider making your pizza restaurant fast-casual. When you’re efficient but also provide the dine-in option, you catch a bigger customer pool.

Converting your pizza restaurant to a fast-casual pizza restaurant is an investment. Like we said, New York Brick Oven, we offer revolving pizza ovens. The beauty in these ovens is that, while there will be an initial investment, there are savings in both time and money. Pizzas are done faster at the same, if not better, quality, and you will cut down on labor costs. You no longer need a worker to rotate a pizza since the oven will do that for you.

The final key thing to remember about fast-casual restaurants is price. At a fast-casual restaurant, you cannot charge the premium of a dine-in restaurant. Many restaurants hear this and think about drops in revenue, but actually, it’s the opposite. With lower prices, you’ll gain more customers, and you can provide some of those premium options if you want. So, you’ll be pulling from two audiences instead of one. Diversification and adaptation are key in this industry. If you’re not ready to adjust, change, or grow how the market is, then you’re already sunk.

Examples Of Fast-Casual Restaurants

With all this talk about fast-casual restaurants, you may wonder: what’s an example? Well, let’s start with one of the most well-known fast-casual restaurants: Chipoltle. This Tex Mex counter-service restaurant provides high-quality and delicious food at a reasonable price.



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