Brick Oven Renaissance

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Brick Oven Renaissance

The Brick Oven Renaissance has Begun and with  fast casual Pizza and amazing brick ovens that are making it all happen. Developing great fast casual concepts starts with a vision and great pizza. The industry is exploding with many new great players, fresh ideas and new “spins” on pizza.  The New York Brick oven company is truly helping pave the way for the brick oven revolution. Traditional brick ovens have been around for over a 1000 years.  Now we  have combined   modern technology and old world tradition to bring forth a true renascence  in pizza making.   To meet the  demands for easier production and consistent products the true challenge of a brick oven. We introduced the revolving brick oven that makes the art of pizza simple.

True artisan pizza  is truly an art!

That art depends on upon  several things, great pizza recipes, fresh products, and a truly skilled pizza maker who can operate a wood fired oven.   We have helped many people overcome those barriers with the revolving brick oven The revolving brick oven makes life easy. It allows operators to make perfect pizza consistently with hardly any skill. Just place the pizza in the oven and let it cook. No turning pies no burning pies and no crowning them (lifting them up to cook the top) You can truly train your employees in a few hours  instead of weeks.

The Benefits of a revolving Brick Oven

The benefits of a revolving oven  far out way that of a traditional oven. In today’s market hiring, good employees are quite a challenge. The strain of operating a traditional wood oven is also very wearing on anyone. Haveing to stand in front of an oven and keep your arms and body exposed to extreme heat can be brutal. The pies have to move every 30 seconds and sometimes faster. Many pies are cooked well on one side and burnt. This causes waste and bad products, bad products cause lost customers and failed business.

With the revolving brick oven, those above issues are a thing of the past  easy operations fast production and consistent products.

We invite everyone to come and cook with us so you can truly see and experience the difference that a revolving brick oven can make.

for an incredible pizza school,  check out the Pizza school of New York

Great interview with our friends at Revolve Fast Casual Pizza! Wonderful news story and some fabulous dishes from Eric. Best wishes and continued success.

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