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Learn All About the Inferno Series Gas Oven

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Learn All About the Inferno Series Gas Oven

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Scot Cosentino here for New York Brick Oven Company, and I’m here at the Pizza School of New York and Staten Island. It’s a world famous pizza school. They got two of our greatest ovens. And I’m here to tell you all about the Inferno Series wood gas oven. All right, and our incredible Fire Show series. It’s the only one in the industry. A gas oven, high temperature, revolving deck, beautiful oven, real easy to use. You know what I love also about the Fire Show oven? It’s actually a great fire show. I mean, where do you see an oven that puts out such a beautiful flame and a beautiful fire? People see the pizzas going round, they’ll see the fire going. It’s just a wonderful piece.

All right, so let me tell you a little bit about the Inferno Series, which is one of my favorite ovens. Easy to install. We can build it on site anywhere through a 36-inch door. Calls for direct vent. Check your local codes. It burns wood as you can see, and gas. Digitally controlled with temperatures up to 900 degrees. So you can cook pizzas in probably 90 seconds if you like. Make up to 200 pies per hour. You can control the rotation of the floor. You can speed it up, make it faster or slower. You can adjust flame heights. Great for roasting, fast heat up 45 minutes. Okay. Wood fire burns in the front, gives a great show. It has heat shield doors.

Keep the heat off your crew. Doesn’t radiate a lot of heat at all, and when you close them up, you feel absolutely nothing. Also has an ash clean drawer. So when you’re done with your fire at the end of the night, pull out your ash drawer, clean out your ashes, and real easy to train. You can train anyone on this oven in a matter of a couple hours as compared to days on the standard deck ovens. So just think of all the labor you’ll save, think of all the skilled labor you won’t need. Okay, so let’s talk about installation. Our ovens are facade ready, so you can basically decorate them any way you want by putting up a nice simple facade. Any contractor can do it. We also have custom ovens with domes and tiles. That’s also an option, but the installation is really simple.

It takes about one day to install. It goes through a 36-inch door so you don’t have to have downtime. We’ll make your operation easy. Ovens arrive outside. Our professional install teams, install them anywhere in the country. As a matter of fact, anywhere in the world. We’re ETL listed, it’s like a UL listings. NSF, so we’re all certified and it’s a great piece of machinery. It come with a 10-year dome warranty on our ovens. Real simple, no maintenance. Real easy to start and real easy to operate. Save labor, make perfect pizza with the New York Brick Oven Company. So give us a call today and we’ll rock your pizza world.

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