mobile pizza trucks

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Mobil Pizza Trucks

Mobile Pizza Trucks. They are one of the biggest trends in the food world right now. What’s new about that? Well, now people are actually building “brick ovens” on food trucks and preparing gourmet old world style  brick oven pizza to boot. The draw is the ability to get a fresh hot pizza made on the spot in a minimal amount of time. Now add gourmet toppings such as artichoke hearts, capers and Prosciutto (/prəˈʃt/,[1] Italian: [proʃˈʃutto],[2] Italian ham) is an Italian dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked; this style is called prosciutto crudo in Italian and is distinguished from cooked ham, prosciutto cotto. This gives your customer a greater choice and a healthier, fresher product that is not precooked or prepared. Besides this, the element of choice is thrown into the mix although, by a personal survey, pepperoni is still the national favorite as far as toppings go.  

 Mobil Pizza trucks

mobile pizza trucks

The Mobil revolving brick oven

The thrill of owning your own business and having a place to work from is very strong today. Especially  with the young crop of entrepreneurs coming up.  Having the option to change locations makes the risk that much less if the spot you chose is not optimum. Luckily most distributors around the country in larger cities are starting to carry more and more ingredients such as fresh mozzarella  and specialty flours. This is reducing the time needed to hunt down gourmet products for the owners nad making it easy to be great. Start up costs are substantially less and the ability to attend events with large attendance can easily put food truck owners into the black shortly after opening. Mobile pizza trucks don’t have to spend a lot of money on promotion and marketing or waiting till  the word gets out about a new place in town. Another contributing factor is the number of mobile pizza truck fabricators doing very high-quality work such as Mag Trucks out of Grain Valley Mo which we have had the pleasure to work with. The crew there takes great pride in their craft and pay attention to detail on all the mobile pizza trucks they build . Having skilled people that want to get the job done makes all the difference when you’re creating your vision and need professionals to back you up. Brad Carlson and his staff know the food truck business and were very helpful installing the first ever revolving brick oven for the Stoked Embers company out of Canada. Another aspect of being mobile is that you can move North and South, East or West depending on the weather and your clients or the mood you may be in that week. You just can’t do that or even imagine doing that in a brick and mortar location. One thing is certain about the Mobile Pizza Truck trend is that it is a great entry level business for many people looking to see if Pizza is the game they would like to be in or if their pizza is as good as they think it is.

Pizza School

If not then you could always attend the premiere classes for making pizza at the Pizza School of New York with world Champion Pizza Men Andrew Scudera and his crew. The time has never been better to put your hat into the ring considering the ease of operation and the amount of help available to get you started. Good luck and happy pizza to you

Mobile Brick Oven Pizza

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