Pizza Men, 2022 will not be without challenges.

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Pizza Men, 2022 will not be without challenges.

Pizza Men, 2022 will not be without challenges.

The fear, power grabbing, greed and insanity of the past couple of years has had it’s toll on the restaurant business.

However, many operators are fighting back. What tools do you have to combat the arbitrary shut downs, giving away $ to kill the will to work, fears of human contact etc…?
First and foremost you are an entrepreneur:   a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.  That is something to be respected and is the quality that will see you through.
Your imagination and courage got you this far and will take you take further. You have learned from the past and even if you have doubts, you know what to do. Here are some ideas that have worked and will still work for you.  -Look at the successful models around you.
-Find out from you customers what they really want from you.
– Set a good example for your employees of caring about service, product and customer satisfaction.
-Be fast in handling orders.-be consistent in your product-find out what marketing is working and strengthen it.
-Find out what promo or marketing is not working and can it.
-Create incentives to bring your good customers back sooner. -make sure your staff is well hatted and trained continuously.
-Do quality control by continuing to personally look at the products going out.
-Listen closely to how your staff handles you customers on the phone and in person.
-survey your customer to see the real scene(this can be talking to them, emailing them or surveys on the tables).  It is very easy to get the wrong idea of hat is actually going on when staff has a certain behavior around you,  you yourself think all is well, or you don’t know the good news or things that the customers do like.
I hope this helps reming you of and encourages you to reach higher goals. Feel free to call me or email with any thing you would like to add or discuss. Best wishes!!!!
Speed, consistency, ease of training!

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