Pizza Franchise and Revolving Brick Ovens

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Marc and Scot at the Brick oven Factory

Pizza Franchise and Revolving Brick Ovens

Pizza Franchising or expanding to your next location will be much easier with a Revolving Brick Oven . There are many good reasons to use a revolving or rotating brick oven when you want that authentic stone hearth flavor and bake quality.  First and foremost is the training time in a Pizza Franchise for unskilled employees.  Working a regular old fashioned fixed deck brick oven requires weeks of training and months of working it to get a mastery and the ability to work a Friday night rush. With a revolving brick oven, the training is reduced to minutes with the oven doing all of the work. How can that be?

Well, on a revolving oven the pizzas are placed on the stone as it slowly revolves. Then all you have to do let them bake and remove them right at the front of the oven where you loaded it. This in contrast to needing a long pizza peel(more floor space) and having to reach in the oven. Since the floor is moving all the time it is constantly being reheated(no more oven fade-cold floor). Plus you don’t have to constantly spin the pizza or move it around to cook it evenly. You don’t have to have a pizza man just on the oven since he can work on the next order as the pies bake(reducing labor costs). A big reason to avoid old school brick ovens is the hot spots and cold spots that can kill your production and pizza quality. Now when you add no longer having to monitor oven temperature and not losing floor heat you get the ability to bake at incredible rates as demonstrated at Pizza Expo where the Pizza Schol of New York and friends demonstrated baking  201 pies in 52 minutes for a world record.

See why revolving ovens will make your life, Pizza Franchise and expansion much easier call 1-800 Oven 053 now!


New York Brick Oven Co Factory

New York Brick Oven Co Factory


New York Brick oven Co. has the answers to; Training, high production, consistency so call now! 1-800 Oven 053

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