Keeping Pizza Warm For A Party

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Keeping Pizza Warm For A Party

A party is not successful without pizza, not only pizza but warm pizza. After buying some pepperoni or cheese pizza for a party, the trickiest part is keeping it warm before your friends arrive. Food goes cold when placed in the open, and there is no practical way to keep it warm enough. Every pizza lover knows how bad it feels biting into a cold piece of pizza. So take a look at ways you can keep your pizza warm.

Using Aluminum Foil

Before your guests arrive, plate each pizza portion and wrap the slices in aluminum foil for the pizza to hold the heat. If the guests find the pizza cold, place it in the oven with the aluminum foil at 400°F for five minutes.

Using The Oven

Ovens always come in handy when reheating pizza. The two ways you can do this include;

• With The Box

Pizza boxes only catch fire at 400°F, meaning you should set the oven at lower temperatures and place your pizza with the box. Place it on the middle rack to avoid close contact to heat unless you have no time left; you can place it on the top rack.

• Without The Box

Once your pizza goes cold, you will have to reheat it without the box. First, preheat your oven to 350°F and place the pizza on the middle rack. Higher temperatures will keep the toppings and sauces warm and the crust crispy.

Using A Skillet/Frying Pan

If your oven does not have enough space for extra party snacks, heat your pizza in a frying pan. This method works better when you are heating the whole pizza once. Use a non-stick frying pan on the stovetop and once it heats up, place the pizza on it for two minutes. Cover the pan for the bottom to be crispier and nice. Covering also ensures the cheese and toppings get warm.

In The Microwave

If you do not have an oven or stovetop to use a pan, the microwave might help. The microwave should be enough to hold pizza slices. Place your pizza on the microwave-safe plate and fill a shallow bowl on the side with water. Place the plate with pizza on top of the bowl and place it at the center of the microwave. The water will evaporate to prevent the pizza from getting soft.

Now that you have all the necessary tips for keeping pizza warm, you are prepared to host your friends anytime. These tips will work, provided you have the tools needed for the job. First, however, you have to watch your pizza not dry out or get mushy when the cheese melts.

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