Fast Casual Pizza Sweeping The Nation

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Fast Casual Pizza Sweeping The Nation

 Fast Casual Pizza sweeping the nation!

The Nationwide pizza craze has kicked into high gear with the coming of the revolving brick oven and is the new impetus for  fast casual pizza sweeping the nation.

At the forefront of this movement is the New York Brick Oven Company. Under the leadership of world class pizza men with  decades of experience, they are paving the way for others to easily follow and succeed in opening pizza places across the country.

The biggest hurdle for many entrepreneurs has been the need to find an oven that is both very fast, yet easy to operate and train staff.   Previously  the only way to get any speed was a super hot hand built, brick oven.  But the drawbacks of such ovens  was months of training and inconsistent products(a killer for the fast casual pizza world). This has been the limiting factor preventing rapid expansion for many concepts with the great appeal.   trouble with  consistency  from location to location can be a real killer .

Now with New York Brick Oven Company’s Inferno and Fire Show Series  (the ultimate fast casual weapon)  the true attainment of speed and consistency has finally been achieved.

With a gas or wood and gas heat source choices, along with a patented under the cooking surface heating, virtually all temperature problems have been eliminated.  Especially the dreaded cooking surface “Fade”(when a fixed deck conventional oven gets too cold to produce from too many pizzas continually going in).  That’s right, no more “Fade” and the ease of training with combined  consistency is incredible.  The revolving oven also saves on space with no need for long pizza peels. Eliminating the need to be reaching deep into  the oven to turn your pies is now a thing of the past.

Modern Technology

Modern technology is  the real answer for success. The revolving brick oven  makes it virtually idiot proof. Save labor, make consistent products and let your fast casual concept fly. So come cook with us today and find out why fast casual pizza is sweeping the nation.

So  get your oven today and make your expansion easy!

New York Brick Oven Company’s Mustang

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