Live from Pizza Expo 2106

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Live from Pizza Expo 2106

Marc and Scot Cosentino live from pizza Expo 2106 with the Goodfella’s, The Pizza School of New York and the only rear fired revolving brick oven in the industry from the New York Brick oven Company. This  is truly a great place to be for all the pizza lovers of the world. It’s where we show off what we can do and tell the world about our incredible brick ovens.

For as long as the pizza Expo has been around we have been attending the show.  It was always a great place to get together with vendors , friends and see what was happening in the industry.

Things have really changed since those humble beginnings the show is now packed with thousands of spectators hundreds of vendors and some of the wildest things you can imagine. Most people, in the beginning, did not even know what brick oven pizza was. we would make pizza with fresh mozzarella and people would ask “what type of cheese is that?” Gourmet pizza really fueled the industry and now the fast casual pizza concepts have lit it on fire. Every week we get calls from people looking to start a fast casual concept. The funny thing also is that a lot of them say I want to open a pizza place and serve Neapolitan pizza. When I ask them what is that they really don’t know. I mean are they talking about Neapolitan or  what we call New York style brick oven pizza?  Then I explain what the difference is and they say yes I’m looking for a new york style brick oven  pizza, not a soft burnt pizza.  So we offer them some good advice and always recommend

The Pizza School of New York This way they can learn all styles of pizza and then decide what the best pizza is to make for themselves. New York Brick Oven Pizza? Neapolitan Pizza ? Grandma Pizza ?  We teach them all styles and then they make it their own.

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