How Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Work

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How Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Work

Cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven is very popular, especially among people who enjoy the authentic, traditional Italian pizza flavor. The Italian cooking method ensures that the crust cooks evenly and perfectly, with crispy toppings and a delicious flavor that people love. But is cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven different from gas or electric ovens? While this is a question, read about how these ovens work to understand the difference.

Fire in the Oven

This process cooks the pizza three-way using reflective, convection, and retained heat. Reflective heat cooking is when flames from the fire bounce hit the dome and bounce back to heat your food. This method is best for cooking pizzas because it also re-heats the cooking floor.

By heating the cooking floor, it replaces any heat lost through cooking. Most wood-fired pizza ovens are designed to draw air from the opening while exhausting hot air. This allows heat to move across the surface to cook the pizza thoroughly.

Coals in the Oven

You need to cook some foods at low heat with no live flames or high temperatures. For example, when using wood-fired pizza ovens, you have to let the fire burn out and the oven cool. The remaining coals will be used to heat, roast, grill, or brown food. This also keeps the oven hot for long enough to cook other foods.

Retained Heat Cooking

The retained heart works best when baking bread at temperatures similar to those in a conventional oven. Retained heat allows food to cook for the house. You need to take out some coals to reduce the live fire to use this method. Close the oven door for the temperature to moderate.

Retained heat cooking is excellent for baking bread, roasting, or keeping pizza warm.

Cooking Pizza through Convection Heat

Convectional heat cooks most of the pizza, which explains why you should rotate it from time to time. In addition, the pizza cooks faster on the part closer to the fire than on those far. Therefore, convection is preferable to transfer heat when cooking pizza in a wood-fired pizza oven.

Why Is Cooking Pizza in a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Different?

  • You can change the flavor when cooking in a wood-fired oven
  • The pizza flavors and chars differently
  • The pizza cooks faster and evenly
  • Pizza cooked in a wood fire is more authentic

There are many advantages to cooking your pizza in your brick oven using firewood. While it is economical and time-saving, you also learn how things work. The oven uses the exact mechanisms as all other ovens, but it has a traditional touch, which is excellent.

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