Pizza Consistency

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New York Brick Oven Co. With Pizza and Oven

Pizza Consistency

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Consistent pizza is key is to return customer success. One of the things that was hard to do  with a regular fixed deck brick oven has been overcome with the revolving or rotator brick oven of the NY Brick oven Co. Because a regular brick oven floor is stationary you can’t help but get uneven heating and bake times. In fact the the hot spots and cold spots if not expertly handled(expensive labor) make it virtually impossible to have the same product pizza to pizza, worker to worker.

Now with the revolving deck brick oven you get an oven that is easy to operate(cheap labor). Because the floor turns, all the cooking surface is usable and brigs the pizza around to the pizza-man.  He no longer has to reach deep into the oven. Besides that he doesn’t have to continually turn each pizza. That gives you a very consistent bake from pizza to pizza and operator to operator. This also relieves the dreaded fade of having the floor get cold in spots because now it is constantly turning and being reheated.  That is why both the fast casual and the mom and pops are reaching for the Inferno series oven.

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