Neapolitan Pizza Start Ups

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Neapolitan Pizza Start Ups

Andrew Scudera of the Pizza School New York recently spoke at Pizza Expo about the New Trend in Neapolitan Pizza start ups. He spoke about  how it’s made, best ingredients and tips for the newcomers to the pizza industry. Aside from being a world champion pizza maker, restaurant owner/operator he has personally trained hundreds of successful pizza makers from around the world at the Pizza school of New York  and helped launch dozens of new pizza concepts with his partner Scot Cosentino.


The main points he emphasized were: quality, food costs, and consistency. He broke these down to the basics of sourcing fresh ingredients that can be consistently delivered by reliable vendors. Having well a thought out menus with very clear preparation and cooking instructions that are well known by trained staff.  One of the most important things is that “specifications” are followed by all staff .  They need to be followed and demonstrated consistently  by all the individuals involved in the production.  This will ensure quality products and targetted food cost number will be met


This part he gave special attention to stating that it could make or break your bottom line if not checked continuously. He also stated that one of his successful action is to use a revolving brick oven. The Revolving brick oven  eliminates the need for specialized pizza makers that require a lot of training. This reduces labor costs and increases the labor pool by no longer having to find high paid pizza makers. Another area of importance he mentioned is to ensure that your line is set up well for production with careful attention to how the production takes place and the product is prepared, baked, plated and boxed at each step of the process to ensure ease of operation, step saving(literally) and minimal reach. These small but important steps of making sure your line runs smooth and efficiently can save countless dollars.  On a busy night being ready means no wasted time and upset to your crew.  Stay tuned for future insights and happy pizza!


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