140 Fire Show Series “G”

140 Fire Show Series “G”

Gas Revolving Oven – Rear Flame

Hearth Capacity:
12″ pizzas – 12 at a time
16″ pizzas – 6 at a time

This is a high temperature pizza oven. Cooking range is from 650f to 800f.

: Install the oven with a minimum of 2” clearance on sides and back from combustible construction. Noncombustible materials ONLY for façade front. 24” clearance from dome height to combustible. Consult the manual for enclosure instructions.

Installation through any 36″ opening door way. All ovens are installed by a factory representative only.

WEIGHT: 4000lb.

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The Only Rear Fired Gas Rotary In the Industry ! High production oven that can be installed through any 36”door and ready for your own custom faced to match your décor.

  • Easy to train staff So you will save labor costs daily!
  • Super efficient  “burns less gas than most deep fryers”
  • Digital control rotation and temperature settings
  • 10 year hearth warranty
  • And Puts On A Great Show!
Amazing Brick Ovens

140 Fire Show Series from the New York Brick Oven Company With Custom Façade at  Spin Pizza Kansas City

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Additional information

Hearth Capacity:

12" pizzas – 14 at a time
16" pizzas – 6 at a time


4000 lbs


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