Fast Casual Pizza Trends

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Fast Casual Pizza Trends

Why Fast Casual Pizza trends Today are incredibly hot .  Spin Neapolitan Pizza is a prime example of the hottest trend in the fast casual segment.  It’s an amazing concept that is what we call a hybrid fast casual. Yes, you can choose your own toppings, yes its fast, but you can also sit down relax and have the pizza brought pout to you.

Fast Casual Pizza Trends Secret Weapon

The revolving brick oven they use. From the New York Brick Oven company is the secret weapon too fast baked pizza.  Pizza can now be prepared in a very consistent and fast manner, with each pie individualized for a fast gourmet pizza  baked to order in less than three minutes.

This has brought fresh pizza to the forefront as a fast  lunch option. In the past, your only choice was to pick up a quick slice of whatever has been laying around but those days are gone.

Enter the Chipotle concept of fast, fresh casual at a reasonable price and you can see that the pizza industry was ripe for the picking. What was holding it back was the long bake times and inability to produce a quality product very quickly.

Enter the brick oven and moreover, the “revolving brick oven” .The oven  has taken all the great attributes of the brick oven and removed virtually all the downside by making it easier, faster and more consistent with less skill.

Taking a great and well-loved food item such as pizza and making it so much easier to deliver is the answer. What are the main components? A casual environment that is trendy,  pizza assembly line where your customers can see and take part in the action. They choose their own toppings,  a visible revolving brick oven , where the pizza man bakes the customers hand assembled pizza and gets it to him in just a couple of minutes. Fast made fresh pizza compared to  the usual 15-20 minutes for a deck oven pie. When you add locally grown produce, organic toppings and dough made fresh daily with a tasty recipe, it’s hard to lose.  So  Join The Revolution.

So  Join The Revolution. Call us today  1 (718) 668- 2310

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