Pizza Makers-Be Prepared

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Large Pie NY Brick Oven Co.

Pizza Makers-Be Prepared

Pizza Makers be Prepared for a huge amount of business in the very near future. It is always darkest before the dawn and as sure as the sun rises America will pull out of this nightmare. The media is spreading horrible fear and using terms like death counts instead of reporting anything good such as the thousands recovered from this virus. It is very easy to go into apathy about the current scene and that is exactly what you should not do! Remember when you first started this game?  How excited you were to make pizza, open a place and sell pizza. Remember how you were going to do it your way and show the world what you could do?

Goodfella's Captain America Mustang

Marc and Scot Cosentino standing in front of the first Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza on Hylan Blvd. Staten Island

Well, keep that in mind. Be strong because you are the leaders in your community. People depend on you. Show them you are still there and preparing to deliver for them. Keep your staff pumped up. Support your local front line workers. Be active on social media and spread as much positive influence as you can. America needs it’s local businessmen now more than ever. Despite everything, set a good example and get ready because once this is over we are going to have the greatest boom in history! God speed to you my friends and I will see you on the other side of this. Marc Cosentino

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